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We used to think that a miracle invisible, and see it - a rarity. This is true, if you do not notice all around us the beautiful creations created by nature or man.

In the heart of the capital, is located High-Petrovsky monastery - an ancient and very beautiful landmark. In the annals 1317 meet the first mention of the monastery. The best monument to Peter the great, than the vysoko-Petrovskiy monastery, Moscow does not know.

stavropegic monastery

Origin story

Experts agree the most probable version, according to which the monastery founded by St Peter in 1315-1316. His original name was Paul.

In the walls of the monastery, Metropolitan Peter made the decision to move to Moscow. The monastery of Dormition, founded on his advice, became a place for the burial of a priest.

The Center of Russia began to rise in state and Church concept following the approval of the Moscow Metropolitan Department.

According to this assumption, High-Petrovsky monastery founded in the 14th century by St Peter, Metropolitan of Kiev.

There is a version that the Foundation of the monastery occurred after the canonization of the king. In the time of St. Sergius of Radonezh arose the monastery appeared as the first cenobitic monastery of Moscow. According to legend, this period is associated with the heroic deeds of Dmitry Donskoy.

According to the notes at that time, the Russian Church defines representatives of the Embassy to the Patriarch of Constantinople, with the aim of delivering a Confessor of Dmitry Donskoy mityaya in metropolitans. Passion and confusion happened on the ship, next to the Black sea. The nominee died on Board the ship. The letter, sent to the Patriarch, did not contain signature and seal of the Prince. For the right to be inscribed as a candidate began the real struggle. Archimandrite John from Petrovsky monastery was one of the contenders for the title of Primate of the Russian Church, but he found no support among his colleagues.


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The Protective function of the Holy monastery

According to experts, the monastery was founded on a desolate, deserted place. Before 1517, the monastery was a small area and had no defensive value. The first mention of the battle with this place is dated 1611. For the bombardment of the Kremlin, breaking into the city, the Lyapunov Procopius over the Neglinnaya was set up artillery battery.

Construction – a Royal affair

The burial Place of the noble representatives of the Naryshkins is the same High-Petrovsky monastery. Moscow stores information about the active construction of the monastery in the late 17th century, during Naryshkin and Peter I.

Among the builders of the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery and admirers, the princes Vasily III, Ivan Kalita, Dmitry Donskoy, Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, Metropolitan of Moscow. Divine services were held by the saints Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow, Mitrophan Voronezh.

Uspensky monastery

Wonders of the Shrine nondescript wall

In our days a quarter at Petrovka occupied by the monastery. Few people know about its existence. High buildings and narrow streets contribute to a good disguise.

A Solid wall facing the Petrovka building of the Naryshkin chambers. Passing and moving on the cars people are impossible to guess about the presence of monastic buildings.

The Purpose of the longest buildings in Moscow of the XVII century gives the gate Church-bell tower of the Intercession of the blessed virgin. This small part of the chic splendor of the monastery can be seen from any point of the four-wheel range and street. One of the streets of Moscow got its name from the famous monastery.

Under the intercession Church, Holy gate is located. Wanting to get in the cloisters can pass from the street through the specified entrance.

The First impression is comparable to magic. It all starts from what he saw from the threshold of the picture. If you look at the monastery from the inside, I can't believe the walls of the noisy main street. On the territory of the Shrine completely different life. Historical ensemble in perfect preservation, and is much larger than the part of the city.

high Petrovsky monastery

A Gift for the ages

Maybe his role in the existence of the structure played a blessing of Kirill Naryshkin, who was the grandfather of Peter. He gave Peter's monastery neighboring estate, when she learned about the good news - the birth of a grandson.

Almost all the buildings of the monastery are connected with events in the life of the Naryshkins. Young Peter was personally signed decrees on the construction of the monastery is its first project. Here Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina was the beginning of the famous Naryshkin Baroque. Mother of Peter was brought up in “Western” spirit, which later will impact in the history of architecture in the country.

The grounds of the monastery. From the tomb to the Cathedral

Before entering the vysoko-Petrovskiy monastery is the Cathedral of the Bogolyubsky icon of the Mother of God.

The Structure was the Shrine of the Naryshkins until 1774. For the past two decades, there lived the representatives of the family Naryshkins, John, Athanasius, Cyril Poluektovich (grandfather of Peter), grandmother of Peter, Anna Leontievna, Leo K. (uncle Peter).

Bogolyubovo Church over the graves of the dead is dedicated to the icon of the mother of God bogolyubskoy. The temple remained for a long time the Shrine. Miraculous Bogolyubovo icon of the Mother of God was presented Naryshkin with the list in 1684, when pilgrimage to Bogolyubovo. According to one legend, the young Peter had to rush down the steep stairs, as into a personal sanctuary.

Knowing about the miracles of this icon and for the sake of their murdered relatives, the young king adopted a decree on the construction of the stone Church over the graves of lost relatives. The construction was carried out under the leadership of Natalia Kirillovna and young Peter I.

The current browser history these white stone tombstones with coats of arms and skulls produce a terrifying impression.

highly-Petrovsky stauropegial monastery

Traces Baroque

An Unexpected structure in the center of the monastic buildings is St. Peter the Metropolitan. Unlike other temples, a small, modest architecturally, the Cathedral is the oldest Church building in Moscow.

It had little effect layering of the 18th century. Excellent preservation has pleased historians on the eve of the Olympic games 80-ies.

The Cathedral of St. Peter the Metropolitan is becoming clear Baroque under Peter I. During the restoration in the 20th century was unexpected to see the original appearance of the temple.

Saving the walls of the Holy Church

A Small, but unique in architecture structure – the Church of the Tolga icon of the Mother of God - located between the Fraternal body and the Holy gate, the right of the entrance.

Sergius Church – a new architectural structure. August 1689 the famous confrontation between Peter and Sophia. This is the period when Peter found his salvation in the Trinity-Sergiev monastery from his cruel and resolute sisters of Sophia Alekseevny. This year's events include dedication of the Tolga icon. The Church built at the expense of N. A. Naryshkina, which is a relative of Peter I on his mother.

highly-the Petrovsky monastery of Moscow

Gallery in the Cathedral

Further along the monastery - Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, built on the orders of Peter I. His story confirms the events of 1689 - the rescue of Peter from his sister to archers in the walls of the convent of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Currently, the center of life in the monastery is the temple. Its appearance is in excellent condition after restoration. However, the Church officials and parishioners remember that the total building has been demolished chapels M. Alexius of Moscow and Voronezh. These subassemblies were destroyed in the Soviet period.

The Chamber of the Naryshkins and the Church of St. Sergius are connected by a gallery. On «South» courtyard is accessed under the gallery.

In this temple are important shrines of the monastery-the relics of Sainted Peter, Metropolitan of Kiev, Moscow and all Russia the Wonderworker. Also in the temple — part of the Holy relics of the apostles Peter and Paul, Seraphim and other saints.

high Petrovsky monastery how to get

Modern life temples

Church of the apostles Peter and Paul is considered among the parishioners “unfortunate” structure. Almost a century it was closed. By and large this devastation from the invasion of Napoleon's army.

Later, the temple was peresvodili in the name of other saints, then again closed during the Soviet regime. A beautiful Church in our time is closed.

The Last temple the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery is the Church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, built in 1905. It was designed as a chapel in the South passage near the main monastery gates. Only in 2001 decided to consecrate the former chapel of the same name as the temple.

“Restoration” time

The Soviet period (since 1950) marked for vysoko-Petrovsky monastery as a time of good restoration. Ten years of operation affected the stucco and paint – finishing spread and cracked,...

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