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Beautiful and toned legs is the dream of many. It is a pity that to achieve it hard enough, and people who are not achieving quick results, quit. But the body is harmoniously developed, if the legs will not look properly.

Equally it concerns both men and women. Just the concept of "inflated legs" different people has different meanings. For some, this mountain of muscle, and someone dreams of a beautiful and aligned appearance. To achieve the result you have to work hard in any case.

How to build muscle legsHow to build muscle your legs

Regardless of what result you want to achieve, the work is based on the same basic exercises that the skillful combination of them will provide the load on all the muscles of the lower extremities. Roughly speaking, the muscles of the legs can be divided into flexor, extensor and adductor. And exercise is their training, all kinds of squats, lunges and climbs onto the platform.

Many will ask about how well simulators. If you look at those that are designed in order to give work to the feet, they are also largely based on these exercises, because, for example, the leg press and squat - things are very similar. Exercise machines only help to create the necessary load, which is determined by their specific types. We should also tell about the types of running exercises on flexion and extension muscles of the lower limbs in different positions: sitting, standing, lying on your back.

With the simulators you have a specific type that is intended for the study of certain muscles. And ask the hall has one.

build leg musclesHow can you swing the leg beyond? You can do it at home, but few people have a equipment required: step platform, dumbbells, barbell with different weights. In fairness it should be noted that novice and without a weighting will not be easy. Therefore, it is possible to start at home, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.


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In order to pump up the calves of the legs, you can start with jumping rope. Just like in childhood. To begin to master at least 50, and if you get to do more - well, you can gradually increase the number to two hundred. Another effective exercise for developing the muscle groups are lunges with foot on full sock. Comes easy? You can do on one leg.

The muscles of the hips work during squats. If there is a rod with a small weight - well, it will help to give a good load. Starting positions can be several reasons:

- feet shoulder width apart, parallel to each other (the load on the front and back of the thigh);

- legs wide, toes apart (in this case, gets the inner thigh).

Using the platform and dumbbells, running exercise, called vysalivanie. It will help to work the buttock and back of thigh.

Very effective is recognized as the so-called Romanian lifting. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, back straight. Tilts are performed with abduction of the pelvis back, the rod or the neck from it slides along the front surface of the legs. It is extremely important in this exercise to keep your back straight and lean on your heels. Exercise will help to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and back of thighs.

And, of course, the aforementioned attacks. When performing this type of exercise, it is important that the knee of the front leg by bending it perpendicular to the floor. Lunges can be performed forward, backward and sideways.

Performing any exercises to strengthen feet, you must carefully follow technique, as, fascinated by the weight and forgetting about the correctness of the position, you may not get the desired result. At best, and at worst it is fraught with injuries.

What else should I know

Pump up the calves of the legsOf Course, slender and toned legs are not just the result of the work in the gym. So many before you start power training, you will need to drop extra pounds and improve overall stamina level. For this to work are often used in programs aimed at "drying" of the body. These include running, sports walking, and spinning classes (including Cycle).

The Second aspect that should not be discounted is that a complex combination of many attacks is often difficult to do, including a poorly developed sense of balance and coordination. Training of these muscles is a necessary activity in order to be pumped up the legs ceased to be a distant dream. Effective and exercises using the Bosu balance platform.

Patience and extortion yourself, you can pull up your body even at home, although force and to perform better in the gym, under the guidance of an experienced instructor. In this case, pumped up legs and good health are provided.

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