The bearing capacity of screw piles: calculation and definition


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Everyone knows that the bearing capacity of screw piles is an important indicator that can determine what level of load the Foundation can sustain. This takes into account the negative impact of soil on each leg individually. Spiral pipes are divided into two types:

  1. Suspension - have support, which is located under the lower rings of the screw. Such supports are used in the construction of buildings on soft soil. These structures are able to withstand strong loads through education of the friction force. It can appear between screw pipe and soils. In case if the area of dense soil layers, meaning additional columns.
  2. The Reference type is used in areas with hard soil for construction of houses. They play the role of mediator for the transfer of load from the house to the ground.

Before performing the installation of such a Foundation, you should find out what the bearing capacity of screw piles required for construction.

bearing capacity of screw piles

Details of the setup

In most cases the bearing capacity of screw piles often depends on the size and diameter of the support. Mounting screw base can be done using two ways:

  • Manual;
  • With the use of special equipment.

The load-Carrying capability independent of the type of installation. Both methods of installation are performed according to the principle of screwing a helical pipe in the soil structure. This action is easily performed thanks to the blades which are located on the bottom of the support. In order not deteriorated the carrying capacity, in some situations, installation of screw piles otherwise:


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  • Install the screw poles into the soil that has a solid structure, as well as in frozen ground. It is imperative that the drilling of shallow wells. This action will provide safe screwing in of the screw supports into the ground.
  • If the construction site is dominated by flooding the soil, the surface of screw piles mandatory additionally treated with anti-corrosion treatment. In the body of the metal pipe to pour a concrete consistency. Due to this increase the strength of the Foundation material and will last the life of its operation.

If you want additional gain of strength, piles that have length greater than 2 meters, should be reinforced. Due to this increase the bearing capacity of screw piles around the perimeter.

It is Important to know that to make a correct calculation of the bearing capacity of the supports can be the case if installation is done correctly. If they violated even the slightest rules, the strength of the entire structure is much reduced. Therefore, the installation process is best left to a professional who has extensive experience with these types of foundations.

bearing capacity of screw piles 133

The Use of screw piles with a diameter of 133 mm

At the time of device heavy structure on helical Foundation often the question arises: what is the pile diameter to expose takim must be their number? For massive structures, it is best to use elements with a large diameter. Bearing capacity of screw piles 133 mm with blade diameter of 350 mm can withstand load weight of 4 tons. They can be used to install structures of any kind from a residential house to warehouses.

Screw supports, quite often used in the construction of various docks and piers. Their devices are used piles with a diameter of 133 mm. In addition, they have a double protective coating against corrosion formations. Owing to these characteristics, the base is firmly placed in areas with unstable soil. To find out the bearing capacity of the Foundation, multiply the value of the area and the value of resistance of the soil.

Example determine the number of piles in the Foundation

Is build in two floors of the Foundation 6 by 6 meters and the material used is timber. At the construction site is the soil in the form of clay. Total weight of the structure with all the nuances amounted to 59 tons. On the perimeter of the building is 24 meters, internal partitions do not exist. The first thing you need to specify the table the strength of the soil. In our case this value is equal to 6 kg per square centimeter. The coefficient of load is 1.75 (it is necessary to provide reserves if necessary). In this work we calculated the total area of the sole. Formula:

S = (PD) x (PD) : 4 = 3,14 x 352 : 4 = 961,6 cm. This definition of the diameter of the blades.

The Formula for calculating a non-optimized carrier features:

F = S x Ro = x 6 961,6 = 5770 kg.

Calculation of the permissible weight per pile:

N = F : yk = 5770 : 1,75 = 3279, is approximately (rounded) 3 tons 300 kilograms.

 screw piles * calculation of load capacity

Determining the bearing characteristics

If the construction of the Foundation screw piles are used, the calculation of bearing capacity is simply necessary. Depends on many factors, including the lifespan of the whole building. In order to carry out estimated work, you should know the resistance value of the soil and the area of the blade which are located at the ends screw supports. But these values are not enough, you must also count the number of poles that will be installed under the building.

To get a more accurate calculation, you must divide the bearing ratio on reliability index. All calculations and strength tests fit into the project documentation. In accordance with prepared plan of the building, pre-calculated number of piles are arranged uniformly around the perimeter of the Foundation.

bearing capacity of screw piles 108

Calculation screw base

The Main factor, which in turn should be identified during the calculations, is the total load level for all the support. The number of piles and the distance between them is determined by the diameter of the support pipe and the mass of the building. For example, the bearing capacity of screw piles 108 mm can withstand the weight of 3 tons. The load on the base include the weight of the structure with the influence of wind and accumulation of snow.

On the total weight of the structure is influenced by the following factors:

  • Load floor;
  • Weight bearing and minor walls;
  • Roofing system
  • Household items (furniture, appliances).

The Load from the roof, walls, and ceilings must be calculated separately. To do this, use the table that lists the weight of each material type.

bearing capacity of screw piles 89

The use of piles with a diameter of 89 mm

The Area in which the most commonly used reference medium diameter piles, the construction of small structures. This determines the bearing capacity of screw piles 89-mm diameter in each case separately. The weight that can be distributed to each pile individually, is 2 tons, not more. They can be used in the construction of such objects:

  • Construction of medium size (bath, cottage, garage, warehouse);
  • Support for the foundations of the gazebos, greenhouses, huts;
  • Metal gates and fences;
  • Marinas and piers;
  • Support for ad banners.

If the choice will fall on the pile with the same diameter, it is necessary to focus on certain factors, such as the scope of use and the composition of the soil. From this will directly depend on structural reliability and its service life.

bearing capacity of screw piles 57

Screw bearings with a small diameter

Before you make a choice the pile, you must decide what the maximum load it must bear. For example, the bearing capacity of screw piles 57 mm in diameter is permissible fluctuation of the load per support from 300 to 1000 kg. due to such a minimum weight, the cost of such elements is significantly lower than that of the piles with large diameter. Also reduces the cost of installation of the Foundation. This is due to the fact that little prop screw can be screwed with his own, without the use of expensive construction equipment.

The installation of the Foundation is performed in just one day, which significantly reduces the time for the construction of the whole building. Also important advantage of these screw piles is the possibility of installation in any type of soil.

bearing capacity of screw piles 76

Piles with a diameter of 76 mm

Load-Bearing capacity of screw piles 76 millimeters in diameter to withstand the weight of one ton. In addition to the use in the construction of the different mass of buildings, these piles can be used in the renovation works as a secondary reinforcement.

The Installation of piles with a diameter of 76 mm can equally hold his own and when using construction machinery. The cost of this material is more expensive than elements with a smaller diameter, but the potential application is much more. So, before you buy material, you need to determine the requirements that will apply to the supports at the time of construction.

Determination of the soles ...

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