African vision. What dreams elephant?


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The largest mammal on the planet is the elephant. These animals are not easy to meet in our latitudes. You need to go to the zoo or the circus. And what a dream elephant, then a fantastic the vast country of Morpheus? It turns out that the image is twofold. In some cases he promises the good in others – the trouble. Surprised that this beautiful animal can threaten? Let's look through the sources, interpretations and figure out what was happening.

what dreams elephant

What dreams elephant in natural conditions

Walking in the Savannah, covered with wild vegetation – the perfect vision. If you get the elephant – will have an important meeting. Dream interpretation Miller reports that the man that will come into your life will have on her most serious impact. In addition, next it will be, as they say, to the grave. If you are wondering what dreams the elephant woman, the author does not hide: a lady will meet the fate. Probably soon she will meet the man who designed her Higher powers. Well, if the lady is alone. Otherwise they will have to face the problem: how to deal with the current partner. Will have to make an important choice, if you dream of an elephant with the elephant.

When the mother fed the baby – there will be changes in your career. If Kupala – to the family. You will feel special comfort in the relationship. All will delight, bring pleasure. Good dream in which a female elephant had several cubs. This is a harbinger of revenue. And the more elephants roamed the prairies, the greater the expected proceeds. Meets Mr. Miller on extravagant question about what a dream baby elephant, lost in nature. In his opinion, the story portends the loss of a chance for success. If you killed him with a gun while hunting-become the reason for the failure.


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seeing the elephant with the elephant


Care promises a vision in which elephant was the inhabitant of your apartment. Cute “baby” was light in colour – pleasant, dark-annoying obligation that won't go away. It is better to undertake immediately, to defer to anything. Dream of the elephant, suddenly appeared among the usual items of furniture in the room that frightened you to hiccups, then the goal will require enormous effort. If the country of Morpheus nursed the baby, fed him – will not be able to earn a living. Well-being will depend on someone else. Have to cheat, not to sit without a penny in his pocket. Look at life more realistically, to stop in the clouds recommends a story in which appears a pink elephant. It symbolizes the loss of orientation, a departure from reality. Of course, the dream is very important, but not always. Sometimes you have to face the realities of life, no matter how unpleasant it was.

what dreams elephant woman

Little artist

The Story with animals at the circus decrypts the Lunar dream. It says that the statement ‘African artists” promises entertainment in reality. Likely, you will be invited to visit. If you agree – you will not regret, give up to anything. Dreaming of a white elephant at the zoo - so you underestimate the place of service. Soon will feel occupied the chair wobbles. Will I have to change job – depends entirely on your behavior. Try not to react to attacks, nothing lasts forever. The boss will forget about you after a certain time.

To Go in the sleep on the city streets and suddenly encounter an elephant – a fascinating journey to places where have never been. If the kid had a mother – will offer the business trip abroad. Be sure to agree! Get a lot of pleasant impressions. The elephant had several – you'll have company, go together with a close friend or colleague.

how many little elephant

Vision of the danger

Sometimes imagination gives us a terrible, stresie images. You have to disassemble those and those who are figuring out what dream of the little elephant. Because this animal is born weighing under a hundred pounds! Baby it can be called a stretch. Prividevshayasya aggressive elephant speaks of the danger. Enemies are planning some evil deed they have conspired among themselves. If the elephant attacked will have to defend their rights. Enemies will try to tarnish your name or to deprive of property (income). In the dream, the kid with the trunk hurt you – will not be able to cope with the wiles of the enemy. Victory this time will get this unpleasant personalities. Nothing, better luck next time to you. To fend off the elephant, to curb his anger – completely to eliminate competitors and detractors from his path.

Other stories

To sleep in the birth in the elephant – winning the lottery, to get protection in an important project. Must take risks! To ride a grown elephant means things will go up, but slower than you expect. Persevere, you will soon receive in the hands of all. Play with one or multiple elephants – to a very successful period. Dream interpretation recommend taking at this time of life more. Dream, aspire, make – all must succeed. Good luck!

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