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Wazney node, or another name - Kalmyk node – comfortable, durable self locking knot that can be easily untied. Mainly used in the Navy, although it was invented in the steppes of Kalmykia, far from the sea. In any of the foreign manuals on tying knots wasney not mentioned, and the foreign sailors can't do his tie.

The Kalmyk site: how to knit

You can quickly tie the following way:

  • For any item you need to have the cable running end;
  • From the end of the cable need to back off, then take his left hand at the top so that the thumb was directed at myself;
  • Top of the left fist follows the right hand to put a radical end to where will be located the chassis;
  • About fist to make a turn 360 degrees the root part;
  • The left hand should be moved under the root share loop the bitter end;
  • At the same time to circle the running end around this part of the rope, wrapping her fingers;
  • From the running end to make a loop and paternot it through the hose end of the crankshaft, located on the left hand;
  • The resulting Assembly to tighten indigenous end.

Kalmyk nodeKalmyk host held up fine, and can be instantly untied by pulling the running end. In order that the knot came undone immediately, you need the loop to skip running end, but folded in half it is not required. With this method of knitting is obtained Cossack host.


  • To bind a throwing end and served from the vessel to the dock.
  • To supply tools and other items on the mast and over the side of the ship.
  • For attaching to the bridle reins.
  • For tying in the stable horses.

how to tie a knotKalmyk knot is a Maritime knot. Known many different, but equally important sites that are often used. For example, fishermen use them for making fishing nets.

Why the need For a fishing net?

The Network is convenient because it is possible to fish without the need to be close. To associate the network may, if desired, each fisherman independently. They are knit from the fishing line or nylon cord. From the line network is a less durable but it's easy to remove the fish. Of nylon cord network is much stronger, but can get confused when they take out the catch.


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Networks are available in fishing tackle shops with different sizes of cells, but they require special tooling that is not very convenient. It is best to associate the network independently based on their desires, than to find the same in sales.

Knitting fishing nets

To weave the network, you will need the following materials:

  • Rope (fishing line or nylon thread);
  • Sinkers;
  • Floats.

The Rope should be chosen so that the grid and winch extraction. Fishing line suitable for fishing nets and nylon thread for landing nets and samolovama.

weave networkingThe Floats and sinkers should be round shape to not damage the network. And to increase the life of their paint with a paint or varnish. They are mainly used on a network of fishing line, which is called loose. The floats are fixed close to each other on top of the network, and sinkers from the bottom. As floats are used light material: wood, foam, or bark, and the heavy-metal or burnt clay is used in sinkers.

Manual method of weaving networks

Making manual method which is using the Shuttle. This tool simply make your own, its length is 10–15 see the Shuttle performs the function of the needle, and he wound up on fishing line or thread. One end of the pod is pointed, and it has a slot and the other ends durocem.

Fishing Line or cord is easily wound on the Shuttle. At the end of the cord make a loop of the small size and mesh for the tongue. The cord is carried out to recess down, bringing rear side of the tongue, grasping it out from the front side through the notch, wrap the entire cord.

Except the Shuttle, you will need a template. It is a plate that looks like a line of schoolchildren, with a width two times smaller than the cell size of the network. For template manufacturing using plastic, wood or some other material. In addition, you will need a sturdy loop of wire, which is attached to the cord during the weaving of the network. The loop is usually attached to the wall.

knitting fishing netsIn the process of producing tools should be thoroughly treated with sandpaper to eliminate all burrs. In this case the used cord is not damaged.

How to tie a knot for making networks:

  • Cord to enclose the top and then the bottom of the template;
  • The Shuttle to pass through the previous loop and again bring to a template, holding the thumb thread;
  • The Shuttle to pass between the first two lines;
  • Tighten the knot.

Each next node is similar. The number of cells with common sides must match the height of the grid. Next to them in each series will be vymazyvaja new cells, forming the canvas network. After the first number using his cell prodelyvat a strong string and fix its ends. The fabric knit on.

Knitting on a special machine

When you use a machine for weaving nets the time of their manufacturereduced. There are several types of machines. The most popular device in which the housing and the Shuttle are made of aluminum pipe. Ahead of the Shuttle is a slot for the passage of thread, and an oblique cut that is at an angle of 45 degrees. At the end is a recess, similar to a cone with a depth of 0.25 cm, which is fixed to the bobbin. This item is made from bronze and can move freely inside the Shuttle. For the latter, provided the guide.

Weaving a network on the machine begins with the bobbin inserted into the Shuttle and closed with a stopper. The Shuttle is inserted into the housing all the way forward tube. Using a binding machine, thread should be on the template, and then under it and then thread in the preceding loop. Thread cells, usually passes under the Shuttle, and out on top of him. Pushing the string with your thumb, pull the hook to the template. Shuttle to hold left and push, taking one or two strands. Pull yourself thread and go to the knitting of the next cell.

Knitting knots used for weaving networks

For a beginner it can be difficult to master knitting knots for fishing nets. Knots for knitting nets there are many varieties with different names are: straight, conventional, reverse, sheet, double, half, single and others.

Every fisherman tries to keep the secrets of knitting knots. The skill of the knitter and the value of the node is that one node, when stretching the loops by hand is not dissolved.

Let us Consider in more detail how to tie the knot for knitting nets, using the hook:

  1. Single. You need to take ten or twenty metres of a thick nylon yarn, and throw it on the Shuttle to the small size. At the end of the thread firmly to tighten the loop of any size. In the eye of a man sitting in the wall to drive a nail. Attached to the loop at the point node. Thus, it appears that a nail hanging loop and thread leading to the Shuttle. Tie a knot, picking up a loop from the bottom up hook.
  2. Shkotovo. This node is simple to implement. It is mainly used as a nautical knot, but is used for weaving certain types of fishing nets. How to knit the knot shown in the photo above.

knots for knitting nets


The Ability to tie knots, including Kalmyk host that you want in life. Kalmyk knot how to knitWithout this ability do not cost the people of many professions: firefighters, rescuers, builders, sailors, athletes, climbers, climber, fishermen. I think every man in the daily life of tying different knots: tie, shoelaces, bows. Therefore, their right to knit, you need to know and all without exception.

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