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Especially popular today acquired an elliptical trainer. This is a great shell for cardio exercises, suitable for people with different levels of physical fitness. The main advantage of the simulator is that it does not load the knee joints during training and is a worthy alternative to the treadmill.

elliptical trainers TorneoThe good news is large variety of elliptical trainers on the market today. There is an opportunity to choose the right model for gyms and for the home. Using the shell, you can train cardiovascular, the respiratory system, to get rid of excess weight, strengthen the back muscles, abs and arms. Especially well worked out legs, hips and buttocks.

In the domestic market demand for elliptical trainer "Torneo". They are ideal for use in the apartment due to its small size and reasonable price. The cost of ellipsoids "Torneo" was 30% lower analogues of other manufacturers. A small length of platform, very light weight and the rollers allow at any time to move it to another location. Not the last role is played by qualities such as smoothness and relatively quiet operation.

The Italian company offers several models, which differ in functionality.

Elliptical trainer Torneo FestaThe easiest shell – elliptical trainer "Torneo Vento". It has eight levels of resistance, has the flywheel (5 kg), and step 305 mm Intended for users weighing no more than 110 kg. Equipped with a monitor that displays metrics such as heart rate, calorie consumption, number of steps.


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Elliptical bikeElliptical trainer "Torneo Festa" – a more functional device offering advanced features. These include the design of the platform, compensating for unevenness of the floor and providing safety training. The shell has ten load levels, and is designed for athletes weighing up to 120 kg. the possibility is Provided to fix the rails for a more efficient and comfortable classes. Several variants of lifting platform and a 6-pound flywheel allows you to configure customized mode. Step width is 360 mm. the equipment is equipped with a stand for books. On the monitor of the projectile you can see heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, and also the temperature of the room.

Another popular model famous brand – elliptical trainer "Torneo Stella" with 16 training programs, five of which provide an effective cardio. It is possible to install two individual programs. The weight of the flywheel is 12 kg, length-430 mm.

Training on the simulator is shown even for the elderly. This is possible due to a special electronic system that allows you to set a safe level for each individual taking into account his age.

"Torneo Stella" is equipped with the chest pulse sensor, stand under the bottle and the book. In addition, he is endowed with the function of the fitness test.

Thus, elliptical trainer "Torneo" allows for effective exercise at home without visiting a gym.

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