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“Cityfitness” in Lipetsk on Katukova, 5 – one of the biggest sports clubs in the city. There is not only a well-stocked rooms, and large pools (both for adults and for children). Come here to play sports, to develop and, of course, to relax. This can be done in the real Finnish sauna or Turkish Hamam.

Dignity “Stiffness" (Lipetsk)

"Stiffness" Lipetsk

Unlike many other sports clubs in Lipetsk, the ‘Cityfitness” has its own unique advantages:

  • Multidirectional. There is not only a gym. You can come on a group or individual lesson, enjoy yoga, Pilates or dance. If you want you can go to the Solarium to bask in the bath. Even have the opportunity to consult with a professional dietitian to develop your meal plan and workouts.
  • Focus on age. “Stiffness" (Lipetsk) offers classes in groups, staffed by age. And children's classes are always held separately.
  • The club employs highly qualified professionals, who are friendly to each client.
  • Finally, there are very affordable prices. This club belongs to the category of economy class. For regular customers there are a variety of pleasant events, for corporate orders, there is an individual price list.


"Stiffness" Lipetsk reviews

The Main area the ‘Stiffness" (Lipetsk) – gym. It is equipped with modern and professional cardio and strength equipment.

Regular training in this area helps to support itself in an attractive manner. In addition, the consultants here are always happy to advise the most effective exercise plan depending on the goals of each client. Whether you want to increase muscle mass, reduce weight, improve strength or to strengthen the body – all this is possible if you work out in the gym.


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The club «Stiffness" (Lipetsk), there are several pools for children and adults. Here there are several training options:

  • Professional learning to swim;
  • Away;
  • Personal training with an expert;
  • Aerobics.

Law classes in the pool are considered to be one of the most useful. Because the water worked out all muscle groups, strengthens the heart, and the body recovers after a hard day and receives a charge of vivacity.

Individual and Group classes

In gyms “Stiffness" (Lipetsk) customers are able to choose for themselves the most appropriate group training:

  • Yoga;
  • Training;
  • Martial arts;
  • Aerobics;
  • Spinning;
  • Dancing.

If the client is just starting to get involved with fitness, shy to engage in shared groups or require intensive approach, the club will recommend a personalized course. You can select a professional trainer, who will devise an individual training program.


"Stiffness" in Lipetsk on Katukova, 5

The Club «Stiffness" (Lipetsk) reviews is versatile. Men and women who love the sport, in awe of this place. Here you can stay all day and achieve good results.

Separately, all note that inside the club is very nice and cozy. Purity-pledge of health of each client ‘Cityfitness”. In addition, the staff here are always friendly and helpful.

Some customers say “secret” pricing policy of the club. Indeed, on the phone about the cost of the classes don't provide help, offering to visit the fitness center. Here offer the whole range of price programs. Besides, then you can always order your subscription to credit!

Customers like the fact that the club everything is very convenient. There are comfortable changing rooms, showers, plenty of additional services.

And the moms celebrate the opportunity to engage the children's fitness. Therefore, while women strengthen their muscles in the gym, the kids are in the Breakfast room. For them, there are a variety of exercise: tennis, yoga, dance, swimming, wrestling and more.

“Cityfitness” in Lipeck – is a sports club where you can do as a family.

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