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Building sand-it is the most common and an integral building material. Using it is necessary in the construction of buildings, roads, and highways. For different construction purposes necessary material with suitable characteristics. The quality strongly depends on the quality of future building designs.

Sand construction – this is natural non-metallic building material, which is mined in the rivers, seas and land in a variety of ways with the help of special technologies. So, there are several types of construction materials:

1)      sand Quarry. This kind of building material mined in quarries, natural or artificial. Despite the poor quality, it finds wide application in construction and finishing works. Price of pit sand depends on the quality and range of 300-600 rubles per 1 cubic meter;

2)      Sandy soil. This type of material contains a lot of dust, clay, silt or earth. These impurities significantly reduce the quality as a building material. In this regard, it should be cleaned. To do this, it is sifted or washed, getting rid thus from most unwanted occurrences. Prices on sandy soil low;

3)      River sand. This building material extracted via the fluid mechanics in the bottoms of rivers. Often river sand used in the conduct of internal finishing work, as plaster or grout. It is often used for the construction of the sidewalk or manufacture of structures made of concrete. The average cost of this bulk material is not lower than 450 rubles per 1 cubic meter;

4)      Quartz sand. The name sand was due to the large content of quartz. This building material is mined in quarries. Quartz sand is often used as a decorative finishing material, filter, forms during the production of metal products. This material is an indispensable material in the creation of unique landscape design. Minimum cost about 300 rubles per 1 cubic meter;

5)      Coarse sand. From such material is made concrete for sale and sand concrete. The construction of sidewalks involves the mandatory use of coarse-grained granular material, which is also used in the manufacture of various mixtures for construction purposes.

The variety of Building sand, it can be used for many construction works. Each area of application of this material requires the availability of certain properties and qualities. Each type has its certain characteristics, and in this regard, and its own scope. You cannot use the sand of a lower quality than required as the built structures would not meet all of the standards and norms. From an economic point of view, it is not recommended to use the material is too high quality, when such is not required. This may incur extra costs.

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