Dmitry Khomukha, and his career in football


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Dmitry Khomukha – it is a former Soviet and Turkmen football player and now coach who is without a contract. The last club, which was led by 47-year-old – Latvian "Riga". Dmitry Khomukha, when I was a footballer, played in the attacking midfielder position.

Career Club

Dmitri Khomukha born August 23, 1969 in the city of Ashgabat, Turkmen SSR. There he was a child he started playing football in children's sports school. At the age of 16 years he joined the Turkmen club «Kolhozchi”, for whom he played 47 games over two years – there he scored his first goal in his career. In 1988 he moved to the Moscow club "Chaika-CSKA Moscow», which for years played 45 matches and scored three goals. He then briefly moved to the club «SKA Karpaty”, where he added to his track record with 17 appearances and one goal. In 1989 he joined "Metalist", where he spent the next five years.

Dmitry Khomukha playerIn the Soviet club he spent 37 matches and not scoring a single goal, and Ukrainian – 54 games and scored three goals. In 1994, 25-year-old midfielder joined the club «Erzu”, which was played only 14 matches and scored two goals – and immediately following this, he moved to St. Petersburg «Zenith», where he stayed for two years – for his new club he played 61 games and scored four goals. In 1997, the footballer joined CSKA Moscow, who were for a long time. With CSKA Dmitry Khomukha was able to achieve the best results in the League – second and third place in 1998 and 1999, respectively. In total, the club he spent four seasons, having played 116 matches and they nikolotov 27 goals – two times more, than in all the previous clubs combined. But in 2001 Khomukha left CSKA, joining “Explore”, with whom he played three more years. He entered the field 69 times, scoring 16 goals and helping the club in 2001 to get into the top League. And in 2004 it became part of the «Terek», which was his last club. There he managed to get into the top League and win their first trophy in his career-the Cup of Russia. During the two years he spent in «Terek», Khomukha has played 36 matches and scored four goals. In the winter of 2006, the 36-year-old has announced his retirement.


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Appearances in national team

Dmitry Khomukha – a player who started playing in the youth team of the Soviet Union, but never received a call to the senior side until the collapse of the USSR. After this, the player managed to make 15 appearances and score two goals for the national team of Turkmenistan.


Dmitry Khomukha

Immediately after his sports career Khomukha returned to CSKA, where he was appointed coach of the youth. He worked in this position for four and a half years, after which he received an offer from the Soccer Union of Russia, and in autumn 2009 he became coach of the youth national team of Russia at the age of 15. Each subsequent year he was promoted to the next age category, and in 2015, have worked with the youth team until the age of 21. In April 2016 he received a coaching position at the Latvian club "Riga", where he worked for only four months.

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