Juniper Wilton horizontal: description, characteristics, planting and care


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What is juniper Wilton? This is a delightful cascading shrub that dazzles the eye with a slight touch of silver on the rich green needles. Wilton – perfect for rock garden, Alpine gardens. It can be used to create the evergreen juniper lawn by any stretch. Today we will look at the horizontal juniper Wilton, planting and care.

juniper Wilton


The homeland of this juniper – the island of Vinal Navna, Maine. Discovered a plant j. van Heyningen.

The Variety is quite unusual: its height – only 10-20 cm and a diameter-2 meters! Unlike many other horizontal junipers, Wilton is growing rapidly, its annual growth rate is about 15-20 cm Needles tight to the branches. The branches are flexible, well-branched. Color juniper this variety bluish-silver. The crown of the plant spread along the ground, and the young shoots are raised.

Wilton combines all the advantages of conifers: it is durable, evergreen, special care is required. There is another advantage – fully covering the soil, the juniper won't miss a single weed!

Choice of location and soil for planting Wilton

With Wilton you can create on your site a lush carpet! The main thing-to choose the right place and soil for planting! What are the requirements juniper Wilton (horizon.)?

juniper Wilton description

  1. This shrub is light demanding, shade can lead to color loss. It is not necessary to Wilton planted next to tall plants.
  2. Experts do not recommend to plant the juniper in too rich soil-does this change the crown, the plant becomes loose. The best option – srednekislye, loamy soil.
  3. Plenty of water – one more condition under which juniper Wilton will delight the eye. If the summer is dry, should be watered mini-cypress, in the evening you can spray the branches. When watering it is important to prevent waterlogging, is to see that the soil is not compacted.


Juniper is widely called "spreading" and because the soil in the place of its planting must be cultivated. The best way to do this – to prepare a special soil substrates of loam (1 part), humus (1 part) and sand (2 parts). To plant young seedlings should be in April or October. The diameter of the planting hole should not be less than 30 cm, and the depth should be 60-70 cm Root neck no need to bury! After planting, gardeners are advised to water the sapling.


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juniper horizon Wilton

By the Way, if you plan to plant on his land a few bushes, creeping juniper Wilton, consider the branching of the root system and observe the distance between plants – not less than one meter! The soil around planted shrubs need to be mulched, use a mixture of peat and wood chips. So the plant is not only longer it will retain moisture, but do not require weeding.

Plant Care

In contrast to the planting of juniper Wilton, its maintenance does not require special knowledge and skills. Young seedlings will need regular (but moderate) watering of the adult plant need to be watered twice a month! Juniper sprayed every 10 days.

In the Spring the shrub can be fed NPK. For 1 sqm you will need 35-40 g. by the Way, spring silver crown require protection from sunlight. To the needles are not faded, the plant should cover the green grid or tie spunbond.


From time to Time juniper cut. Sanitary pruning involves the removal of damaged and dead branches. If formative pruning is to remove shoots growing incorrectly. Proper pruning will allow Wilton to gain more volume in the crown.

Please note – like the other varieties, Wilton contain toxic substances. That is, all procedures with this shrub should be carried out in protective gloves!

juniper Wilton planting and caring

Horizontal juniper Wilton: description diseases and pests

The Most common diseases that affect juniper, mushroom rust, gray mold. Notice of the disease in the early stages will allow compliance with the distance between the bushes. The main prevention method – planting away from fruit crops. In addition, you do not need to waterlogged soil, dry and broken branches should be removed in time. Not be amiss and treatment of juniper preparations containing copper.

Among the pests that are dangerous for Wilton, include the scale, pobegovyh moths and spider mites. Introduced pests are easy to destroy with chemicals.

Preparing for winter

Experienced growers say – juniper Wilton should not be planted in places where the formation of large snowdrifts. Otherwise the needles may be adversely affected. To protect the juniper bushes from the load by simply tying the plant with string.

In General, Wilton – the shrub is winter hardy, it tolerates temperatures down to -31 degrees! In the shelter this plant needs only in the first two years after planting in the ground.

Juniper Wilton: description of the process of reproduction

To Propagate junipers are three ways – cuttings, seeds and cuttings. The latter method allows you to grow the bushes quickly and easily. The best time for grafting – spring. Rooting cut sprouts in the greenhouse, pre-treating them with any growth stimulant. In late spring you should repot the shoots on the bed, under plastic cover. To handle exactly caught on, he'll need diffused light, regular spraying, watering and temperatures around 24-27 degrees. When a young juniper will develop the root system, it can be transplanted to a permanent place.

An Interesting feature: the horizontal cuttings of junipers, including grade Wilton, you need to root angle!

Wilton creeping juniper

Application Wilton

This elegant juniper looks great as a lush and fragrant grass. It will perfectly replace the grass! Looks good Wilton on the background of pebble mounds of mulch colored bark. Grade Wilton combined with other horizontal varieties of junipers that allows you to vary the plot with shades of green, blue and ochre!

Wilton – the perfect option for a colorful mixed borders. It is best to plant it in the foreground. Growers who speak of this sort is only positive, it is recommended to plant Wilton in the coastal area of artificial and natural reservoirs, decorate with it, rocky walking paths. Used grade in the Heather and Japanese gardens, rock gardens and rockeries. Looks great the combination of this juniper with lush roses. Beds, by the way, you can pour white pebbles!

Wilton can be grown in containers, which means that the variety is suitable for decorating terraces, balconies, walls and roofs.

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