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In his night dreams people often see things, which are constantly faced in everyday life. What dreams, for example, the door? Dream interpretation will help to solve the riddle. The person requires only to recall as many details as possible.

Door: dream Miller

That says That Gustav Miller? What is the interpretation contains his dreams? Door – a symbol that people can see in their dreams for various reasons. If a man comes in her dreams, in reality he tries to win over his enemies. Unfortunately, to cope with this problem, he will not succeed.

Door in the dream

The Door of the house in which sleep has increased, in most cases, a dream to good. However, standing before her in the rain or in the gloom of night – a stupid thing to do.

To Observe how other people come to a certain door – to complications in business. Man will have a lot of work, but the reward for their efforts he should not count. The door in the dream, flies off the hinges? This story warns of the danger that can threaten not only the sleeping but also the people he loves.


Why having a door? Dream interpretation takes into account the fact that the material from which it is made.

  • Made of Wood. Sleeping awake will not be able to protect from the external circumstances of their loved ones. His family falls on hard times.
  • Metal. This symbol promises a dreamer the support in a difficult situation. Help it can offer those from whom people would expect.
  • Glass. In the next few days sleeping runs the risk of becoming a victim of fraud. To avoid this will fail if the dreamer is to give up the dubious transactions. It is also desirable yet avoid new relationships as high risk for fraud.


Why dream about an old door? Dream interpretation offers to remember if she was worn out. If Yes, it indicates that the person is hiding your head in the sand. In his life there are problems, to solve which it is necessary without delay. Otherwise, you can't expect anything good.


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Door dream woman

I had the door of an old but sturdy? This symbol warns that the person experiences fear of the outside world. Distrust of people forcing him constantly to dissociate itself from them. If the dreamer fails to overcome it, he will not be able to achieve success.

Door lock

Which symbolizes the lock on the door? Dream interpretation offers several possible interpretations.

  • Mortise lock – sign, foretelling the emergence in humans of an influential patron. This person will be powerful enough to solve all of its problems.
  • Padlock & ndash; a symbol of the obstacles on the way to the goal. If the person to be armed with patience and perseverance, he will definitely manage to overcome them.
  • Door lock with a broken dream not good. Waking sleeping you should be wary of gossip that dissolve enemies behind him. Unfortunately, detractors will be able to ruin his reputation.
  • That means there is no lock on the door? Dream interpretation associates it with confidence. A person does not believe in their own strength, is constantly in a state of anxiety. To achieve success he will be able only in case if he wins the complexes.


Many doors – a symbol, which warns that the dreamer will have to make a difficult decision. There is a likelihood that the person will make a mistake that will cost him dearly.

Stand in front of the door in the dream

Before making the fateful decision, you should take a break and devote some time to analyze the situation. This will allow you to make the right choice, to avoid fatal mistakes. If the dreamer is not confident in his decision, he should seek advice from loved ones.

The Corridor with doors to dream of bigger possibilities. The dreamer need only not to miss the chance, who would soon invite him to Providence. This story may call to implement the plans that are being hatched is not the first year.

Knock, a call

What else could happen in night dreams? What dreams knock at the door? Dream interpretation offers a different answer to this question. If the knocking is accompanied by the sound of the voice of a familiar person, in real life, sleeping waiting for a nice meeting. For example, it can invite you to visit the friends he had not seen.

Door dream man

If the dead person is frightened of a knock on the door, it promises him trouble on the road. In the near future it is not necessary to go on a trip, especially if talking about traveling to another city or visit a foreign country.

What a dream that the doorbell ringing? This story promises a dormant conflict between people he cares about. It is possible that he will take on the role of peacemaker. Unfortunately, the quarrel is too serious to make it easy to reconcile the warring parties. Man dreamed that he heard the call and opened the door, and behind it was no one? This means that he will be able to avoid trouble in reality. If the call pushes himself sleep, in real life, he will receive an important news. People are making a big mistake if you do not give them due importance.

Close it

What other stories examines dream interpretation? Close the door – what does that mean? This story may symbolize the obstacles on the way to the goal. The dreamer may be disappointed in the people around, to break off relations with a partner. It will have irresistible desire to hide from the world.

Open the door in the dream

If in night dreams the door flies off the hinges and falls into the closing process, in reality the dreamer should beware of the danger. At risk will be not only himself but also his loved ones. If the fair sex dreamed that she closes the door, it promises changes in his personal life. Woman can purchase new fans to join in marriage.


Which symbolizes a closed door? Dream interpretation offers several answers to this question.

  • People in his dreams tries to open it, however, it is not possible? In reality he should not count on quick achievement of the goal. Obstacles suddenly emerged on his way to her at the moment to overcome is not possible. To resume attempts should be later, waiting for a more opportune time.
  • To be before the door closed in bad weather at night dream – to do something really stupid in real life. People will behave as if he were a mindless child.
  • What it means to look through the peephole, standing at the closed door? Dream interpretation indicates that the person is in a nervous breakdown. Trouble will roll on him one after the other, which is not conducive to spiritual comfort. It may also indicate that the dreamer is too actively interfere in the Affairs of others. A person's time to engage in their own life, leave others alone.


That means in night dreams can open the door? Dream interpretation does not give a definite answer to this question. Such actions may dreamed to whom in reality have to fall in love. It is difficult to say whether escalate a new relationship into something serious. In any case, they will remain pleasant memories.

what dreams door

Opening the door might symbolize other things. Some guides to the world of dreams informs that this story is evidence of human attempts to eliminate obstacles in the way of that goal. Also it may indicate that the dreamer is trying to learn other people's secrets, to get to the truth, which is hidden from him.


What dreams open the door? Dream interpretation gives a mixed assessment of such dreams. In real life people can get a generous reward. He will be able to earn the respect of colleagues, friends, relatives. However, this plot may to warn about the trap that risks to please the foolish dreamer.

the Open door in the dream

The Door swings open by itself and remains open? This story promises a successful way out of a confusing situation. On the way of the dreamer will meet friendly people who will help him to overcome everything.

What other options considering the dream? Open the door that person is trying to close, symbolizes the failure. Man can forget about his dream, as it is in any case will never come to reality.

Interpretation of Freud

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