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“Coffee with butter" - this phrase causes confusion among most of our countrymen. And we are talking about the latest and popular tool for weight loss. Today, this drink, patented a few years ago in the USA, conquers Europe. Try to understand: is it possible to lose weight by using this coffee and is it safe?

Bulletproof drink, which eliminates the feeling of hunger and giving energy

Dave Esprit from USA today is a successful entrepreneur. But once this man was a regular blogger, leading a war with excess weight and are interested in a comprehensive self-development. Dave lost weight and then gained weight, continuing to explore new practices of personal growth. During a trip to Tibet he tried the local drink – “tsampa” and felt an incredible rush of inspiration and energy. It should be noted that this is a special Tibetan tea-soup, which in addition to traditional welding add butter prepared from the milk of Yak.

buttered Coffee

Back home, Esprit got the idea to create the drink, the taste and properties as close as possible to “tsampa”. Dave coped with the task, that is what got buttered coffee, known as Bulletproof Coffee. Soon the inventor has patented his author's recipe and organized Empire that sells components for making a wonderful drink. The entrepreneur plans to introduce the largest possible number of people with their child and to open a chain of coffee houses.

What's the secret To coffee-oil weight loss?

Magic drink prepared from coffee, butter and vegetable oil containing medium chain triglycerides. The main condition-the natural origin of all components. On assurances of the author of the recipe for coffee with butter can replace Breakfast. Moreover, after drinking just one Cup of this drink, you will feel refreshed and well-fed.


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Bulletproof Coffee is positioned as a means to significantly improve performance. Dave's Esprit says that it will start your day with a Cup of your favorite drink and immediately feel like waking up his consciousness. The Creator of the miracle coffee often says that his invention helped raise your own IQ by as much as 20 points.

Coffee vegetable oil

It is Worth noting that this recipe not only gives vigour and dampens appetite, but also has a number of useful properties. Regular consumption of the proper drink stimulates the metabolism, helps to maintain a good mood and gives courage. Coffee, oil and useful due to its chemical composition, each component is rich in nutrients and trace elements.

Weight loss Secrets

Original miracle drink was positioned as a worthy alternative to the usual Breakfast and General tonic. Soon there were a diet coffee with butter in which is the main tool for appetite control. One serving the right drink contains about 460 kcal, while its use can help to forget about the hunger for 5-6 hours.

Diet coffee with butter

How to lose weight, knowing about these properties, oil coffee? No harm to the body can be replaced with a drink in one meal. The author of the recipe and methods that assures to drink the magic coffee in the morning. But if you want another Cup – there is no reason to deny yourself. The daily consumption of the drink should be natural weight loss. Accordingly, the weight loss will be slow but safe. The advantage of oil coffee is that you can drink it throughout life instead of the usual.

Prepare Bulletproof Coffee at home

The Bulletproof Corporation offers its customers a wide range of products and supplements. A whole range of blends available for coffee with butter. In our country today is to buy original products Bulletproof is not easy. But do not be upset, to prepare a magical cocktail for weight loss and vitality from the available components. You will need organic coffee flour, the butter with no additives and coconut oil. Important rule: add the sugar not!

Butter coffee reviews

Prepare the coffee in a favorite recipe – cook in a coffee pot or coffee machine. Add in a hot drink 1 teaspoon butter (melted) and coconut oil. The mix needs to be mixed in a blender until smooth. The drink is ready for consumption, you can start to Breakfast!


The Majority of our compatriots choose diet, believing fashion magazines and Internet portals. Personal dietitian – it is an expensive pleasure, but before to lose weight, it makes sense to consult with a therapist. Coffee, vegetable oil and enriched with creamy, has a number of contraindications. This drink is not suitable for people with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular or digestive system. You can't drink oil, coffee and certain other pathologies. Moreover, even perfectly healthy people is not recommended to sacrifice Breakfast in favor of a fatty drink. This drink may be individual reactions, the most harmless among them – diarrhoea.

Coffee butter

Positive Reviews

Many people around the world have already included buttered coffee to your daily morning routine. Curiously, it's the stuff they valued not only for its good qualities, but also for the pleasant taste. Very often, the drink is compared with the “gentle frappuccino”. What about weight loss? If for a certain period of time to replace 1-2 meals coffee (albeit oily), it is likely to lose weight really succeed. This effect is usually charged to the “magic” the quality of the cocktail for weight loss. But if we consider the process from a scientific point of view, we are dealing with another diet based on low carbohydrate content in the body. Butter coffee has positive reviews, but do not forget that this is not the only drink that reduces appetite. The same effect is given protein shakes and dietary supplements that can replace eating.

Negative Reviews

Among those who have tried coffee with butter, there are also dissatisfied. These people don't noticed any effect from drinking the beverage. The reasons can be several. The most likely of them – violation of the recipes or cooking techniques. To obtain a useful product it is necessary to do everything according to the recipe and don't forget to mix in a blender the butter with the coffee. Reviews diet negative can be or not in compliance with the diet. Oil coffee – is not a panacea for excess weight: if after its use eating large quantities of high-calorie foods, lose weight will not work.

Butter coffee diet reviews

To lose Weight or not on the drink, only you can decide. If you want to try to lose weight by eating buttered coffee, consult your physician before beginning the course weight loss.

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