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The Path to glory is thorny, and especially when it involves fame football idol. You need to have the willpower and strong character to get to the top of the football Olympus. These are the qualities that characterize the Portuguese midfielder joão Moutinho. Thanks to his perseverance and hard work he was able to reach the heights of which many continue to only dream of.

Early career

In the Portuguese city of Portimao, on 8 September 1986 a new star was born in the national and international soccer, joão Moutinho. Age of player today is 30 years (this year it celebrates round date). Since childhood, passionate about football, like many Portuguese boys, it is up to the 13 years he played for the local football team. In 1994, joão was enrolled in the Academy of local club "portimonense SC" as a promising child. Thanks to the diligence and desire to learn for their first 5 years in the Academy joão Moutinho became the best student and deservedly went to the Academy sporting Clube de Portugal in 1999.

joão Moutinho

The Following 6 years, the future star of Portuguese football actively trained together with other youth teams, thus gaining the right to transition into professional football.

The club

The First club, with whom he signed his contract, the young joão Moutinho, was brought up by his sporting. It happened in the summer of 2005 and began his professional career as footballer. In the first season of 2005/2006, joão a few times out on the field in the first team and got a chance to firmly occupy a place in the team. He was very persuasive in his game, and coach sporting increasingly produced a young player in the base.


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joão Moutinho age

Professional growth in Lisbon "sporting" continued to joão Moutinho until 2010. The result - 21 goal scored and 163 of the match in the first team of the club.

The Football club Porto has long been closely monitored the progress of the young midfielder and in summer 2010 he signed a five-year contract with the player, in which joão Moutinho joined the ranks of the "Port" for a long time.

Joao Moutinho photo

"sporting" has received 11 million euros for his former player and fine pupil. The money the team spent on training, joão, came back with a huge profit.

Careers in Port

Coming into a big club, Joao Moutinho immediately started training before the start of the new playing season. Andrea Villas Boas, who at the time was the chief coach of Porto, took a look at the new acquisition and decided on further plans for the young football player.

In the first season he played for the team 50 games. In the Portuguese League to score failed, but Joao scored two goals in the national Cup. In the same season he became the champion of the Europa League in the composition of his new team.

The 2013 Season was memorable for fans with a spectacular goal that joão has sent in a grid of gate "Malaga" in the 1/8 finals of the Europa League.

Wedding Ana Sofia Gomez took place in 2008, and in 2009 was born the Lara, the eldest daughter of Joao Moutinho. Photo of a young happy family fans were able to see "Instagram".

The Path to the championship

Although the contract is with Porto and was signed until 2015, in 2013, the transition took place, joão and his fellow club of Rodriguez in Monaco, where the player remains until this time. The amount that Porto received for players amounted to 70 million euros.

Portugal Joao Moutinho started to invite since August 2005. In his debut match for the national team player took to the field against Egypt - he was then only 18 years old. Only three years later was scored the first goal for the national team in gate of the Georgian national team.

The Triumph of his football career, joão has become, in 2016, when Portugal won the European championship. Lame game of the Portuguese national team throughout the final stage of the tournament, had led many sceptics to doubt their success. The number of draws, winning in extra time or a penalty is such a game needs to show the best European team?

Eder joão Moutinho

A Convincing victory in the semifinals over the team of Wales, was the first step on the way to the title. In the final the nerves were stretched to the limit, because they had to play against the tournament hosts - team of France. Thousands of French fans, their confidence in their team has not prevented the Portuguese to make a small miracle.

Playing without their injured captain, in extra time the only goal in gate of France was scored by Eder. João Moutinho and his teammates forever recorded their names in the history of European football as the best team of the Old world in 2016.

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