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Each person has their own reaction to the blood. Someone refers to it calmly, and someone she is disgusted. But whatever it was, to see blood in a dream-enjoy below average. A dreamer, who dreamed this substance will want to explain the dream. We offer together to understand what dream of blood.

The American dream

This interpreter of dreams argues that to see blood in a dream is a good symbol, as the blood – the vital energy. Soon you will feel a surge of strength and unprecedented power lifting.

British dream interpretation

Dream of the blood – an extremely negative sign, indicating a quick loss of someone close to you people. Chances are that the dreamer will be in a difficult situation, will experience financial problems. If you have soon planned wedding, the dream warns that your choice is wrong, and the Union will be short-lived.

Oriental dream

Dream of the blood – to receive good news from their relatives in the near future. Perhaps they will come to visit you, making for a pleasant surprise.

to dream of blood on a friend

Egyptian dream interpretation

If you had a rather strange dream in which I had to drink someone else's blood – know that this is a very bad sign that indicates you will have to face competition.

Ancient Persian dream book Tatlisi

To dream of bleeding from the nose – a warning sign. In real life there is a need to purchase illegal substances or weapons. If the dreamer is in power, then you should refrain from illegal acts.


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I had to drink someone's blood – means that reality will have the opportunity to strengthen their own financial situation, having taken control of property of another person. However, such wealth does not bring moral satisfaction, and you want to quickly get rid of rated values.

To get blood on the dress – you will be the center of attention. You may be something to suspect, but all end happily. To dream of a lot of blood and fall into it – in your life there will come a streak of light. Rejoice and relax to the full, do not miss a moment.

Idiomatic dream book

The Dreamer who saw himself bleeding to death, must be extremely careful. Soon to be unfavorable. Chances are that you will be betrayed by a close friend or relative. Drink the blood – others will be disappointed in you. To beat someone to the blood – ahead of the expected negative emotions. Blood and milk-to the good health of the dreamer.

The Icelandic dream interpretation

To See in a dream, as from someone's body runs the blood – a negative sign. It indicates that the dreamer will suffer some harm might suffer health.

Italian dream interpretation

This sealcoating interprets the dreams of the blood from the point of view of logic. Because blood always arises from wounds, such dreams are a symbol of the possible injuries or other damages that may send the dreamer on a hospital bed. Be careful.

Small dream book of Veles

To See blood in a dream – to the imminent arrival of a relative. Or your family will be refilled. If the blood ran out of my head – it means that your house will be idyllic. Nose-to material difficulties. Perhaps the dreamer will be in a difficult situation, will become the laughing stock of others. To dream of blood on the other person – to a substantial profit. Most likely, you will be able to inherit a good condition.

Latest dream interpretation

This collection has their own interpretation of these stories.

What a dream to dream of blood? For the meeting, as well as pleasant conversation with a relative. Be a donor – your loved one is experiencing health problems and needs your help. To dream of blood in his mouth – should pay attention to health. You have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Bruising – a warning sign. Astrologers recommend to do a General blood test and to make sure that your body is not in danger.

to dream of someone else's blood

Russian dream interpretation

What does it mean to dream of blood, certainly knows Russian dream. As a rule, such dreams dream on the eve of the long-awaited meeting with relatives. Perhaps the dreamer will receive long-awaited news from loved ones.

Family dreams

To dream of someone else's blood on their own clothes – a warning. Maybe a list of your enemies will be aktiviziruyutsya they will try to disrupt plans for the future. The blood flowing from the wounds is evidence of existing health problems. Luck turn away from the dreamer, so you should not get involved in any venture and to sign the securities. To see bloody hands – to meet the intruders.

Slavic dream interpretation

If you had a current blood, then in the near future there will be health problems. Typically, this dream indicates that the dreamer will suffer from migraine or consumption. To dream of blood on the other person – to a slight financial profit. To wound, which is bleeding – failures, significant losses. Blood stained clothes – to meet with native people. Spitting blood – the dreamer urgently need to check the status of your health.

Dream interpretation 2012

The Dreams in which appears the blood are a warning and are always associated with family ties. Perhaps in the future there will be difficulties in communicating with loved ones. Try to avoid conflicts.

to dream of a lot of blood

Modern parenting

According to the interpreter, to dream of blood on the clothes – not good. Detractors are looking for every opportunity to ruin your life in which there are a lot of prospects. Beware of random acquaintances and old friends who suddenly make themselves known.

A Bloody wound, dreaming at night, can indicate poor health of the dreamer. May have trouble in business, you will lose a substantial amount of money. To dream of a lot of blood on his hands – an unfavorable sign, pointing to an approaching failure in personal life and in business. To dream injury, which was bleeding – to serious trouble, maybe even death.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

I Saw in the dream bleeding? So, it's time to engage in their own health. Avoid contact with people to whom you feel antipathy, and stay away from gossip.

To put the blood in a dish, then drink it – to success in any endeavor. Such a dream may indicate that someone close to them who greatly misses you. Find some free time to call him. Drinking your own blood? In reality you are a selfish nature.

The Blood flowed from the broken head – you will be able to increase their capital. Nose-to great success, happiness. To see the bloody limbs-will soon begin a huge difficulty. To be blood from head to toe – you live one day, and not the means. In the future, no problems the material sense, you should slow down. To torture yourself and watch the bruising – the secrets that keeps a dreamer of dreams, heavily burdened him. To dream of blood on the other person – in real life you feel a sense of shame before him. Perhaps you once took money in debt, but in time to return and could not.

to dream the blood of man

I had a puddle of blood – your dreams will come true. Maybe you'll fall in love and wallow in strong emotions. To see droplets of blood on the grass or the ground – to moral satisfaction. To be wounded and to monitor the blood – soon there will be the opportunity to earn a large sum. If instead the tears flowed the blood – you will be in a very difficult or embarrassing situation.

Dream interpretation Longo

Dream bleeding wound – the warning dream which indicates that the dreamer should be extremely careful, especially in business. You will have tremendous difficulties. What had previously seemed simple and does not require any time-consuming will be difficult. Even if you enlist someone's support does not correct the situation. Have long and hard work.

To dream of someone else's blood on the ground – refrain from haste, especially when it comes to extremely important matters. No need to jump to conclusions and make rash decisions. Try to relax and to make their lives more measured. Only so will keep as a peace of mind and financial well-being.

If you dream that you wash, stained with blood – you perceive other people's words too much to heart, often ignoring even their own opinions. If you want.

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