What a dream of a snake?


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As is well known, the meaning of the dream depends on the emotions that the person experiences while dreaming. These emotions are a reflection of his attitude to this or that character in real life. Snakes are perceived by people is ambiguous, so the interpretation of the dream in the first place, depends on your personal attitude as to all snakes in General and to the dream in which you saw a snake. In order to determine what dreams a snake, talk to your subconscious and ask it, what is the significance of the snake in your real life: this is a dangerous living creature, forcing you to run for the hills, or is an ancient symbol of wisdom, is dangerous, but mysteriously attractive?

The First approach is more typical of cultures with Christian ideas. Christians consider the serpent the adversary, contributing to the output of the deep vices of man out. It is not surprising that in the interpretation of Christian commentators, if you dream of snake, so you need to wait for trouble. Snake – is usually the enemy, and the enemy is hidden, which weaves a plot against you behind your back. Especially the probability of such an interpretation, if the snake in the dream crawling menacingly in your direction.

In addition, the snake may indicate a common breakdown of the relationship with the person with whom you have already had some problems. This interpretation should be used if the snake is not for you in the dream threats, but it is unpleasant. In this case, the snake – this is the signal sent by your subconscious mind that the negative in the relationship needs to go outside, and the ember conflict should be resolved in the near future.


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If you see the snakes, then the question is, what dream of a snake, also won't bring you good answer. In this case, you should be afraid of not even one person but a whole group of people who wish you serious harm, perhaps even kill him. Perhaps it – just envious that have not yet built the final plan, however, such people, in any case, very dangerous.

However, everything described above is true only for people either zealously adhere to Christian traditions and beliefs, either negatively related to the snakes. Not worth zabivanii that in Eastern culture snake – it is, on the contrary, the symbol of wisdom. It is believed that this is due to its ability to change the skin. So the question is, what dream snake, the representatives of the Eastern civilizations probably will answer that it is a sign of good.

So, if you see that the snake in the dream relieves the skin and will be fascinated by this action, it means that in real life you can “updated”, successfully coped with all their petty problems and embarked on the path of greater success. If during the dream you take a snake into his hands and treat her as a household pet, it means that soon you will discover important things that can significantly affect your life in a positive, of course, is the key.

And finally not to mention third party interpretation of dreams with snakes, which belongs to the notorious Freud, distinguished extraordinary interpretation of dreams. That means snake in the dream, he also had an opinion. It is a living being, according to Freud, is directly related to sexual intercourse, however to negative side. Perhaps you are afraid to engage with someone in an intimate relationship or even having this process disgust.

As you can see, a clear answer to the question what snake dreams are quite difficult to obtain, so try to listen to their feelings, because they, primarily, are responsible for the interpretation of the dream. And do not panic, he saw in a dream a snake, even if you are afraid of in real life, because sleep – it is just a warning about the possible troubles, which can still be avoided.

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