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The Era of the formation of the toilet as the main element in the bathroom began two centuries ago. Evolution of the toilet bowl reaches the bourgeoisie, when the local nobility started to use the so-called chamber pots. The use of night vases were unchanged until the nineteenth century, when invented the first toilet.

 Oskolsky ceramics

Compared with modern toilet «night vase” looked simple and was more like serving the subject than the attribute of the toilet.

Today, the toilets in the plumbing market are available in wide range. They are classified according to the type of filling, draining, design features, and other characteristics. This makes it difficult to instant selection of plumbing device of a suitable sample.

How to choose the toilet?

Before buying a toilet, check out the market vendors. Foreign is not always better. The domestic manufacturer is not inferior to foreign competitors, and ceramic sanitary ware enjoys great popularity. Russian suppliers offer plumbing ideally suited to the request “price-quality» and perfectly adapted to our drainage systems. Toilets “Ceramics Oskol”, though not the best selling in the market, the first place they give plumbing fixtures a joint production of Russia and Italy, but no worse than other products offered in the domestic market.

Toilets Oskol ceramics

Choosing from imported models, buyers pay attention to the budget of the Vietnamese model of toilets, which, as it turned out, the quality will not Shine, though, and look attractive.

Today, a growing number of consumers give preference to domestic producers, and here's why. “Ceramics Oskol” is:

  1. Reasonable price for products.
  2. Attractive design.
  3. Option of metered water supply.
  4. Lower water inlet and adapted by people with special needs.

Speaking of the latter, before such a feature could boast only European manufacturers who first released to the market adapted toilets. Time does not stand still, and today, keeping pace with technology, “Ceramic Oskol” manufactures sanitary appliances modern sample, fully meeting the needs and demands of the consumer.


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What is the enterprise

“In “Upgraded Ceramics" you bet!” - says the General Director. Large, dynamically developing company, working on two production lines, each of which is the largest in the industry.

Oskolsky ceramics reviews

Material and technical base of production workshop presents modern Italian equipment, and the plant is designed according to foreign project of the Italian engineer. The use of quality material and unique casting techniques enable you to create high-quality sanitary porcelain advanced models.

The Advantages of the plumbing

  1. Extensive range of plumbing fixtures on the market within price segments, from economy class to intermediate.
  2. Quality material for the production of sanitary use sanitary porcelain of the highest quality, water absorption which is less than one percent.
  3. Model toilets are equipped with shower (perforated) for a flush.
  4. Products are presented in a variety of colors.
  5. Feature – “anti surge”.


You can buy a plumbing kit for the bathroom or the toilet separately only “Ceramics Oskol”. Reviews on there are very provocative. Therefore it is better to study them using special services or the official website of the company.

toilet Oskol ceramics reviews

Sanitary-ceramic products produced by the plant are:

  • Strength;
  • Reliability;
  • Durability, refinement.

Toilets this company has proven itself as a high-quality plumbing items produced from environmentally friendly raw materials, strictly according to the GOST. A skilled approach to production allows to achieve an absolutely smooth and white surfaces, to create an attractive design appearance and functional features inside. Quiet drain, a convenient water connection, the system “anti surge” and other features make the toilets of highly competitive fixtures, worthy of the leading position in the market.

Domestic company “Ceramics Oskol”, which in most cases is positive, ensures the quality and durability of its products.

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UK: https://tostpost.com/uk/domashn-y-zatishok/23435-osk-l-s-ka-keram-ka---v-tchiznyaniy-virobnik-suchasno-santehn-ki.html

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