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Many people at least once in your life when dealing with any man felt like I know him for a long time. In such a situation feel very comfortable and calm, like you soul mate. In this question the people were divided into those who believe in its existence, and skeptics.

What is a soulmate?

There is a theory that every person throughout his life looking for those who have once seen in another world. Perhaps the souls have left any unfinished business or a relationship. Scientists on this score have their own opinion. They believe that the feeling of love and attraction is the analogy that occurs in the memory of the person with whom you once saw. Simple language speaking, the memory of having pictures that reflect the past. Because of this, people encountered on the way, it seems an old acquaintance, and you think you are addressing the second half.kindred spirit

In General, we can give a definition of this expression that more or less describe the essence of the concept. Soul mate – is the man who can't be with you blood relationship, but it is very close in spirit, and you have common interests and habits. Such people can endure any faults and unacceptable for other traits to each other. They can communicate almost without words, and between them there is a sense of absolute understanding. Over time, these partners may notice that they started to do the same, for example, start sentences with identical words and literally read each other's minds.


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Soul mate - who is she?

what is a soul mate

Everyone deserves to meet a congenial man, but somehow fate someone gives you that opportunity and some don't. This is mainly due to the large number of misconceptions that affect the mentality:

  1. People who believe that to meet a soul mate is very simple, and indeed she comes into their lives are sadly mistaken. You need to do everything possible to bring the date of the meeting. It is not necessary to start the search among acquaintances and even strangers, you must first examine yourself. If you are at odds with yourself and with your inner “I”, the chance to find similar to themselves reduced to the minimum.
  2. Another serious error – the belief that found soul mate is not going anywhere, and you will always be together. As you know, all relationships are subjected to various tests, and eventually they can significantly deteriorate. Therefore, you must understand that even with the soul mate you need to constantly strengthen and maintain contact.
  3. Many believe that it is impossible to maintain a trusting and strong relationship with a large number of people. So I cut a circle, but this is completely wrong. In fact, it was the contact with many different people helps to fully open up and find like-minded people.

Most people find that soul mate – is the man who is not even included in the circle of acquaintances and potential candidates at this soulmate

Understanding that this is exactly what is happening literally on an intuitive level. We create a certain mental image, and when the meeting is virtually instantaneous recognition. Such mainly is able of women, as they have better developed intuition.

The long-Awaited meeting

Strangely enough, but such momentous meetings happen at the most unexpected moment. How do you know that this is your soul mate? With such a person the feeling of amazing intimacy, which you'd never never felt. It is important not to confuse a soul mate and desire a romantic or love relationship, is a completely different concept that do not have each other nothing to do. Sometimes these loved ones come to life is not forever, but only in order to perform a specific mission, for example, to calm, to help people believe in miracles, change, etc.are there any soul mates

How not to make a mistake?

In this case you should fully trust the heart and inner feelings, as the pulses of the brain can distort reality and you can lose your man. You will certainly feel that you are the person that you want to go in one direction. A soul mate is not necessarily someone of the opposite sex to which you feel a warm feeling, it can be a friend, sister, etc. If expressed in the language of physics, these people have the same energy, which, entering into resonance, increases potential, it increases the return during the overall work.

Description of soul mates

The well-Known writer Doreen verse compares these people with companions. She says that you should always remember that man originates not on earth, but in heaven. That's where souls gain a strong result in certain groups and couples. They differ in number and can be in different dimensions. It all depends on what exactly connects them with each other. The writer says that the partnership that occurs between kindred spirits, has a reason. When people reach the desired relations between them have greatly diminished, and they parted again to begin the search. The writer says that these people will forever remain a sense of love and gratitude for the happy moments of life.kindred spirit who is she

Illustrative examples

It is Very common to notice that people who consider themselves kindred spirits, talking and gesticulating the same way, many have a suspicion that they are brothers and sisters. Quite often you can hear the opinion that people who have been married for a great amount of time, become similar to each other. Some experiments show that they have even synchronized the rhythm of heartbeats. Such people live in complete understanding with each other, this feeling can be called real happiness.

Classics of the world, there is also the example – the main characters of the works of M. A. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita”. Man after talking with the girl realized that he loved her all life. It also is a clear example of soul mates.

Other side of the coin

In recent years, for many people the attraction of a soul mate is the main meaning of life. They simply believe that the second half should love and understand them unchanged, nothing to argue with and to love, no matter what. In addition, the second half is simply obliged to take extraordinary actions, and to do everything possible for the happiness of the partner. This is a huge barrier for many people to meet close person and find harmony in life.

Why do people looking for your soul mate?

kindred soul

Many people spend in search of the second half a lot of time, but the result remains zero. In this case, you must ask yourself the question what purpose you are looking for such a person? The reasons may be several:

  1. You feel inferior. Most often this can be the consequence of low self-esteem, etc.
  2. Do You think that a soul mate will help you to solve all problems and will make you a happy man.
  3. The Failed experiences of the past constantly reminds about the wrong choice of partner. Because of this, you want to meet the person.


I Hope you now don't even have a doubt whether there are soul mates, or is it a contrived myth. It is very important to believe that such a person will meet on the way and you will be happy with him no matter what. Remember that your second half will appear next at the most unexpected moment, because it is a true gift of fate.


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