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Navigation of the Chinese company "Kids" today are quite in demand. Compared to models from other manufacturers they are cheap. The device parameters differ greatly, and that before purchasing it is important to consider. This is largely due to the use of different processors. They usually have a series of "Korteks".

All major formats navigators tend to support. However, there are budget options with limited features. To learn more about these devices, you can look at their options, and also read the customer testimonials.

Navigator kids

Description model PN350

The Navigator "for Kids" is rather compact for cars fits well. In this case, the display manufacturer a wide. However, the resolution is equal to 480 by 720 pixels. The processor in the Navigator, set the low-frequency series "the Cortex M7". Formats it is able to read a variety. The amount of memory in the presented model is 4 GB. Additionally, it should be noted that to operate the device at temperatures below -10 degrees.

The Interface of this model by the manufacturer with quite simple. Directly connecting the device to a PC is via a USB port. Additionally, it should be noted that the operating systems "Windows" model supports. Is the Navigator "for Kids" on the market about 5 thousand rubles.

Navigator kids reviews

Reviews about the device PN350

The Navigator "for Kids" reviews deserves a variety. If we talk about parameters, values are specified in the menu pretty quickly. The route is always correct. Menu this unit is equipped with a simple and no unnecessary features. Also of note is the pleasant design of the model. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then the device in the installation is quite simple. The antenna in this case has a built-in type.


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The Chromaticity of this model can change. Additionally, there is a possibility to assign a font size. Directly supports major video formats equipment is performed. While the updates are downloaded pretty quickly. The function of the voice support in this model, there are. If desired, you can disable it quickly and easily.

Characteristics of the model "PN320 Navitel"

Navigator "Navitel the Kids" among other devices has a rather large amount of memory. In this case, the audio player in the model is provided by the manufacturer. In this case the speaker has a built-in type. The video player in the Navigator is also there. E-book function is provided. Memory cards for this device to suit a series of microSD. The navigation system in the equipment used a series of "Navitel".

Voice guidance the model has. Powered via battery, the capacity of which is 950 mAh. Enough of this, on average about 3 hours. The standard package includes auxiliary adapter. The resolution of this Navigator is at the level of 420 to 750 pixels. Body of this model is made of plastic. It should also be noted that the connector for the USB output device is provided. Is today the Navigator "for Kids" in the area of 5600 RUB.

Navigator kids 930

Consumer reviews on PN320

Mostly are the Navigator "for Kids" gets a positive feedback. However, the drawbacks it has. First and foremost it should be noted that the guidance in this device is quite annoying. The arrival point on the map is marked inaccurately. In some cases, the route system is not the shortest.

If you believe the customer reviews, the audio device can sometimes hang. If we talk about the advantages, all the main video formats supported by the model. The picture on the screen looks pretty sharp and contrasty. Additionally it is important to mention the beautiful design of the model. Budget from the navigators presents the device definitely deserves attention.

The parameters of the model PN375

Display this Navigator has a TNT series. The maximum frequency of this model is at the level of 500 MHz. In this case the device resolution is 480 by 320 pixels. The processor uses the class "Old". Memory card in a standard kit is included with size 2 GB. It should also be noted that the device includes a player.

The Format MP3 of this Navigator supports. If we talk about the power of the device, the battery capacity is equal to as much as 850 mAh. Enough for about 4 hours. The dimensions of this model does not stand out among other devices. Is the Navigator "for Kids 375" on the market for about 4800 RUB.

Navigator kids 375

Feedback about the Navigator PN375

Many buyers about this Navigator respond positively. Primarily loved for its high battery capacity. Thus, frequently charging is not necessary. Despite the low resolution of the model, the picture becomes quite clear. Menu presents the device manufacturer provides easy to understand, and it can even novice. Motorists these navigators are used quite often. Mount it in the standard kit provides reliable. It should also be noted that the design is excellent and it looks good.

In this case, the CPU installed is very high quality. If you believe the reviews of consumers, then the routing system is fast. As a rule, he is correct, however, if we talk about long distances, it is advisable to double-check yourself. It should also be noted that for listening to your favorite music this device is suitable. However, note that column capacity is not very large and sometimes the sound of rattles.

Navitel Navigator for kids

Overview Navigator PN930

The Navigator "for Kids 930" equipped with a processor a series of "Old". Setting limiting frequency of the model is around 500 MHz. Additionally, it should be noted that the diagonal of the device has a fairly wide. In this case, the permissions option from the Navigator equals 420 340 pixels. The MP3 format is supported by the device. In this model, the producer provides video player.

The Thickness of the specified modification is only 10 mm. Thus, in the machine to install this compact model is quite simple. Image this device is capable of displaying almost all formats. Additionally, consider a simple menu of the device. However, it downloads the update Navigator for quite a long time. In General, the operating system runs at high speed, and is today specified the Navigator "for Kids" in the area of 4500 RUB.


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