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Male Virgo-Rat – a person interesting, at some points even contradictory. Something in his character is traced from the sign of the zodiac. There are some of quality from Oriental patron. Well, it's also important to talk about all of his personality by turning to the horoscope.

Virgo man rat

About the effects of zodiac sign

Talking about what features different male Virgo-Rat, it is necessary separately to discuss the qualities of his character due to the influence of the first and second patron. You can start with the zodiac.

Men born under the zodiac sign Virgo are hardworking, disciplined people with high intelligence. They appreciate their work. For them, they are not only a way to financially provide for themselves, but also moral satisfaction.

They're very reliable and responsible person. And in all. They do not change their decisions, never late, and abide by any agreement. And yet these very men do not like vulgarity, slovenliness, carelessness and irresponsibility. They are precise and accurate. And the same I demand from others. Anyway, someone close to them people are only those who match the above qualities.

 male rat Virgo compatibility


Male Virgo-Rat is much in his character borrowed from the patron Saint of the Chinese horoscope. He's charming and quite witty. But what not to do to people around him – is to criticize it. Touching upon the dignity of this man, it is better to run. Because it would be capable of causing actions. But if you avoid sharp remarks in his direction, the man the Virgo Rat will be a wonderful partner, a loyal friend and empathetic person. But that ladies and like is flattery, approval and compliments.


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The man the Virgo Rat has a surprising ability to skillfully hide from prying eyes what is happening in his heart and head. If he is not confident, worried, worried or even afraid-no one will know. He simply will not allow this.

And what about relations? In this respect, such men always are serious. Starting a relationship, they are already building plans for further co-existence. They begin an affair with a stranger. These men choose who's worthy. And they love, appreciate, open soul and allegiance.

virgin rat male characteristics

General characteristics

But now that directly represents the virgin in the year of the Rat. Man, being the representative of this zodiacal combinations, believes that the most important thing in life – success. Yes, his life is often filled with conflicts and obstacles. But he overcomes them all. Because always determined to win. And he will defend his ideas, even with unequal forces. It may seem that such people are very hard. It's true. But only in the area in which they succeed. As a rule, business and work. But in society they are very eloquent, sociable and pleasant. They can find common language practically with any person.

Interesting features

These people are quite contradictory. They worry about the future, but live in the present, nor in denying themselves nothing. They have a well-developed imagination and fantasy, but these men tend to be rational critics-realistic. They know how to give helpful, constructive advice, following which others can actually fix something in my life. But they themselves are often difficult to do that with you. The main problem men Virgo-Rats – it saves. They do not know how to save money. They know it, but to instill this quality in such men it is difficult.

the maiden in the year of the rat man

About relationships

What about this important topic can tell horoscope? Virgo-Rat-man that his family will always be loyal. In relation to the partner he is attentive, affectionate and gentle. This man knows how to protect his beloved, constantly protects her. Still it is moderately romantic.

It is Worth noting that in a relationship those people are practical, as in life. Because of “something new” they are always treated with care and caution. And even if the man would agree at the beginning of another phase in the relationship, or bringing them some “highlights” previously they all carefully thought-out. The spontaneity they don't like. But a cold calculation is not always best in love Affairs. Because he should take this into account, and sometimes afford a little bit of surprise.

 horoscope Virgo rat man


This theme also needs to be addressed with attention, talking about what the personality of a Virgo Rat (male) feature.

But first-a few words about some of the nuances. These men choose a woman, it is not necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of her personality. Better for the Council to refer to the heart, not the mind. And the proposal to do the will of the soul, not by calculation. Only in this case will be able to find happiness. It should be understood by the male Rat-Virgo.

The Work usually turns out good with a girl-Calf. They are alike as they both achieve all their own and appreciate a serious relationship. Especially good if the girl born in the year of the Dragon or the Bull. Then they just formed a harmonious duet, which will be based the consistency, reliability and strong love. This is the case when a couple will share common goals and business interests, and a strong, sincere feelings. By the way, more good will the relations of a man-Rat with a female Monkey. In this case they have a particularly good sexual compatibility, which is important.

But whoever decided to link their lives to this man, he is obliged to remember – no need to follow the analysis, it is important to focus on feelings.


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