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Tamara Globa, biography, personal life which is very rich and ambiguous, involved in astrology, publishes the forecasts, writes books, appears on television.

Tamara Globa biography


When she was born Tamara Globa? Biography, year of birth, the astrologer is not a secret. She was born in Leningrad on 16 March 1957. Tamara grew up in a close-knit family, in an atmosphere of love and understanding. She had 3 sisters and a brother. She was born next to last.

The Family lived in the center of Leningrad, Tamara went to school there. Grew a very active girl, attended various circles and sections. Had singing talents, happy was on the stage, for example, won first prize in the competition of political songs in 15 years.

In childhood, the girl was interested in prediction. In eight years, she became interested in palmistry. This helped her found in the attic an old book.

The First "clients" were parents.


Tamara's Father was a geologist-surveyor. They mother very often went on business trips. It was a very harmonious couple.

As parents foretold by Tamara Globa? Biography? Family? She could predict hand?

Tamara Globa biography personal life

Tamara discovered on-line crazy mom "island of solitude". It turned out that this perfect family was a kind of problem. The Pope Tamara was a hobby, but her mother did not tolerate this and left the wife with three children. Luckily he has reconsidered his behavior, asked for forgiveness and returned to the family. Thus, peace and harmony was restored, but evidence of turmoil left in the palm of the mother, and Tamara was able to decipher it.


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My father, she saw that the vital energy it runs out to 50 years. And so it happened.

Maybe part of the father was passed on to Tamara fascination with the stars. Her dad was interested in astronomy, studied the nature of things. He also had a developed intuition. There were cases when the intuition protected him from death.

It is believed that women are more sensitive to the dictates of the inner voice, but Tamara says that some knowledge and developed intuition, most likely, passed on from her father, and that - from his grandfather, that is, in the male line.

First marriage

How found his first love, Tamara Globa? Her biography says that the first love starts from school.

Her First husband, Sergei, was a classmate. Feelings arose in the eighth grade. Tamara and Sergei together, he entered the Leningrad electrotechnical Institute named after Bonch-Bruevich. In 20 years, Tamara was married to Sergei, and in the 24 gave birth to a daughter whom they named Anna.

But the marriage lasted only seven years. Sergey turned out to be quite freedom-loving, creative person. It was hard for him to walk on the schedule to work, he was attracted by the various recitals, gatherings, and he has been given time to raising her daughter.

The living conditions of a young family is not very developed. Their own homes they had, lived with their parents, then one, then the other. The interests of the spouses eventually separated, has nothing left to do. Sergey longed for freedom, and Tamara did not hold him back. The couple broke up.

Does any relationship with her first husband astrologer Tamara Globa? Biography of Sergei had a generally lucky for him. Now they sometimes communicate. Sergey all the same has made a career in the specialty. But left work and was interested in the work, composes and sings songs.

Institute of Electrical engineering Tamara was not done, he threw in the third year. What is the profession chose Tamara Globa? Biography her working activities started at the Studio "Lennauchfilm". She has held the position of assistant Director. The film was shot on various scientific topics, so Tamara was seriously in self-education and in completely different directions. This job taught her a lot finds Tamara Globa. Her biography was formed partly as a result of stay in this position.

It was on the set of the film "sleep Masks" Studio Tamara met her second husband, Pavel Globa.

Tamara Globa biography personal

Marriage with Pavel Globa

This meeting gave rise to a Union of two people who mutually complement each other. They had a common passion, which culminated then in the case of life - astrology.

Gradually they became part of each other's lives. All their free time was devoted to the study of the astral world and eventually transforming his name into a real brand of astrology. Because each of us has a surname Globa is associated with the predictions.

Tamara in this period actively writes articles and first book is "Tamara".

Happy was then Tamara Globa? Her biography says that this period was not straightforward. Tamara lost a child and believes that part of the blame lies with Paul. Then she had still a son. Worries about her son, the farm, work - life was very intense, active, almost no time left for sleep.

But the work was not in vain. The contribution of the couple in astrology cannot be overemphasized. They became widely known. Apparently, this popularity did not go to the benefit, so their marriage ended.

Now Pavel Globa practically does not communicate with his ex-wife. But Tamara does not hold grudges on him. The only thing she can't understand is his reluctance to communicate with his son.

Third marriage

With her third husband swimmer Benjamin Chanovice Tamara met at the airport. He was 10 years younger than her. However, this marriage astrologer considers the most successful and harmonious.

Tamara Globa biography year of birth

Veniamin is tenderly cared for the children, Tamara, managed to find common language with them and make friends.

The Very meeting with her third husband, she herself had predicted, but did not recognize him at the meeting. The couple lived in perfect harmony for seven years, despite the absence of a stamp in the passport.

Tamara Benjamin predicted the crash and it came true.

Unfortunately, fate threw a couple. The only thing Tamara was sorry about is that not given birth to another child from the tribe of Benjamin.

Now Tamara doesn't see himself with a man. The main priority in her life were and remain children. Eldest daughter Anna is a lawyer, still studying at the higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors. Son Bogdan works as a journalist and also heads the TV Department of the Public chamber. Their own families have children of Tamara yet.

the astrologer Tamara Globa biography


Tamara was the only astrologer who predicted the world Championship on football in Russia in 2018, although at the time the predictions that seemed incredible. Of the famous fulfilled predictions - the date of beginning of the first Chechen war with up to date, as well as the occurrence of massive fires in 2010 in Moscow. Now Tamara predictions about the future of our country is very optimistic. The astrologer considers it one of the most promising for the life of the territories.

Tamara Globa biography photo

What kind of activity have chosen for myself now Tamara Globa? Her biography includes work in an orphanage, in the hospital. Now she heads the "Center Tamara Globa". Works with people. Is both mass and individual astrological forecasts. Tamara also teaches the basics of astrology, teaches people to develop intuition, to make your own astrological predictions for yourself and your family.

Project "let's get married"

In 2015, co-host of the program "let's get married" was Tamara Globa. Biography, personal life of a person are revealed in front of her. Tamara not only see how couples fit together, but can also adjust their tips, their behavior, the relationship was harmonious. There are times when astrologically the people can not be together, but feelings prevail. Then life together is filled with conflict, and very often people do not understand why this is so. Tamara works with such problems quite successfully. Now the project it replaces the maternity leave of the astrologer Vasilisa Volodin.

 Tamara Globa biography family

"I am constantly in a whirlwind of information", – says Tamara Globa (biography, photos of the astrologer presented in the article). It is very difficult sometimes to discard the unnecessary, not to lose vitality. Tamara helps communication with nature, socializing with positive-minded people. Tamara grateful to them and the world around them for this support.


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