The pistol "Parabellum" - the perfect officer's weapon


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Mankind uses weapons from ancient times. From the beginning it was meant only for protection or hunting animals. But over time, the weapon was used against the people themselves, not only as defense but also to attack. One of the most famous pistols in modern history is the German "Parabellum". The sample itself is so unique that will long remain in the memory of loving arms.

pistol ParabellumThe Pistol "Parabellum" was created on the technical basis of the prototype automatic K-93 Hugo borchardt. Short course of automation was established the mechanism by which a shell casing ejected, compressing the return spring, the supply cartridge in the chamber. The created model was successful, but took a lot of time on production. In addition, the shooting was carried out unique bottle cartridges.

Since 1894, the pistol "Parabellum" appeared on the American market. The genius weapons engineer Georg Luger was personally involved in distribution of the three samples, designed based on K-93. Changed the recoil spring, which was placed in the arm. Design has become more compact and lightweight. After changing the arm weapon has become much easier to hold in your hand.gun pistol price

The Revision has led developers to create a new cartridge with a diameter of 7.65 mm Pistol "Parabellum" was equipped with an improved and more short of ammunition. Slaughter characteristics was not changed, because adding more powerful gunpowder helped to preserve the effectiveness of propaganda.

The Most widely popular pistol "Parabellum" was in 1902, when the sample was fitted with cartridges of caliber of 9 mm. today, such a diameter is the most common. Updated the weapon was actively sold on the civilian market, and in a few years he entered the service of the German army.

"Parabellum" is quite simple to maintain - a staff weapon was used by many officers who personally eliminated the failures. The gun is capable of long time to fire, long lasting construction provides good wear resistance. The main disadvantages is the sensitivity to contamination of open surfaces of the gun, in addition, many parts were made on manual machines that greatly increased production costs. But it is not particularly affected by the spread of unique weapons.gun pistol photo

One of the best examples of the last century, as already mentioned, recognized the 9 mm pistol "Parabellum". The price of it today is completely different. The cheapest model can be purchased a little more than 100 dollars (about 4500 rubles). Popular weapons on the civilian market is large only in the Western part of the globe, so there to buy a gun would be much cheaper and easier.

Key features depend on used infantry or marine pistol "Parabellum". The photo shows that the appearance of the samples is almost identical, they are of the same type, but each has specific characteristics.

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