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A Selection of varieties of tomato for growing in home gardens is huge. Some prefer varietal plants, for whom there is nothing better than a hybrid. In this case, all try to choose productive, low-maintenance plants with delicious fruit. These characteristics fully meets tomato “explosion”. Magnificent in its characteristics, the variety is loved by many gardeners. Shrubs that do not require special care, very good yield and great taste of the fruit.


Tomato a “blast” – the result of Russian breeder Kozak Vladimir Ivanovich (he is the originator). Hybrid created on the basis of the known varieties of “white filling”. In 2007 was registered in the State register on the Russian Federation and recommended for personal household plots. It can be grown in all regions of Russia, including in the areas of risky agriculture.

tomatoes on the Bush

Culture was field tested and well-proven for growing in open field and under the film. Variety has been praised for amicable and early fruit formation. It gives a good harvest even in adverse weather conditions. “Explosion” is able to grow and develop in any climate.


Brief description tomato “explosion”

  • Refers to early maturing varieties. From planting in the ground until the appearance of fruits – 100-110 days.
  • Differs friendly crop. The average weight of a tomato is about 200 gram. From one Bush and shoot up to 3 kg of fruit.
  • Tomatoes determinate, stop the growth after tying the first-fruits, not standard, tall spreading shrub to 60 cm
  • The Leaves are medium sized, on the Bush they are few, rich green color. Inflorescence-simple, the peduncle with articulation.
  • Trunk stable, strong, does not need to be tied, and the strengthening of props.
  • Tomato “Bang” - hybrid variety that can be grown outdoors and in greenhouses (in more Northern areas). The hybrid does not give seeds for cultivation.
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions, endures drought. Grows well in any soil.
Preparing seedlings

Characteristic of fruit

Commodity characteristics of tomato “explosion”


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  • Average weight 120 grams, max to 250 grams;
  • Rounded, slightly flattened, with mild ribbing;
  • The fruit is usually 6 seed;
  • The flesh is moderately crisp, the tomatoes are fleshy, with a pleasant aroma;
  • Color of ripe tomatoes solid red;
  • Has a good safety for a long time;
  • In the beds do not crack;
  • Easy to endure transportation over long distances.

Taste good. Fruits are great for eating fresh, salads, purees, juices. Used for pickling, marinating, tomato paste, ketchup. Chopped tomatoes “explosion" of the succulent, has an average dry matter content, contains vitamins C And K, antioxidant lycopene. The fruits belong to the category of dietary products. The distinctive feature – a good combination of sugar and acid contained in the pulp.


The Hybrid is grown in almost all climatic zones of Russia. Know it in Ukraine and in Moldova. Tomato “explosion” can be planted two ways.

Nonseedlings method. Friendly seed germination is very high, it can be sown directly into the soil without prior cultivation of seedlings. Before planting, seeds recommended soaked in melted water, adding aloe juice to keep for up to 6 hours. Enough 1 teaspoon of aloe juice, 200 ml of water. This increases seed germination. The seeds are then dried and sown in warmed soil. In the hole drop to the 3 seed, sprinkle a layer of soil in 1 cm After germination, the seedlings are inspected and leave the strongest seedling. Sown so that the distance between rows was 40 cm and between plants – 50 cm-This method is good for the southern regions. The practice of sowing seeds in small containers with soil nutrient. After sprouting they are planted in the open ground along with the pots. This allows to keep intact root system and to prevent possible diseases that can happen if it is damaged.

Seeds for sowing

Seedling method (recommended). Variety of tomato “explosion” can be grown seedling method. The timing of seeding depend on the region, in the South – late winter-early spring in the North – the end of March - beginning of April.


  • Disinfected seeds manganese solution or aloe Vera juice;
  • Soak the seeds in a growth stimulator;
  • In the oven calcined ground;
  • Seeds are sown in the soil to a depth of 1.5 cm;
  • Cover with foil and expect the germs, under the temperature and water regimes this is happening on 4-5th day;
  • Remove the tape and put the shoots in a well lit warm place, be sure to control the humidity of the soil;
  • After the appearance of 1-2 true leaves are feeding, and dives;
  • A week before planting in open ground is recommended to hold the hardening of seedling;
  • In the garden plants are transplanted in the presence of at least one floral brushes, 6-8 leaves and the height of the Bush is not less than 20 cm;
  • Planting scheme, as for seeding, 40 cm X 50 cm

Usually the age of the seedlings up to 2 months, it's pretty sturdy bushes that are well acclimatized. To plant the seedlings and the greenhouse. Tomatoes of this variety can grow in different soils, they prefer slightly acidic, slightly moist soil.

Seedlings ready for planting in the ground


Tomato a “explosion”, reviews Ogorodnikov proof, is content with minimal care.

  • Plot of land for planting choose a Sunny, moist soil and good air circulation;
  • Moderate watering-twice a week, preferably in the morning or after sunset, you can apply with drip irrigation;
  • Weeding, loosening the soil (after watering or a heavy rain);
  • Fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • Mulching with straw or sawdust;
  • To obtain the large fruit is recommended pasynkovaniya;
  • Timely harvesting will ensure the formation of new ovaries;
  • Good resistance to diseases, eliminates the need for “chemistry”, typically the bushes periodically sprayed with folk remedies.
Tomatoes have great taste


Deficiencies in plants virtually no. The only negative-the inability of seed collection. There are many advantages, no wonder the best hybrid 2016 was voted tomato “explosion”. Reviews practitioners emphasize the following points:

  • Low maintenance;
  • Endures drought and changes in temperature;
  • Hybrid rarely sick, resistant to the vertex and root rot;
  • An early harvest;
  • Ripening of fruit;
  • You can sow the seeds directly into open ground;
  • Yields up to 4 kg per 1 m2;
  • Doesn't need to swordplay;
  • Resistant to disease;
  • Fruits high dietary value;
  • Tomatoes have excellent product qualities: well preserved and kept for a transport, do not crack in a ridge;
  • Versatility of the fruit.


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