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In recent years, many have changed their attitude to food. First of all, people began to pay more attention to quality of products, try to eat balanced, diverse. That food is the key to health, active lifestyle, attractiveness and longevity. No one pill will not help as helps food. An important role in maintaining the body in proper order is given to the fish.

Universal diet product

Nourishing and taste qualities of the fish is on a par with meat, but for ease of absorption largely exceeds it, which is a huge advantage of this product. Fish contains from 13 to 23% protein, more fats, whose value is particularly high, as they are easy to digest and enriched with vitamins A and D.

A key indicator of nutritional value of fish is the presence of fat and protein substances. Generally the amount of fat in the fish depends on the taste of its meat and culinary quality. Sturgeon, salmon, eel, lamprey are recognized as the most delicious fish, and they are the most nutritious. However, less fat does not detract from the value of the fish. Benign and easy assimilation of meat fish make it an indispensable product for children and people requiring diet.

What fish to choose

The Fish on the shelves in our stores can be seen in several forms:

  • Fresh,
  • Chilled
  • Frozen.

Fresh fish – the most preferred product, but do not despair, if in areas of your residence it did not sell. Fresh fish arrives in stores chilled typically in the ice. Chilled is the product for protection against damage were subjected to treatment with cold, and the temperature is approaching the freezing point, but freezing juice in it hasn't happened yet. Anglers try to produce cooling of fish immediately after the catch, thus preserving the freshness and usefulness of the product.


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Frozen fish – the most common for us goods in the store. It is preferable to store in the refrigerator or freezer from -8 to -18°C. Frozen fish frozen solid because all the liquid in it freezes. But in spite of this, this fish is not inferior to chilled or steamy on taste and nutritional qualities, if we do a proper defrost.

From the scraper to the electrical apparatus

Before the fish gets to our table, it is cleaned from the scales. For many centuries people used to do this with a sharp object, like a scraper. Originally made such a scaler with their hands from sharp stone. Metamorphosis with scraper occurred in the following order:

  • Squeegee
  • Knife
  • Mechanical device for cleaning fish
  • Electrical machine for removing scales.

As soon As people learned to iron, the knife has occupied the leading position not only in hunting but also in everyday life.

The Process of purification of fish from scales was quite simple: move the knife between the layer of scales and skin in the direction from tail to head, removing the plate. The main objective was - as best as possible to clean the fish, trying not to cut the skin. I must say that the knife for cutting away the scales remained in our kitchens for a long time until there was a special fish scalers manual.

fish scalers hand

They were the subject, consisting of a handle with one hand and scraping blades-on the other. Around the scraping blades are made of wall, which was about the scales. However, this modernization is not saved from scattering it in different directions.

A Unique device for cleaning fish

To facilitate cleaning fish, the Russian inventors came up with and released a completely unique, simple but extremely useful object, which is called "electric fish scaler "a Minute". It is the moment you will need to remove all fish scales. Below are the scaler is "Minute". The photo shows that the tool is made in two colors.

scaler minute reviews

The Advantage of this device

The Scaler electric "Moment" is distinguished by qualities such as:

  • Security
  • Compact,
  • Easy maintenance,
  • Portability,
  • Reliability.

The Model is made of high impact plastic. Rubber coated handle makes the device more convenient in use as top coat prevents it slipping and falling out of his hands. Rubber here also performs a protective function - protects from damage internal mechanism.

Rechargeable fish scaler "a Minute" uses a rechargeable lithium battery – a kind of electric battery that is widely used in complex technical devices, such as cell phones, smartphones. To maintain the device in proper condition you can plug in a charge controller. This mechanism protects the battery from over-charge voltage, not allowing it to overheat.

electric fish scaler minute

Professional Scaler consists of:

  • Tips for cleaning,
  • Casing
  • Battery
  • Handle with a built-in mechanism.

Versatility to use the fish scalers

Electrical appliance you can use both at home and in nature. When fully charged, the device can operate for two hours. This is enough to clean the fish for cooking a full dinner for a big and happy family. Even if you run out of charge, you can take the advantage of charging the battery by car cigarette lighter. In addition, fishing enthusiasts fish scaler "a Moment" feedback is only positive, as it gives the opportunity not really a clean job to do in nature and bring home a ready to cook product. Agree, for the fisherman's wife – it was a miracle! Brought the catch will be only rinsed and put in the pan. While her husband was unpacking, the wife will have time to serve the freshest product. The result is harmony and mutual understanding in the family.

Features fish scalers

The Device, despite the seemingly large size, allows to deal with both large and small fish.

scaler minute photo

Its length is 27 cm, width – 8. Only weighs 690 grams fish scaler electric. The user reviews say that the ergonomic handle fits nice in hand, not a nuisance, is easily held in the hand. In addition, the range of temperatures at which the device can operate, is quite wide: from -10°C to + 50°C. In areas of the Far East and far North in the winter on the street with a scaler will not work, but most of the expanses of our country is quite suitable for the use of electrical devices on the street all year round. Another advantage of fish scalers "Minute" is its ability to work under running water, ie can not be afraid that the device will be damaged if you accidentally get wet.

Electrocity work

See how consistently to work with the device. The scaler is a professional compactly stored in a carrying case, allowing you to keep the appliance clean at all times.

rechargeable fish scaler

For the best cushioning a set Packed in protective tenoplasty layer. Before you start, you need to get the device out of the case. Further, since the scaler with the container, put on and fasten the cover, which prevents the spreading of the scales in the room. Insert the device into the outlet if the work is done at home. Click on the button and put the device to the fish. Quietly begin to move from the tail to the head. Scales are easily removed and compactly stored inside the enclosure. If you fish a lot and the casing is filled, it is necessary to stop the appliance, remove the cover, release it from the accumulated scales, and again set up on the machine. After finishing work, disconnect it from the power outlet, remove the container, rinse it with water, the mill, dried and put back in the case. It is advisable not to leave appliances on water, it ensures long trouble-free operation. In any case, you cannot turn the device on, if you are not wearing a jacket. Be careful and don't let it in the hands of children, as an electrical device equipped with sharp cutter, and if the casing is removed, this could be messy.

Simplicity of operation

If you're holding a fish scaler electric, reviews say that you are a happy owner of the device, which will make cleaning the fish from the tedious practice fun.

professional scaler

Will Not need to collect the scales throughout the apartment, the time for active work takes much less.

Housewives, with admiration noted that with the advent of the electric variety more often began to prepare fish dishes. Even manual fish scalers can boast such ease of use.

Men say that there is no better gift to friends-fishermen than fish scaler "a Minute". The reviews of the specialists recommend to follow the simple safety rules:

  • Not recommended to turn on/off the appliance in the mains with wet hands;
  • It is forbidden to leave unattended the unit;
  • Size...

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