Fishing from a boat. The nuances in preparation for her


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Fishing from the boat – a favorite hobby of many men. Many prefer it to regular fishing from the shore, because it allows you to get more fish.

fishing boats

Choosing a boat

Currently, the market represented a huge number of different boats. Fishing can go to almost any of them. However, choosing the right product, one should take into consideration a few things. First color. It needs to be very discreet. fishing boats of 2013Best of all green or black. The second thing that you should consider – where you will be fishing from a boat. If you are going to fish on a small river or lake, you'll enjoy double the normal rubber boat. On it if you want you can even fit 3-4 people. If the upcoming fishing will take place on a large navigable river, the better to acquire lifting the boat to 600-700 kg. Necessarily it is necessary to buy fuel-efficient and silent motor. In addition, the boat must be equipped with anchor and oars.

Location and bait

People who have fishing boats long-standing hobby, looking for a good place with the help of sonar. This device allows to determine the presence of edges, snags, and shows the concentration of fish in a certain area of the reservoir. In addition to the sonar, there are other devices to facilitate determining the optimal locations for fishing. These include the depth gauge. If you have any special devices, in any case, it is best to try to find a flat surface. The most successful may be fishing from a boat on the edge of the bed.


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ban fishing from a boat 2013To catch the best fish you need to feed. This can be done using a special feeder or just. Each method has its advantages. The feeder allows you to better keep food in strong currents, but if it is too large, it can “whistle” and scare away the fish. Thus, it is necessary to try to find something in between. To lure the fish better just what you will be fishing. This files most often as bait take maggots or worm. Although it may be suitable that you use for regular fishing from the shore.

Tackle box

Fishing from a boat (2013 is the year, 2014 or any other) will never lose its relevance. Many questions are novice fishermen. One of the most important among them – on how to choose gear. If the depth is where you will be fishing is about 4-6 meters, it is possible to use conventional wiring, releasing the boat line. For this fishing you will need a 4 to 6 foot rod with a decent supply of fishing line on the reel. The float should be selected based on the depth of reservoir space, where you are going to fish, and the length of the rod. If they are approximately equal, then fit a conventional float. If the length of the rod is less than the depth of the reservoir, the preference should be given to a sliding float.

Some tips:

  1. Fishing should always be warm and "waterproof". Those who do not know how to swim, it would be a life jacket or life buoy.
  2. It is best to go fishing together with someone, because in some situations you may need a helper.
  3. When fishing in a boat optimally you should have two rods, because one thing – it is too few and three is hard to follow.
  4. Do Not spoil the fish bait, because it is you have to look for it, and not Vice versa.
  5. If the fish stop biting, look for another place to stay.
  6. Before heading to the pond, carefully study the spawning ban on fishing from boats 2013, and make sure that at the moment it is possible to do.

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