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Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL user reviews called entry level smartphone with the ambition of the phone midrange. Available for around 190 $. It's a little more expensive than last year's ZenFone models Go, but instead the phone got better camera and a larger battery capacity. This year we should not expect the functionality of a high class. However, at least the phone has a HD panel, removable battery, ability to connect two SIM-cards and LTE. The model has an ergonomic design and different body colours – black, silver, gold, blue, red and white.


The Smartphone entirely made of plastic. Under the keys menu inserted typical for Zen metallic strip with concentric circles of Polish. Finish plain and simple. The rear part is rounded towards the outer sides that allows you to comfortably hold the smartphone in hand. The design of Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL 32GB reviews call pretty natural, rounded and pleasant to the touch. Fortunately, the rear panel can be removed and replace the battery. However, to remove it relatively difficult. According to user reviews, even have to use the screwdriver. Asus offers covers of various colors, but cannot be purchased individually.

asus zenfone go zb500kl reviews

The Curved back cover makes the device much thicker than other smartphones in this category. However, the weight of a small – just 135 g. the stability of the design Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL owner reviews very good. Pressure on the lid or the screen leaves the phone equally indifferent as to the attempts at twisting. The smartphone gives the impression of a very high quality made device. Only the back panel is sometimes creaks under the pressure.


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RAM capacity of 2 GB, and 16/32 GB ROM – typical configuration of the phones in this category. Such smartphones like the Huawei P8 Lite come with additional 1 GB of working memory. Fingerprint scanner now has become common in this price range, but ZenFone Go it is not. But there is FM radio and USB OTG.


Asus calls its user interface ZenUI. It is based on the 6-th version of Android and brings with it only a small and mostly visual changes. According to user reviews, the software update is available immediately. So the manufacturer takes care of its low-cost smartphones.

The phone comes with a lot of software. Fortunately, adware, in addition to the application for assessment of hotels, no. Programs allow you to access the Asus service center and the community Zen, and also clear the phone memory.

asus zenfone smartphone go zb500kl 32gb reviews

Connectivity and GPS

It is normal that base in the middle price range only support standard Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. However, the phone uses the capabilities of the communication channel at the maximum data transfer rate is almost 2 times higher than that of most peers.

LTE too. But if the previous model had the support of certain countries only, in 2017 ZenFone Go has become more modern. The smartphone is not inferior to competitors, and reaches download speeds of 150 Mbps and transmission – 50 MB/S. the Device operates in 7 bands of LTE, so it is likely to find the fastest mobile network even in exotic countries. Signal reception in difficult city conditions are good.

The GPS Module in the room not working. The reception improves when approaching the window, and the maximum accuracy under open sky is 7 m, which is acceptable. For reviews of owners, the phone frequently loses the satellite signal, although in the woods can work well. Probably the module is very susceptible to interference, and therefore the user needs to think twice over using ZenFone Go as the main navigation system.

asus zenfone 16gb go zb500kl reviews

Telephony and the quality of the conversation

Asus has changed the app “Phone”. The program opens the numeric keypad, and the user can access the contacts and frequently dialed numbers through the tabs at the top of the screen. The program is similar to the standard Google app, and its use as convenient.

The call Quality of the smartphone Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL LTE user reviews call satisfactory. Unfortunately, the voice sounds very high, because the earpiece will not transmit low tone. The maximum volume is good and the sound is quite clear. User voices interlocutors also seem a bit thin, but the transfer is relatively clear with a quiet conversation. Contact sounds the same as through the speaker when using speakerphone.


The smartphone's Camera also refers to the middle price category: 13 MP rear and 5 MP front designed for shooting decent photos. Image quality of main camera is really good. Its sharpness is appropriate, the subjective color reproduction is good, but pictures look much darker and more muted than, for example, the LG G4. In low light the quality is deteriorating rapidly. The objects are clearly labeled and colored areas become noisy. Smartphone Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL, review owners, is more suitable for daytime photography.

asus zenfone go zb500kl 16 reviews

You can record Videos in Full HD resolution. The brightness adapts well to new situations, but it happens very slowly. In addition, the focus sometimes needs to be corrected manually.

5 MP selfie-camera takes decent self-portraits with good detail even in dark places. However, it has problems in bright environment, because the objects are strongly lit. Sharpness is acceptable, but not too much, because the distortion becomes obvious.

According to reviews, the Asus ZenFone 16 GB Go ZB500KL some color reproduces brighter than required, but also suffers from visible noise. The overall sharpness of the image and text on a colored background is moderate. In really ideal conditions, a smartphone allows one to obtain clear images. But the edges and their sharpness decreases.

Accessories and warranty

In addition to the power supply and USB cable manufacturer as a kit phone headphones with acceptable sound quality. Accessories specific to the product on the Asus website stated. The model covers a 24 month warranty.

asus zenfone lte go zb500kl reviews

Input Devices

Application keypad integrated into the operating system. However, it remains possible to switch to the standard input device or Google to download more from the Play Store. The keys are rather large. Users of Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL LTE reviews, have problems with fast printing because the device fails to respond to input. To print as fast as on high-end smartphones, will not work. Since the problem persists with the default keyboard GBoard, it is associated with the phone, not the app. It is possible to configure the clipboard keys and keypad.

The Surface of the touch screen nice and responsive, even in the corners. The software offers many useful options for users with disabilities, there is a mode for one hand, the available trigger functions in response to movement of the phone and screen gestures. For example, a double tap wakes up the phone, drawing a specific letter launches the associated application, and the turning device decreases the sound volume.

Below the touch screen are 3 buttons menu. They operate relatively reliably and clearly marked. The position of the switch on top of the smartphone is somewhat unusual. On the one hand, it is more difficult to reach, but on the other, this eliminates accidental pressing. The volume control is on the back. This is a comfortable position, if the user gets used to it. All keys have a clear pressure point and sufficiently reliable.

asus zenfone go zb500kl 32gb reviews


Screen size 5" and a resolution of 720p pixels Go ZenFone is on par with their rivals. Only Huawei P8 lite (2017) offers a FullHD-display. The brightness of the screen is equal to 452 CD/m², which is the average in its class. Brightness distribution is equal to 84 % – the screen is not very homogenous and therefore large colored surface is markedly uneven.

Black Level Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL 32GB, reviews equal to 0.42 CD/m², also pretty mediocre. The color is more like dark gray, and the lights are very visible in dark areas. However, this leads to a good contrast 1093: 1, although competitors offer more.

The screen has a moderate bluish hue. The colors look rather pale, but reproduced exactly. Only blue and green shades are deflected stronger than the others. Although the panel cannot be used professionally, the pictures look quite natural.

Viewing Angles Asus ZenFone Go ZB500KL reviews call good: the display of the content remains crisp, even when viewed from the side, although slight shifts of color. The glossy surface of the screen under the open sky to create...

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