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What's the first thing newcomers do when they come to the gym? Doing the bench press. Somehow the stereotype of what a bench press is the exercise that shows the real power of man. Although he only develops the upper body, chest muscles and triceps.

Novice bodybuilders believe that without it is impossible to develop a voluminous chest muscles. With this we can not agree, although, of course, it is desirable to add the bench press to your training program.

Not everyone has the opportunity to train the chest muscles in the gym: someone doesn't have enough time, others may not allocate money for training. After reading this article, you will understand that pumping chest muscles possible at home. Try all the exercises below and create your own training complex, which will help you make the chest wider and bigger from the comfort of home.

What exercises can you do at home?

Of Course, in this question much depends on the sports equipment that you have at home. When you have at least a pair of dumbbells and a bench you can do a huge number of exercises on his chest. With nothing possible pumping of the chest muscles with push-UPS.

pumping chest muscles

If still necessary minimum of the shells you have, you can perform a dumbbell bench press lying and wiring, which are an effective way to increase muscles. Let us consider each of the exercises and correct technique of their execution.

Dumbbell Bench press lying

This exercise is performed either in the hall or during home workouts. Pumping the chest muscles without a bench press is simply impossible. For its implementation, as mentioned above, you will need two dumbbells and a bench. If the special bench you do not, then it is better to purchase the equipment that you will always be useful. But if you don't want to spend money on it, you can use a regular shop, if available.


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In the case of the use of homemade benches keep in mind that it should not be staggered, otherwise the exercise it can have a sad end.

pumping chest muscles at home

You have now installed the bench and made a dumbbell. Next, take their hands and get along. Hands right so like you're holding a barbell. This will be the source position.

Start slowly lower the dumbbells to chest level and as soon as they to her a little touch, immediately heavy traffic up and squeeze them. That is down the dumbbells should be lowered slowly, and can climb up much sooner.

In order to comply with the correct technique, do not pursue a large weight dumbbell. You should be enough for 10-12 reps of 3-4 approaches. At the time of the downward movement, try to lower hands at the side of the path, otherwise you will work the triceps, and pumping chest muscles will be reduced to zero.

Change the tilt angle

The key to success in building muscle – is a constant shocking the body with new loads that will stimulate a surge of testosterone and faster protein synthesis for building new muscle fibers.

bleeding lower pectoral muscles

You shouldn't perform bench press only bench, which will be parallel to the floor. If you have the ability to change the angle. It is more in relation to the floor, the more load will move to the upper body. If the angle is to reduce its effective pumping of the lower chest muscles.

If you are using a homemade bench under it on one side put a few books and thus, you change the working angle.

Layout of dumbbells lying

Developing your chest muscles, you cannot do without such exercises as the layout of dumbbells. This exercise pumping the chest muscles will go faster as it helps to maximize the stretching of muscle fascia. Due to this, the muscles will be more likely to grow.

Take the original position as in the previous exercise. But in this case you need to drop the dumbbells down in a straight line. Hands should move on a circular axis.

pumping chest muscles in the gym

Imagine that you want to clap and you need to make a big swing from behind. Keep the blades at the time of lowering the hand, then the same way back to the starting position. You will feel how much will stretch your chest muscles. “one repetition should not be less than 4 seconds”, as the famous athlete Ronnie Coleman, who is a multiple champion of various competitions in bodybuilding.

It will be Enough to do 2-3 sets for maximum number of times, which should fluctuate in the range of 10-15 repetitions.


You Also cannot underestimate the role of push-UPS, without which pumping chest muscles at home will not be as effective. Usually in gyms this exercise do because of the abundance of various sports equipment and trainers that are perfectly it is replaced.

But at home, push-UPS – it is an effective tool for the development of chest muscles. It can be performed without the additional weight and weights.

The Original position – the push-up position. Hands put on the palm of your hand, grip wider than shoulders. Keep in mind that the farther you are planted on the sides of the hands, the more work it will include the chest muscles. However, you should not place hands, otherwise you will not be able to do one time and will also be a high probability of damage to the shoulder joints or muscle fibers.

exercises for pectoral muscles pumping

Keep the muscle in tension

Sink is necessary as long as between the floor and your Breasts will not be achieved in a distance of 1-2 cm should Not be lowered completely to the floor, as it will be a very great temptation to relax and “NAP”.

If you do push-UPS easily more than 20-30 times, that should take care of the weighting. These can be books hidden in a backpack, dumbbells or so and damn, if they are securely mounted on the back. Four approaches for this exercise will be just right.

Work with rubber or harness

Treating exercises for pumping the chest muscles, it is worth mentioning the work with rubber or harness. Rubber the right length and good elasticity also allow you to effectively develop chest muscles, and it is versatile because it can do almost any exercise.

For example, pumping the chest muscles in the gym involve the execution of crossovers. They can be done at home. How?

You'll need two rubber or harness. If the door frame is wide enough, then the top on both corners secure the one end of the harness. In another case try to fix the harness at the same level in opposite walls of the room (you can use wardrobe and other furniture).

pumping chest muscles with push-UPS

The other ends of the shells, do the loop and take their hands. On a circular axis move your hands outward until your palms do not touch each other. Next, slowly take your hands back to a comfortable position. Repeat this 15-20 times, depending on your fitness and the tension of the harnesses.

Exercise regularly

As you can see, the exercises which make chest muscles stronger and bigger at home there. It remains to find the strength within yourself for the start of classes. This can be done only when you will set a clear goal.

Regular execution of the above exercises will not make your Breasts “wheel”, as the young Arnold Schwarzenegger, but will help keep it in good enough shape and gradually developed.


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