Watermelon diet – the way to lose weight for gourmands


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A Favorite with many watermelon can rightfully be called a dietary product: 100 grams contains only 38 calories. It is useful in hypertension, obesity, cystitis. Contained in the pulp of the watermelon dietary fiber effectively cleanse the intestines and watermelon juice promotes the excretion of renal sand and small stones. Watermelon diet which is extremely pleasant, copes with excess weight, and can be recommended to those who are struggling with excess weight.

First of all, you need to carefully choose the watermelon. To avoid trouble, plan the cleaning cycle should be in late summer-early autumn: in this period watermelon diet is a no-brainer. Watermelons by this time already ripening in a natural way, and the chance of running into stuffed with nitrates the fruit is much smaller. Early watermelons are purchased on the market in early July, will hardly help you to improve your health – their maturation was clearly accelerated artificially.

When Choosing a watermelon, pay attention to his tail: a ripe it needs to be dry. To determine its maturity it is also possible by tapping on cork: according to experts, the sound of a ripe watermelon-deaf. In addition, his maturity says a "cracking" noise when squeezed. To determine that a watermelon stuffed with nitrates is, unfortunately, only after buying it. Carefully consider the slice: the watermelon ripened naturally, it is grainy, and with the help of nitrates – smooth. Should be alert and dark red with purple tint color of the flesh. An excess of nitrates in watermelon says and yellow or red color of fiber – normally it's white. If you have even the slightest suspicion that watermelon “fat” nitrates, it is better not to use: watermelon diet in this case will not only help improve your health, but will harm your body.


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There are several variants of the diet on the watermelon. The easiest and most gentle – to replace one of the meals (preferably evening). Light weight watermelon diet might look like the following: you eat as usual, but before each meal (about half an hour) eat 300-500 grams of watermelon pulp. Doing so should be within 7 days. This method is recommended as a preparation to the basic diet is melons, more stringent.

The Main watermelon diet involves complete abstinence from food and replace it with watermelon pulp. It is not for everyone, so you should soberly assess their strength and to understand whether you will be able to withstand such restrictions. If you have high or low blood pressure, kidney problems, or have any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, first you should consult with your doctor. In obesity, caused by diabetes of any type is also contraindicated watermelon diet. Weight loss when compliance you may achieve, but to harm your body seriously.

As for the daily allowance of foods in this diet, the exact calculation is necessary: the ideal weight of watermelon pulp that is eaten daily, should be equal to your weight divided by ten (for example, weight 70 kg-7 kg). This quantity must be allocated to the 5–6 times. If you find it hard to eat so much, eat as much as you can.

Adhere to the basic diet watermelon can be within 3–5 days. A more acceptable version of it – diet watermelons and black bread to every meal adds 1-2 pieces (200 grams). In particular, this purification of kidney offers well-known traditional healer Nadezhda Semenova. The duration of such a diet shall be not less than 7 days. Those who adhere to this version, Semenova also recommends that every day at approximately the three o'clock (the time when buds are most active) to eat watermelon in a hot bath – thus achieving relaxation of the urinary system and excretion from the sand. However, without consulting a doctor this method, it is better not to use, especially for those who are diagnosed with kidney stones.

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