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Boats from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) currently comprise the largest segment of civilian small boats. The secret of their popularity lies in the material, workmanship, and simple design. These boats do not require special care, easy to operate and at the same time properly provide all the functions that are assigned to them. Typically, they are used as a means of travel for hunting and fishing, but the range of purposes is steadily expanding. When it is important to approach the selection model, to determine the requirements that must be met for boat PVC. The ranking of manufacturers, which below will facilitate this choice, but before reading them is to understand the basic criteria for determining the optimal variant.

Basic selection

boat PVC rating

For all the simplicity of the device boats from PVC are quite diverse and may differ in many parameters. The first step is to determine its type – motor or rowing? The difference in this case is obvious. Equipment motor facilitates operation of the boat, relieving humans from physical work. But rowing inflatable boats have significant advantages. They are more economical and more practical to maintain. In addition, fishing is a good option, especially if you need to achieve high maneuverability in confined spaces with minimum noise.

Followed by the selection criteria regarding the quality of material, dimensions and design features of the boat. The capacity of such models varies from 1 to 3 people. This quantity is directly related to the length of the inflatable vessel. In particular, classic single boat PVC can be from 2.7 to 3.3 m in length. A very important and material production. The fact that the PVC can be different, and the back is made or in the form of a foldable cover, or as inflatable. As for PVC, it is better to give preference to the thick fabric, and the bottom, of course, it is desirable to take solid foldable, but this option is not particularly practical to carry. Now you can start review models.


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PVC boat, under the motor

The Altair PRO-340

The German boat Altair PRO-340 is valued for its reliability, practicality and a large area of the cockpit. But the main difference of this model is the use of high strength PVC. This material is known for the German mark Mehler, whose density is 850 g/m2. Apart from reliability, the fabric provides good fluid flow and impressive seaworthiness that have PVC boats under the motor premium series. The differences of this model should include and the container with the original U-shaped. It is also characterized by a variable geometry and a rare height, component 49 see In General, the model PRO-340 superficially attractive, well cope with their direct tasks and are functional enough, as her initially complement with all necessary devices for swimming.

Model Solar 400

This option is not suitable for everyone, as it has quite large dimensions and, consequently, capacity. However, for the shipowner, who regularly makes expedition outings and long journeys, model Solar 400 is fine. It is important to provide sufficient power pump for boat, PVC and other accessories, as for a large vessel is required and equipment is appropriate. Not to say that dimensional models are a rarity among the inflatable models are made of polyvinyl chloride, but in the case of Solar 400 is not just the size, but the thoughtful design. For example, a V-shaped keel, coupled with the expanded diameter sides keep the boat high seaworthy characteristics.

At the same time, the company has sought to minimise common faults models with a large capacity. In this case, it is possible to provide the design of the jet overhead type, which will allow you to walk in shallow water to a depth of 10 cm. However, the main element Solar 400 will have to use other levels, which require anchors for boats of large carrying capacity.

Model Yukona 300GT

single boat PVC

This option is representative of the row versions. However, with a hinged transom can be installed and the motor on the boat PVC small capacity in the range of 3.5 HP To manufacture 300GT used high strength PVC, the density of which reaches 900 g/m2. The company also Yukona is famous for its unusual approach to design. In relation to models 300GT worth noting is the texture, which is available in two shades to choose from – in grey and green. This is the traditional boat colors, but the designers "Yukon" managed to make these shades more memorable and pleasing to the eye.

rowing boats, inflatable

In General we can say that this model is practical and functional. It can also be equipped with additional devices and equipment – for example, anchors for boats of this brand can be integrated into special eye without reducing the reliability of the overall design.

Model SunMarine SA-365

The Manufacturer of boat SA-365 did not go to any compromises with the quality, performance and price. This allowed us to produce reliable, high strength, safe and functional boat. For comparison: if the majority of even expensive models use a fabric density of no more than 1000 g/m2, PVC boat under motor SA-365 knitted made of polyvinyl chloride whose density is 1900 g/m2. Otherwise it is agile, practical and convenient to use model that can perform different tasks, which indicates its universality.

Model Badger SL 370

The Boat has a lot of awards and is if not the best, one of the best representatives of their class. It distinguishes well thought-out geometry, balanced proportions and, as a result, impressive performance. First of all, this is the optimal speed performance and excellent dynamics. At the same time, the model is compact and easy to transport. If for her to find a suitable pump for boats PVC, the problems with independent use does not arise. Of course, a similar positive qualities inherent in many corporate boats, but Badger the SL 370 is a distinct advantage in terms of personnel and seven-layer tissue of PVC from the company Mirasol.

Ranking of the best boats

anchors for boats PVC

The Above models, of course, the range of attractive offers is not limited. However, given the most approximate to the ideal characteristics that should have a modern boat PVC rating 5 best options can be the following:

  • In Fifth place is Solar 400. It is functional and useful in solving practical problems boat. However, it is difficult to call the universal, so to be the leader she can claim.
  • Fourth place may take the Badger model SL 370. This is a good model in which everything is considered and thought over, but the special technical and design refinements are deprived of it.
  • Third place goes Yukona 300GT the boat that pleases its versatility and functionality, but in terms of reliability there are better deals.
  • German shipbuilders have implemented a number of unique designs In the boat Altair PRO-340, including the use of high-strength PVC fabric. This allowed her to take second place.
  • The leader is SunMarine SA-365 as a reliable and ergonomic boat PVC. Rating could contain in this position a lot of other models, but the development of SunMarine can be called unique thanks to the use of fabrics of high density, which allows it to operate in the toughest conditions.

The Best budget models of boats PVC

the motor on the boat PVC

The Above models are undoubtedly the best offerings on the market, however, they all have one drawback-high price. There are many fishermen and lovers of active leisure, who can afford only the option of a lower price category. For such users, it is possible to imagine a better boat, PVC from the budget segment in the following ranking:

  • “the Frigate 300 EC”. for Those who need affordable and roomy boat with good carrying capacity, is to look at this option.
  • “Admiral Classic 305”. the Model can be equipped by motor with power capacity to 8 HP, This is a good performance given the budget model and the carrying capacity 80 kg.
  • “hunter 320 LK”. a Small inflatable boat, although due to the folding of the floor with plywood covering its weight is big enough – 35 kg. Possibility of installation of an 8-horsepower engines and high maneuverability make this purchase more than worthwhile.


best boats PVC

The Segment of inflatable boats is constantly changing, what affects adoption of new technologies. So expanding the list of additional accessories...

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