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Motor boat "Progress 4" was released in the middle of last century. During this time it has established itself as quite a reliable and durable vehicle. This is evidenced by its technical characteristics. "Progress 4" is used in coastal waters with small waves. It is a good tourist boat for a family holiday. The fishermen were also able to enjoy the benefits of "Progress 4", which meant its specifications. Knowing them, it is possible not only to correctly operate the boat, but modify it as desired. Then this vehicle will be most convenient for its owner.


Motor boat "Progress 4" was developed in 1960-ies on the Kuibyshev aviation plant. Technical characteristics distinguish it from the entire series. This is a very good model.specifications Progress 4

It can safely go in the coastal waters of rivers and seas to a distance of 3 km even when the value of the wave is 0.75 m. This allow to do specifications. "Progress 4" in such conditions will reduce speed because the waves will be beating on the bottom.

The Boat has good carrying capacity and sufficient dimensions that make it suitable for long tourist journeys for a maximum of 3 people.

For a short family walks it can be used for teams consisting of 4-5 people. Travel on the boat at any time of the day.

The Presence of many thoughtful details makes a comfortable sailing on a boat "Progress 4". The technical characteristics allow it to develop a decent speed.


The Hull of a motor boat "Progress 4" is made of duralumin alloy, which makes its technical characteristics relevant for good utilization. Design of riveted and has outstanding planing lines.Progress 4 specifications


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In the bow sealoving space is a baggage compartment with a hatch. Aft is the engine compartment. There are two 20-litre fuel tank. Here store tools and spare parts.

Specifications transom "Progress 4" allow you to drain off the water remotely through the valve.

Delivery involves the presence of a soft, oversized pillows on the chairs, folding awning, windscreens, windscreen wipers and the steering gear. Can be controlled remotely defined systems boats "Progress 4". Specifications it is supposed to be such action of the gas, reverse the outboard engine "Vikhr", and also the navigation lights.


The plating Thickness of the bottom equal to about 2 mm, and the Board on the deck is 1.5 mm. Greatest length in this case is of 4.69 m, width up to 1,72 m Height of "Progress 4" is the size of 0.69 m, a set of mats, boat hook, bucket, a rug to extinguish a fire, etc. Technical characteristics suggest a carrying capacity of 475 lbs.Boat Progress 4 specifications

The deadrise Angle of the bottom is 7 degrees. The hull weight is 180 kg model "Progress 4". Technical characteristics weight of the boat is considered in the mode of greennote. With a full set of equipment, it is about 283 kg. i.e. on Board, in addition to the basic gear, you can hold a weight of 192 kg, which stipulate technical specifications and dimensions "Progress 4".

The Unsinkable provide sealed compartments in the bow and stern. Specifications boat "Progress 4" include storage in the transom of the motor, when it is on the shore.

Package contents

Motor boat Progress 4 specifications

There are two types of configuration of the boat. 1U suggests the presence of a soft tent, and 2U - removable metal cutting portable type. This difference has some influence on the parameters of the motorboat "Progress 4", specifications. Slane, the size of which is determined by the parameters bottom of the boat, are included in any package. Their size is equal to: of 2.56 m - length 1.44 m width, the thickness of the plywood is 6 mm If cutting hard, its dimensions occupy a large part of the cockpit.

The dimensions of the logging plan are 1.8 x 1.3 m. Its mass is 30 kg For the driver in the lid provides hard cutting the hatch.


Standard motor boat "Progress 4", specifications which allow it to accommodate on Board a maximum of 5 people, is equipped with engine "Vikhr-M". Full Gracenote it allows a speed of 22 km/h. the propeller motor has a standard diameter 240 mm (D) pitch of the blades is 300 mm (H).

Progress 4 specifications slani sizeWhen you unloaded the boat "Vortex-M" will allow you to reach a top speed of 37 km/h.

Sometimes, wanting to increase speed, users replace the motor in a "Whirlwind-30". The boat speed will range from 32 to 40 km/h depending on the availability of Luggage.

For commercial versions of "Vikhr-M" motor boats "Progress 4" specifications and dimensions of the screw must be: D=240 mm, H=240 mm, then speed will be 33-34 km/h.

The Engine "Whirlwind-30" optimally, you should have a screw D=240 mm, N=282 mm. speed at full load then increases to 39.5 km/h.

If the boat has two motor 25 HP, she can reach speeds of 52 km/h.

Pipe cutting

Cabin on the boat has a protective and aesthetic functions. It will allow you to use the vehicle in cold season.Boat Progress 4 specifications

Because of limited resources or desire to perform the most suitable design, many have resorted to self-improvement cutting, which has a boat "Progress 4". Specifications require that this element is not increased windage and weight, did not limit the review steering did not affect stability. Cutting should not be greatly reduce the space of the cockpit. It is also important to makeshift this element did not impair the aesthetic appearance of the boat.

To meet these requirements, you should consider a number of recommendations. Height improvised cuttings shall have a minimum performance, but allow you to move underneath the tallest member of the crew.

The Boat "Progress 4", specifications of which require keeping the correct centre of gravity should have the highest point of felling as far as possible from the nose.

You should Also avoid vertical walls and the bent silhouettes. Cutting should occupy a space no larger than the cockpit.


When you need to replace the awning, you can do it yourself. He will, perhaps even better purchase option. To do this, it needs to be protected from the weather and sun, easy to fold and get on a boat and be reliable. This is required by technical specifications. "Progress 4" should have a tent, resistant to weathering. To do this, it needs to be made of thick material and have a strong frame.

Boat awning must not interfere with the command to move the deck, and place things. And this applies to both its deployed and collapsed positions.

If the Windows and sidewalls made of rigid materials, they must be hinged, so as not to increase the volume of the element.


Another important part of a motor boat is its transom. It happens, it must be strengthened. This will increase the reliability of the design motorboat "Progress 4". Specifications transom describe in earlier models as this is an uncertain element. In late instances of this detail have been reinforced with brackets.Progress 4 specifications and dimensions

You Can own to strengthen the transom studs. They are screwed into the bulkhead of the cockpit and discouraged from all sides with nuts. They should not be ties, or struts. Studs should not interfere with the rotation of the tilting motor.

If the transom is in pretty good condition, it can be strengthened, making the conjunction with the bottom or side. The Board should make a new one. Of Board 28 mm thick make the base and cover it with plywood on both sides.

Underwater wings

The Underwater wings lift above the water the boat "Progress 4". Technical characteristics allow to use them to increase the speed of the vehicle.

This element can be fully or partially submerged. It is controlled by flaps (angle of attack). More stable is the vessel with a partial immersion of the hydrofoils.

There are a number of complexities that should be considered in applying this element. Underwater wings reduce its resistance. The motor boat "Progress 4", specifications which take into account the presence of the hydrofoils, should include proper stowage and crew.

Outboard motor must have sufficient speed so that when the speed increases do not exceed their allowable number. Also requires a lower fit of the screw.


The boat is allowed to establish a direct sail. It will allow you to walk under it on the wind. For its production using lightweight but durable fabric. Better if it is synthetic.

Rod angles increase the overlap. They sewed metal...

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