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How to win Taurus man? The question is not easy, but solvable. This man is worth the effort, because it is a dream of many girls: loyal, reliable, hard-working. He loves sincerely and betrayed. How to win a man of Taurus girl, Taurus and other representatives of the zodiacal circle, which unions are good and which are not, face it in the article.

how to win Taurus man

General characteristics of male bodies

If you are thinking about how to win a man of Taurus, be prepared to be patient. He knows how to love, to feel deeply and strongly. Never allow the conflict dragged on for a long time, will not allow his girlfriend to get bored. In General, meeting with him, you would think that before you a Prince from a fairy tale Walt Disney. He is conservative in the relationship more like a father than a lover. If infidelity is your greatest fear, then listen to the recommendations of the astrologers on how to win a man of Taurus. He values stability and will not waste your time on empty affair. Astrologers consider it one of the most faithful representatives of the zodiac signs.

A Key point in how to win Taurus man will be understanding. Don't rush in making important decisions. This is a good man, but it is not easy to make important decisions. This and not say, because he looks very attractive, strong and serious. But the reality is that when you need to show determination, he is from a strong and brave bull turns into a calf. Quite often this indecision disguised as laziness.

In addition, the Taurus male is very touchy in nature. In moments of anger he is not able to control yourself and might do something stupid. However, when you let him go rage, he himself will return and most likely even going to pretend that nothing happened. Advice for girls: don't wave a red rag before the eyes of the Bullock, and do not force him to "dig up" the conflict further.


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The Man Taurus becomes very strong when forced to defend the interests of his family. For the sake of the beloved he will turn the mountain, but the task his lady - to help realize that power. Often the calf is afraid that not be able with something to cope, and "butts himself horns" inside.

Another little secret of how to conquer a man-Taurus woman-Scorpio or any other sign, Taurus is a hard worker, but real success in financial Affairs reaches only when he loves.

how to win a man of Taurus woman Scorpio

Favorable unions

The Man Taurus belongs to the element of Earth, and this means that the ideal partners for him would be the following characters:

  1. Taurus.
  2. Maid.
  3. Capricorn.
  4. Cancer.
  5. Scorpio.
  6. Fish.

If you don't find yourself among these representatives do not despair. The following recommendations for each pair will help to find mutual understanding and provide an answer to the question of how to win Taurus man.

Taurus + Aries

A Calf will be interested with the Aries. Bright, dynamic, interesting, loves passion and sex no less than his partner. The only thing to consider - Taurus is very slow by nature. If only he will feel the pressure - vanish. Not to rush, but to relax too not worth it. He is afraid of losing stability, then it will be in your hands.

how to win a man of Taurus girl Taurus

Both Taurus

How to conquer a man-Calf girl Calf? As mentioned above, this is one of the favorable unions for men. He will love the Taurus woman and appearance, and the ability to house and manage money. Remember the expression "the Golden calf" - it's just about man-bull. Though he knows how to manage money but are very stingy by nature. From the side they make a perfect couple, the kind you only see in the movies. They are all in harmony, established way of life, and good relations with children. Their sexual compatibility can be described as perfect, but they need to give each other. And this is often the biggest problem. The quarrel can go quite a long time and will spoil the overall "climate" of relations.

how to win a man of Taurus woman

A Pair of Taurus and Gemini

In this pair of female Twins need to constantly talk Bull about its merits and praise. It is too fast pace of life and different interests in the stream which a man loses his importance in his own eyes and begins to fall into depression. The girl should be a little calmer and to adapt, where possible, to the rhythm of Taurus. The fact that Taurus men often look for beautiful, confident and bright women, but they remain, rather, a dream. These men appreciate the comfort and peace of mind, choosing a household, the person considered themselves a couple. Taurus I sometimes regret that "stormozil" therefore, the mobility of Twins is better to send in a different direction and add to the slow partner. Analyze, in what sphere of life it is necessary to push, or what job to take, he will be grateful.

Man-Taurus woman-Cancer

And what astrology says about how to conquer a man-Taurus Cancer? This couple can build a cozy world in which there is no place stranger. Own Paradise. Cancer girl will get the coveted wall in Taurus, they will always have the children raised in love. So it happened that way, remember that Taurus does not understand the hints, the subtext and other women's stuff. You need to talk directly and without AMD. This coldness hurts Cancer. Some "bulls" in turn sometimes treat the representatives of this sign as home furniture. Sometimes the boat Taurus and Cancer are smashed its own world, which they have been erected. Isolation it turns the relationship into a routine. The right way how to win a Taurus woman-Cancer - not limited to home walls.

How to win Scorpio man Taurus

Taurus and Leo

Here, the Union of contradictions. Her zest for life will inspire him. Together they can go through a lot. Know how to cherish the feelings and the loyalty to each other. Do not tear relations, that is, until recently. To be perfect in this pair, it is necessary to overcome the difference in temperament. And: Taurus I tight-fisted by nature, does not like to throw away money for a pretentious restaurant, although he is a foodie and loves to eat, but to pay only for the prestige will not be for nothing. His gifts can be considered useful. And "lioness" are important gifts and the generosity of the elect.

Taurus + Virgo

The Question of how to conquer a man-Taurus woman-virgin, do not even need to solve it. And it is not because they don't fit together. From the point of view of astrology, this pair is one of the best among all the zodiac couples together. These two have a great sense of each other even at a great distance. This is the case when one complements the other. Welcoming, practical and domestic representatives of the zodiac signs that are most valued loyalty and stability. They are genuinely attracted to their partner. The virgin like the reliability of the Bullock, and she likes to remind him. And Taurus appreciates Virgo sensitivity. Together they can do anything. However, in this pair is sometimes not enough emotions and a need to diversify calm, otherwise the relationship will become bland and routine.

Taurus paired with Weights

The Main rule for a perfect relationship with a Taurus for you - "the simpler, the better." Taureans don't understand high matters, and a girl-Weights do not need to present themselves as the secular lioness. Far better, if she will focus on what will give her man. In this case, Taurus will your soul mate love, as the gift of heaven, will equip the home and also planted flowers, because he loves everything that is connected with the ground.

how to win Taurus man Capricorn

Taurus and Scorpio

A Common combination. How to conquer a man-Taurus woman-Scorpio? To trust him, and Taurus is easy to steer where necessary. He, the head of the house and breadwinner, he impressed her views on life and family. They do not talk about their problems to outsiders. Here the Scorpion is a talented hostess and Finance. Another tip on how to win a man of Taurus - Scorpio to stop being jealous. To blame both partners. Taurus is looking for reasons to be jealous, and Scorpio will easily come up. Do not invent where there is no problem.

Paired with Sagittarius

Here, to be honest, not too many chances of success. Although they certainly are. Only need to focus on Association. If you want to win a Calf - forward to the plate and learn to bake pies. A lot of food on the table, good sex and a sense of humor, and all - male in your pocket. Only not manipulate the sensual side of things. From the point of view of style it's always perfect couple, dressed without pathos, but with taste.

Man-Taurus woman-Capricorn

How to conquer a man Taurus Capricorn? This pair has all the chances of success, ...

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