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Summer – the Paradise for lovers of sports in the fresh air. In winter, of course, ways of organizing leisure activities less, but typically they involve the presence of snow, subzero conditions, expensive special uniforms and equipment. In the summer everything is much easier: wearing comfortable clothes, rode my bike or played volleyball on the nearby Playground. Skating, the benefits of which are invaluable – available for most sport. Well, that began to appear specifically designed for this sport tracks, only contributes to the growth of its popularity. And what exactly are the benefits of riding and what are skates? Try to understand.

skating benefitSkating – health

Before talking about the benefits of the sport, it should be understood that it can be quite versatile. Riding at a walking pace – the most common variant. It is the most widespread among hobbyists.

Well, there are such variations, as the fitness and trick skiing, which requires a certain level of physical fitness. Skates in this case too much, but more on that later.

If to speak in General terms, a very good exercise is rollerblading. Use for figures is obvious: the higher the speed of the skate, the more calories you burn. And if you move on uneven, hilly terrain, the climbs will help to develop strength endurance. During the drive involved the muscles of the legs, but a lot goes to the back, press and hands. It is worth noting that such an important muscles-the stabilizers are working.

The more riding, the more useful loads gets the body. And with them comes a pleasant feeling of physical fatigue, which ensures a strong and healthy sleep.

roces skatesFor the benefit of the body clear, but that's not all. Roller skates – a great way to uplift your mood. And how much more you can see, if not walk and go! Moreover, this is a great opportunity to find new friends and associates.

Roller Skating: the benefit is obvious, but how to choose equipment?

For anybody not a secret that the skates vary greatly in price, and it's not just the quality of their production. If the rollers need to slowly ride a couple of times over the summer – one case, and regular riding at an intense pace - is quite another.

Skates can be divided into several classes:

  • For beginners;
  • Fitness center;
  • A trick;
  • Professional (hockey and speed).

rollers rollerbladeHowever, it is worth noting that different manufacturers this classification may slightly vary depending on the specifics of the products. So RollerBlade rollers are divided into three types: Training, Fitness, and Urban. In the first two you can find skates for beginners and advanced athletes as well as children's models. The Urban collection is designed for active driving in the city and trick riding. We can say that a large part of the assortment of this producer are designed for experienced skaters, after all, RollerBlade – a flagship of the industry of inline skates known for its innovative solutions. This explains the relatively high cost of the products manufactured under this brand.

Another example is the brand Roces. Skates and rollers of this brand as well known and popular and is focused mainly on fans. The cost of these models low. But instances for advanced users will have to pay.

In any case, even buying his first skates, do not need too to save. You should pay attention at their convenience, build quality and material of the bearings closures.

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