Sami Hyypia is a legend of the Finnish national team and "Liverpool"


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Sami Hyypia is a legendary Finnish player, which is inferior to the number of matches for the national team only to Jonathan Johansson and Jari Litmanen. But at club level the centre-back has made good progress: he managed to play in different leagues, and after his retirement became a coach almost immediately. What career path did Sami Hyypia? Which clubs have played and coached what?

Early career in Finland

Sami Hyypia began his football career at an early age. At four years of age he was at the Academy of the local club Kumu, where he studied everything that he could eventually show on the pitch. For eleven years you were in the structure of the club, until in 1989 he moved to the club "Dad" at the age of 16 years. There he was able to play in three matches for the main team before 1990 have not gone back to "the Godfather". There for two years, he played in 19 matches, and in January 1992, when he was 18 years old, Sami hyypiä signed a professional contract with the club, "Mypa".

Sami hyypiä

In this command, he was getting match practice before to move to more prestigious European club. For three years in the Finnish club the Central defender has played in 96 matches and even scored eight goals. Their performances, he naturally attracted attention of other clubs. In 1995, the athlete became a player of the Dutch club "Willem II", in which he lingered for a long time.

Moving to Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a 22-year-old defender quickly caught on, settled and started playing in the first team. In just four years at the club he played in 100 matches, scoring three goals. However, if you think that Sami Hyypia found his home in the "Willem", you are mistaken. The fact that he did not stop there.


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In 1999, the 26-year-old player received an invitation from Liverpool. The club has paid to the Dutch four and a half million euros in compensation, after which Sami Hyypia was a key player of "Liverpool".

Career at Liverpool

From the first season, Sami hyypiä became first-team player in the English club. He spent ten years. It was incredible years, during which he won many trophies. Four FA Cup, two League cups, one UEFA Cup and one of the most prestigious trophy in the football world, the Champions League.

Sami Hyypia

Finn's Performance at Liverpool was impressive, because he played a handful of games. Today, all know who defender Sami Hyypia. Statistics for the English club is striking: 464 matches and 35 goals for ten years. Only in 2009, 36-year-old player left the club, which is native to him, as he was ready to play a couple of years, but Liverpool could not give him the place.

The Completion of a career in Bayer

It would Seem that the age of the player was already impressive, but he managed to play two more seasons at the highest level in leverkusens Bayer. Statistics of goals and matches, Sami Hyypia is still more enlarged, in the German club Finn spent 53 games, scoring 3 goals. And only in 2011, at the age of 38 years, the player announced the end of his football career.

Sami Hyypia statistics

Appearances in national team

For the national team of Finland Sami made his debut in 1992 at the age of 19 years, then released him onto the field in the match against the French team. Unfortunately, the entire incredibly long career Hyypia not being able to participate in any of the major tournaments, as the overall level of the team was extremely low. But he managed, as mentioned above, to play five matches and scored five goals. Last game he held in October 2010 against Hungary. After that, he officially announced that ends his career in the national team.

Coaching career

Immediately after completion of career of the player Themselves received the position of assistant coach of team Finland, where he stayed until March of 2012 when he, along with Sasha Lewandowski headed by Bayer. Then he had no formal coaching license, so he was listed as assistant until July 2013 was appointed a full-fledged coach after obtaining the necessary qualification.

the statistics of goals and matches, Sami Hyypia

A year Themselves headed English club "Brighton & Hove Albion" at the helm of which he stayed for six months. In August 2015 Hyypia was appointed coach of the Swiss "Zurich", which was dismissed for three rounds before the end of the season, as his club was in last place. At the moment Finn is out of work and looking for options for a career.

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