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At home without proper supervision it is very hard to arrange the right menu for weight loss. Always a great temptation to look in the fridge and eat something tasty. So the Internet every day more and more appear ready menu. It remains only to choose which one in your opinion suits you best. In this article we will discuss about menus for weight loss every day. Before you start watching, you will learn some rules of weight loss.

Weight loss menu

Basic rules for weight loss

Please note:

  • In the first place, many of us love the process of eating to drink it. Do absolutely not necessary, as then it can adversely affect the digestive system. It is mandatory to drink water before meals volume in one glass. A day is recommended to drink one or two liters.
  • Foods not to take in large servings, as many are accustomed to, and by the middle, even close to small, 4-5 times a day.
  • To Diversify your diet you even need. Experiment with spices, you are certainly not going to add unwanted pounds. When menu planning for weight loss on the day, try to fit in morning diet carbohydrates, and in the evening give preference to the protein products.
  • When losing weight, the best side dishes will be buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, pasta.
  • To lose weight, eat about two, and preferably four hours before bedtime. If hunger, drink one glass of kefir.
  • Try to refrain from much high-calorie sweets such as cakes, pastries, chocolate, candy, sweet drinks and so on.
  • Eliminate from your diet fatty foods. Do not use in the dishes mayonnaise, butter, cheese, meat, etc. For example, instead of mayonnaise you can use olive or vegetable oil.
  • Make their top priority in the food - vegetables and fruits. Vegetables contain high amount of fiber, which accelerates the work of digestion and metabolism in the body.
  • Balance your meals, eating at different times, different foods to nourish your body with essential vitamins.
Vegetables will help the diet

If you learned that a set of laws, then you have nothing to fear and you can safely proceed to the selection menu for weight loss every day. Different variations there are on the Internet today, but we have selected some of the best which are suitable for all.

Menus for weight loss in a week

Monitor weight

In this menu as a convenience to you, the days will be divided into parts. The diet is fully balanced and complete, because it includes all the vital products with the distribution of calories.

Initially divide our day into the routines of meal:

  1. 7.00 - 9.00 am - Breakfast.
  2. 11.00 - 12.00 of the day - second Breakfast.
  3. 14.00 - 15.00 - lunch.
  4. 16.00 - 17.00 - afternoon tea.
  5. Strictly at 19.00 - dinner.

Basically, this is menu weight loss in a week for women. After the first demonstration will go just numbers, numbers which indicate the meals, painted above.


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Monday (1100 kcal)

So, begin.

  1. The First Breakfast. Eat for Breakfast 200 grams oatmeal, which is cooked on skim milk with 50 grams of berries (fresh or frozen - you decide). Can this thing drink tea or coffee but without sugar and without milk.
  2. Second Breakfast. Peel two carrots and use them, they will give you a lot of useful minerals.
  3. Lunch. Boil 100 grams of buckwheat, then at your discretion. You can cook as a vegetable stew and fresh salad vegetables. In any case, use all olive oil.
  4. Afternoon Snack. In the afternoon you can eat half Cup of sliced fruit as apples, pears, kiwi or peach. Drink tea or water without gas.
  5. Dinner. For dinner, you can boil chicken or Turkey (as you like). To garnish ideal salad with fresh vegetables dressed with olive oil.

Tuesday (1450 kcal)

The Second day will be marked with the following:

  1. In the morning you can treat yourself to 200 grams of nonfat cottage cheese with half a banana. Banana you can eat it alone or chop it into cheese.
  2. Eat the same as Monday, but will a spoon of olive oil. From fruits you can eat an orange.
  3. For lunch, you can make a steamed piece of salmon and garnish boil 100 grams of brown rice. It is also possible to boil 300 grams of various vegetables like (carrot, broccoli or cauliflower).
  4. Sandwich of rye bread, covered with 50 grams of low fat cream cheese and top with slice of tomato.
  5. For dinner, whisk some eggs and add vegetables, cook the vegetable omelette is a very small amount of olive oil.

