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Currently, there are an incredible number of various colors, to see which on your site or at least on the window – the dream of any gardener. Go into the store and eyes run, I want to take both, and third.… One of the most popular and beautiful plant is purslane. What are the characteristics of this flower and what you need to grow purslane from seed at home?

The Story plant

An Unusual and mysterious name of the flower comes from the Latin word portula, which is translated into Russian as “Hoop”. By the way, in English there is the word portal, which means “input” and is clearly related to the Latin. The fact that in appearance the open seed capsule of purslane is very much reminiscent of the gate. That is why in the course of the observations of the European plant breeders and gave him that name.


The Homeland of purslane is considered the American continent, where for quite a long time lived by the flower savage. In the Middle ages the seeds were in Europe, where at first he could not be cultivated at all, being considered a weed (however, similar to the purslane and continued to this day in some European countries). It actively grows in places with warm climates, because very much loves the heat, despite the fact that, in General, unpretentious – otherwise it would not appear everywhere, like a common field plant.

The value of the plant

Purslane is really very beautiful, but I love him gardeners-gardeners not only for their beauty, but for the ability to have long to enjoy it – because the plant blooms all summer, from June till August.


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In addition, highly valued medicinal properties of purslane. Hippocrates and his supporters used it as an antidote for snake bites, healed with miraculous plants and severe wounds, and even insomnia. And the Arabs learned about it in Middle ages, considered it a blessed flower. The British particularly love purslane, but not as a garden plant and as a vegetable. Do purslane can be eaten, this will be discussed more below. And now it's worth only say, that though the genus Portulaca and has, according to various estimates, from one hundred to two hundred varieties, the main of these, only two – Portulaca grandiflora, which is a big part of varieties and hybrids of plants, purslane (or vegetable, medicinal).


Plant purslane can be anywhere-at home in a pot, which you can then decorate the loggia or hall; outdoors at the cottage – it will be a wonderful element to a garden beds by covering the soil with a carpet of brightly colored buds and leaves. The most common type for growing from seeds-Portulaca grandiflora. Some even believe that it was just him and bred in the gardens, but this opinion is erroneous.

In the natural environment purslane prefers places near water where there are wet sandy land. However, the flower is quite hardy and can grow almost anywhere.


A Distinctive feature. (by the way, is a perennial plant that cause cold winters it is grown as an annual) is its stem: it is very long, prostrate on the ground, the height reaches twenty centimeters. Partly it resembles a spindle: branched, brown and hollow inside. The leaves are small in size, juicy, rich green color, sometimes tinged with red, fleshy, shaped like a small cylinder.

Purslane outdoors

Flowering purslane, as already mentioned, during the whole summer, and shades of his buds in the shape of a Cup have an incredible variety: white, cream, yellow, pink, red, etc. Some varieties of purslane (e.g., Double Mix) have double flowers. Such varieties are considered the most beautiful, but they grow not too often and it's weird. Growing from seed Portulaca Terry is no more difficult than the ordinary.

Types and varieties of plants

As mentioned above, the main varieties of purslane two – for beauty and for food or as medicines. The main garden Portulaca-grandiflora-mentioned earlier. Displayed many decorative varieties, for example White. As you can tell from the name, the buds of this plant are white, besides, even Terry. Lush layered flower cherry red shade are plants of varieties of tomatoes, but Cloudier buds ordinary, but very large.

As for the purslane medicinal in appearance it is virtually indistinguishable from its decorative counterpart, is only slightly higher, but the flowers he has only one shade-light yellow. Its young stems and leaves an incredible amount of useful minerals, proteins, and vitamins. It is used as a means of quenching thirst, it tastes sour and a little spicy. Purslane can be added to soups and salads, make his sauces, marinated meat and garlic. Vegetable purslane grows everywhere like a weed.

Purslane: growing from seed

How to plant the plant (in the ground or seedlings) depends on the region you live in and the type of soil. The sowing time is also individual. If it is the warmer South, it is possible to carry out the procedure straight into open ground. But most often, unless, of course, want to plant bloomed in June, it is still recommended to carry out the cultivation of purslane from seed. When to plant it? This must be done not later than March, and even better – in February. However, some have a different opinion, believing that the most optimal time for sowing of Portulaca – April. This is because when planting seeds in April, they will not have to illuminate with artificial light – the day will be enough long. However, in this case, it is likely that in June the plant will not blossom.

a Plant Portulaca

The Soil should be light, breathable, and water. This versatile mix to grow purslane from seed is not suitable, because it contains peat. It is beneficial to the Portulaca, because it significantly slows the growth of seedlings. It is possible to make suitable for cultivation of flowers Portulaca from seeds of the earth alone, there is nothing difficult. You just need to mix ordinary garden soil and sand in the ratio of four to one.

Before you pour into the tank, where it will grow purslane, land, you need to add to the bottom gravel. By the way, prepared the ground for the cultivation of purslane from seed at home, you must first calcine, and only then you can put the seeds in it. Of course, sow them in moist soil, but don't irrigate the land with water from the tap, it is better to use for these purposes settled.

The Seeds spread over the surface of the earth as follows: it is necessary to withstand the distance between them 1 cm and laying in the soil, it is necessary to slightly push them into it. Because purslane loves the heat (this was already previously mentioned), you can make for the future seedling mini-greenhouse, covering the seed containers with the film. But do not think that a film they should be all the time! Times a day seeds should be aired out, removing the plastic and giving them a chance to breathe. In addition, if the ground is dry, it needs to be wet for successful cultivation of purslane from seed. By the way, to be the container with the plant needs in a warm place with a temperature below twenty degrees Celsius. It is important to remember that purslane growing at home, you need to take care of him, because the lack of moisture, heat, light sprouts are sluggish, weak, thin. To understand that the plant is a little light, it is easy – it will become active to stretch up.

Colorful purslane

When the first seedlings (that happens not earlier than through one-two weeks), the tape can be removed and the seedlings to put on the window sill. When I grow up the second true leaf, should be thinned future flowers in small pots. Every week they should be fed. Do not forget about careful watering. This is best done with spray – so it will be kept to a minimum the risk of flooding of the seedlings, which happens quite often with inexperienced growers in the cultivation of purslane from seed.

When to plant the plant in the open ground? The best time for planting is when will the threat of a return of frost – until mid or even late may.

Landing in the open ground

Growing from seeds Portulaca double, as, indeed, common, involves hardening of seedlings before to move her outside in the open soil. To produce this kind of manipulation of the flower should be approximately two weeks before the expected date of “moving”. Hardening is easy – the seedlings need at the time to make the fresh air, gradually increasing the time she was there.

Planting purslane in the ground, you should consider carefully at what point it will grow. As the flower loves the heat, it is better to give him a Sunny plot with Bo...

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