Prayer of Saint Nicholas will always help in applications


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Revered in the Orthodox world Saint Nicholas from an early age was distinguished by its piety. And this is why he later received the status of a priest, and was even elected a Bishop in the Lycian city of the World (modern Demre, Turkey). Of Myra Saint began to worship after he revealed to the world the first miracles of healing. The power of the great elder possess a force of doctors and at the present time. The same effect is the prayer to the Holy Saint Nicholas, to which resorted thousands of laymen around the world.Saint Nicholas a prayer for help

Recovery from various troubles and misfortunes

Nicholas had for centuries considered the patron Saint of merchants, children and sailors. In the Slavic tradition, however, worship is everywhere, for his pious acts. He became famous not only known for the biographical biography the opportunity of salvation and resurrection of a sailor, but his intercession for the innocent prisoners, insulted.

Healer of different kinds of patients and the deliverer from all needless death and umirotvorenie warring was and is Saint Nicholas. Prayer for the help of this Saint can change fate. It is worth to resort to petitions about marriage, health, intercession in the other cases. Her sacred text is considered one of the most powerful of the existing prayers. If the faith sincere thanks to the cordial to the elder you can even win over those with infirmities who are not able to defeat modern medicine. prayer to the Holy Saint Nicholas

A plea for marriage

If the girl wants as soon as possible to start a family, she encouraged prayer about marriage of Saint Nicholas. The Holy Bishop of Myra with open and truthful to him will help in this case. Also to his abilities running with the intercession from the evil invisible forces, and even obtaining a good harvest. During his lifetime he revealed to the world many miracles, but the people and after his death for centuries, continually appeal to the great man with prayers.


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When you use the prayer of Saint Nicholas, in his address, the Holy you can ask a decent and loving husband. Single women are then able to meet a good and caring young man. The text of Scripture should be pronounced with a positive attitude and a big heart by faith. It is desirable that it was written with his own hand on a blank piece of paper. It is possible even to come to Church and before the image of the elder to read the coveted line. A prayer about the marriage of Saint Nicholas in solitude, with full awareness and penetration in her every word.

prayer for marriage Saint Nicholas

To Change the destiny through prayer

The journey of life can be sent to another, the best, the channel is also due to appeal to the Saint. Sincere prayer of Saint Nicholas opens a road that has a chance to avoid all sorts of troubles, cures of ailments. If you read regularly, then eventually there is a burst of energy, cheerfulness and energy.

Prayer it is advisable to start with a lit lamp in front of which stands the icon of the Wonderworker. Once the text is pronounced in a loud voice, in the second – whisper, in the third - all in silence. Her you must say daily 40 days in a row, breaks should not be. But if all the same there was a pause, then the daily prayers have to start over.

The feast Day of St. Pleaser

In the Orthodox calendar there are several days of memory of Saint Nicholas. December 19 – the day of his death - August 11 – the day of his birth - named Nikola Winter and, accordingly, Nikola Autumn, and may 22 – it is a day of remembering the Holy relics of the famous old man from Myra to Bari. This event took place in 1087, earlier, in Russia, this date was called Nicola Spring, i.e. spring, Summer or Nicola. These dates are not moving, they are fixed.

First frost

Since ancient times, Saint Nicholas is revered not only as a very present help merchants, travelers and wrongfully convicted, but as a man children. Western folk Christianity combined it with the image of a folkloric character. First, the people he became famous “Christmas Santa”, and later there was his transformation into Santa Claus, giving for Christmas kids gifts.prayer of Saint Nicholas

Prayer of Saint Nicholas will always help in applications

The Russian people began with special respect to the Holy after the baptism of Rus. His first icons appeared in the middle of the 11th century, and then built a number of monasteries and temples where the prayers of Saint Nicholas is pronounced daily by thousands of Orthodox believers. In many cities of Russia the main cathedrals in honor of the Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, for example, in Smolensk, Galich, Pskov, Tyumen, Arkhangelsk, Novgorod the Great, and Zaraisk. Only in the Moscow province was erected three Nicholas monastery: ugresha, Nikolo-Perervinsky and Nikolo-Greek. One of the main towers of the Kremlin are also named after the Saint.

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