Environment (1350 kcal)

We Continue to eat properly:

  1. Boil 200 grams of oatmeal in skim milk. Remember that all the products sold in the store must be close to 0% fat. You can also eat one medium Apple and porridge add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.
  2. Lunch can be consumed half a grapefruit with 20 grams of walnuts.
  3. Lunch on this day, vegetable soup, cooked in no fat broth withoutmeat.
  4. Drink a berry smoothie. To do this, put in blender 100 grams of skim cottage cheese, a half Cup of berries (can be anything), half Cup of milk. Whisk it all until smooth, and voila - you can enjoy delicious smoothies.
  5. Dinner, a slice of cheese pie with no added sugar, with spices. Part of casseroles is also low fat cottage cheese. However, it is possible to drink a glass of buttermilk or cranberry juice without sugar. Before bed fruit or herbal tea.

Thursday (1570 kcal)

On this day, food for weight loss is the following:

  1. Breakfast consume 200 grams of berry granola and pour some skim milk. Fruit is perfect for an Apple or a grapefruit. You can Wake up with tea or coffee (without sugar and milk, respectively).
  2. Grated three two peeled carrots and dressed with a tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Lunch is the same as the previous day. Prepare a large pot of soup in advance, knowing that the next day your diet will be the same. Such actions will save a lot of time and effort.
  4. A Diet of afternoon tea on Thursday coincides with Tuesday.
  5. For dinner, get a piece of chicken. Boil or bake it, not much. As a side dish will be 300 grams of stewed vegetables with herbs. Stew on olive oil, it will need two teaspoons, not more. Before you go to bed, you can drink a glass of skim milk or yogurt.

Friday (1335 kcal)

The Fifth day of nutrition:

  1. For the First time used a boiled egg as Breakfast. Go to it a piece of rye bread, lettuce, one cucumber, one bell pepper and as a source of energy, coffee or tea, as always without milk and sugar.
  2. Get Used to the fact that for lunch you often have to bite a carrot. The cooking principle is the same as Thursday.
  3. Lunch on the tradition of vegetable soup on a very low-fat broth.
  4. Those with a sweet tooth on this day allowed to eat 2 slices of dark chocolate with freshly squeezed orange juice.
  5. Make a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with a spoon of olive oil, and for the main meals as the protein we will be serving boiled chicken or Turkey.

Saturday (1100 kcal)

Here's what you can do on this day:

  1. Enjoy a Saturday morning Breakfast completely copied from the environment.
  2. The Second Breakfast will make us happier thanks to the natural yogurt with zero percent fat.
  3. Lunch 100 grams of boiled lean beef with a side dish of 100 grams of buckwheat. As a fiber used 200 grams of lettuce, a small zucchini and tomato, seasoned with one tablespoon of olive oil.
  4. Afternoon Snack environment in the form of berry smoothies will lift our spirits in the day.
  5. The Portion of sea bass, steamed (perch if you never found, you can use trout or walleye) with boiled vegetables. Drink this beauty with one glass of tomato juice and ate one rye bread. Before bedtime can drink a glass of skim kefir.

Sunday (1570 kcal)

We end the week:

  1. Pamper yourself with Breakfast, which was a Thursday.
  2. For lunch eat a half grapefruit a bit of sugar with twenty grams of walnut.
  3. Diet lunch will consist of 100 grams of brown or wild rice and a side of salmon, steamed. A side dish can also serve as a portion (300 grams) boiled or steamed vegetables, seasoned with one teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  4. Afternoon tea indulge us with 100 grams of cottage cheese (4% fat) and a half Cup of sliced ripe fruit.
  5. Dinner portion of vegetable scrambled eggs with 200 grams of salad, seasoned with one tablespoon of olive oil.

That's all the menu for the week for weight loss. Like anything supernatural in it. But sometimes, not all people can withstand such a diet, especially after they recently ate a large, fatty steak with fries and washed down with sweet Cola. Therefore, there is also a set of some tips that will help you move from one power system to another without harm to health.

