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In the fourth century was descended from the distant city Iliopol (modern Syria) Confessor of the true teachings of the Church of Christ – the great Martyr Barbara, the Holy day which the Orthodox Church celebrates on December 17. Seventeen centuries inspires us her way, setting an example of true faith and love for God. Prayer to Saint Barbara is helping a huge number of believers. What do we know about her life?

Holy barbarian

The daughter of the pagan Dioscorus

In those days, when was born the future Saint, the residents Iliopol, one of the largest cities in Mesopotamia were buried in the darkness of paganism. Man-made gods were worshipped and honorable citizens, and the urban poor. Among the most wealthy and respected citizens, was a kind of Dioscorus. Generously rewarded his fate. He had a home, vineyards and many servants. Only one misfortune visited his house – died beloved wife of Dioskoros. He is deeply mourned her and found consolation only in his only daughter. This was the future Saint Barbara.

Father dearly loved the child and did everything in his power to isolate her from the ugly aspects of life. In addition, he wanted to give the barbarian marry a rich husband, ensuring her happiness and prosperity. Wanting to save his beautiful daughter from prying eyes, but also, and possible communication with secret Christians, which began to appear in the city, Dioscorus built for her the castle where she lived with her maids and Tutors. Out of it she could only occasionally accompanied by his father.

Saint Barbara

The Contemplation of God's creation

The Long hours of solitude spent it at the window of his room, lost in contemplation of beautiful nature surrounding the castle. One day St. Barbara wanted to find out from their mentors who created all this magnificence, striking eyes. Her kindergarten teacher was a Gentile and therefore the creation of the world attributed to the wooden and clay gods. They tried to convince the young and the recluse.


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But this explanation was not satisfied with was the barbarian. She objected, saying that their deity to create anything he could not, as they themselves manufactured by human hands. Must be a higher Creator, the one and Almighty, has its own Genesis. Only he is able, having created the world, to bring him such beauty. So it was an example of understanding the Creator through his creation.

Proposal of marriage

Over time Dioscorus began to go and see rich men, who had heard about the beauty of his daughter and wanted her marriage. Dad didn't want to decide anything without knowing the opinion of the daughter, but turned to her with such talk, met her resolute refusal to join with someone in marriage. It grieved him, but Dioscorus attributed this decision to the youth and wayward character of the daughter.

To give her the opportunity to get friendly with other girls and talking with them to change their decision, he allowed his daughter to leave the castle, when she pleases. It was just what the barbarian wanted. She began to frequent in the city, and one day when the father was a long time away, met with an undercover Christians who lived in Heliopolis. They told her about the Triune God, the incarnation of Jesus Christ from the blessed virgin, his atoning sacrifice and is very much about that before and she didn't know. That doctrine is deeply sunk into her heart.

St Barbara Church

The baptism of the barbarians

After some time in the city was a Christian priest who under the guise of a merchant went to Alexandria. At the request of the girls, he then performed over her the sacrament of baptism. In addition, he is a more complete account of her Christian teaching, which is immediately and unconditionally accepted the barbarian. She made a vow to devote his entire life to God.

Wanting to capture the image of the Holy Trinity, she was ordered in the new tower, the construction of which, before leaving, began her father, make not two, as planned in the project, but three. When the father returned home, the daughter asked about the reason of her action, it is not evil, told him the doctrine of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When he heard that, a heathen father was so enraged that he rushed at her daughter, drawing his sword. To escape, she only managed to escape by hiding in the cleft of the rock, which it miraculously parted.

Saint Barbara icon

Dungeon and torment the Holy

Dioscorus was to such an extent blinded by the pagan fanaticism, that he choked in him all his father's feelings. By the end of the day he managed to catch the fugitive. He handed it to the Governor of the city, so he threw her in the dungeon. The poor girl was in the hands of ruthless torturers. But did not flinch before them the barbarian, as all relied on the help of God. Night she prayed fervently, her the Lord appeared to her and utaivshy ucelevshiy hope for a speedy attainment of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Courage of barbarians has doubled. Looking at her, one secret Christian openly declared his faith in Christ and expressed a desire to suffer with her. Taking the crown of martyrdom, they were both beheaded.

The Veneration of St. Barbara in Russia

Three hundred years Later the relics of the Holy Martyr was transferred to Constantinople, and in the XII century they were in Kiev. They brought with them a daughter of the Byzantine Emperor by marriage with the Russian Prince Mikhail Izyaslavich. There they are kept to this day. From the day of Baptism of Rus ' revered we have great Martyr Barbara. Holy helps everyone who by faith applies to her. Special assistance it provides to those who ask to get rid of sudden death and is afraid to leave earthly life without repentance. In addition, and in other cases helps the barbarian: Holy save us from unexpected troubles. Since ancient times, observed that the plague, which often happened in Russia, always avoided those temples, which were in its power. Saint Barbara, the icon which is almost in every Orthodox Church, – one of the most revered and beloved saints in our country. Many, not knowing the history of her mortal life, think it is Russian. By the way, this name itself in past years was very common in Russia.

Prayer St. Varvara

Many in the Christian world erected in her honour temples and monasteries. Is the Church of St. Barbara in Moscow. It's very old. Its creation is attributed to the XVI century. It is situated not far from the Kremlin, on the street, which is called – barbarian (named Barbara). Holy this in ancient times was considered one of the patroness of trade. Therefore, the location for her Church chose exactly where there were numerous shopping arcades.


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