Prepare your body for a diet

healthy Diet

If you wanted to sit from tomorrow on a diet then, sorry, such things to do is strictly prohibited. The body need to begin to prepare, and then choose the menu of proper nutrition for weight loss. You need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. In an example, the same sport. Where did you see that the athlete started the race at 100 meters unprepared? That's right, never. And in the diet, you need to properly warm up before that big test.

Preparing for a diet you need to start a week before it started. Slowly begin to limit yourself in some products in the head sculpt diet menu for weight loss for a week. The correct way is to limit meat dishes, as the withdrawal from meat is a very long and painful.

Is Not on the segment to give, you need only one day to limit yourself to his amounts. If during the week you are unable to clean myself up, okay, add another week and look at the result. Habit failed? Then you should contact a dietitian for advice and, most likely, abandon the diet.

Especially important is the fact that you will gradually begin to get used tohis menu for weight loss for the day. Accustom gradually to stop eating several hours before bedtime. It will be difficult to unlearn, but if you properly distribute the load, you will succeed. Soon, your stomach just gets used to the fact that before the phase of sleep in it nothing comes. You will notice that almost immediately you will sleep and see nice dreams, while filled with the night, your stomach is not resting, and digesting food residues. To sleep under this option almost impossible.

To make it easier to follow menus for weight loss, start to properly use liquid. Talk yourself to drink while eating as this increases toxins in your body. When you wash down food with water, it solidifies in the stomach the food you swallow, that is the digestion thereof will be delayed for a long time.

Drinking balance

So, let us briefly define the steps for preparing to diet:

  • Get a special notebook or a notebook where you record your right menu for weight loss. You record how many pounds you weigh, what successes, failures or breakdowns have occurred for a particular period. Don't be afraid to weigh and see bad for your eyes number. Start with the original weight, which is entered in the Notepad. Draw a histogram to clearly show all changes going with you.
  • Before you begin, for a week or two, is to arrange so-called "course of the young fighter". Start to introduce foods from your menu weight loss diet in order to prevent severe transition. Try to slowly move to the rules of your diet and stick to it.
  • Train yourself to consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables every day. What is the meaning to be diet menu for weight loss? The point is to stick to the same balance when you have to eat only healthy food. Fruits and vegetables are just those are.
losing Weight with vegetables
  • Observe the water balance. Water when losing weight you need to consume in large volumes. Any food menu for weight loss contains tips, where it is said that water is the key to successful relief of excess weight.
  • Eliminate bad habits. Smoking leads to clogging of blood vessels by blood clots, and alcohol are high in calories and makes you fat. Refuse to drink and sweet drinks. It contains a lot of sugar, which are formed faster fat deposits.
  • Get Used to the fact that in the following months diets, menus for weight loss for a week will often be dairy products. Buy low-fat products or the same with the low fat content.
  • Let sometimes indulgence. For example, if you throughout the week, adhered strictly to its menu for weight loss then at the end you can treat yourself with something tasty, but in small amounts.
  • Eat at certain hours every day. You all should be painted.
  • Your zeal and your desire to reset, for example, thirty pounds in a week is commendable, but to do this, unfortunately, is unrealistic. Set doable goals and objectives, do not deviate from their menu for weight loss.
  • Go to food in small portions. Eat less but more often. The body is much easier to digest your food this way, plus when you overeat, you stretch my stomach, causing build a stomach.
  • Start to play sports, feel sorry for yourself. The harder work at practice, the sweeter will be the result at the end. If you have no time to visit the gym, forget about the elevators and sometimes leave the car and walk. Scientists and nutritionists from around the world it has been proven that intense walk in the Park can burn up to 700 kcal. It will be a great addition to your menu for weight loss every day.
Weight loss through sports

Menu weight loss for women and men similar to each other. The only difference is consumed per day calories. Slightly increasing the dose, a man can restore the balance and to use this menu.

You can also experiment and add your meals to the diet. Fear not, this certainly will not be bad.

If you follow all the above tips, principles and rules, to lose weight at all is not difficult. Is wanted, because from man's desires and his purposes depends on how he will achieve them.

This method is suitable for all types of body weights. Do not forget to combine diet with exercise to enhance the effect twice.

Good luck and good health!

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