What is the standard temperature of hot water in the apartment?


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Hot water is considered part of human comfort, such as electricity, gas, heating. It is used for daily needs.

There are rules of delivery of public services, sanitary standards, which spelled out what the standard temperature of hot water in the apartment should be. All this is regulated by law. What should be the normative temperature of hot water in the flat?

Basic rules

The Normative temperature of hot water in the apartment has Sanjna. This figure may be at the level of 60-75 degrees. Also there are other rules:

  • Not less than 60 degrees – outdoor heating;
  • At least 50 – closed;
  • No more than 75 – for both systems.

the normative temperature of hot water in the apartment

It is this normative temperature of hot water in the apartment must be respected. This is necessary in order to completely eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. But if you set the rate above 55 degrees, there is a risk of scalding. Because of this, hot water is used along with the cold.

The Normative temperature of hot water in the apartment in the winter is not different from target. Residents should monitor this. If it does not meet the standards, it is important to promptly contact authorities to resolve the issue.

And the temperature is above 75 degrees leads to damage to the plastic section of the aqueduct, which is in many modern homes. To reject even a slight increase or decrease in performance. At least always should be, even if communication and heating equipment old. The standard temperature of hot water in the apartment indicated in the contract concluded between the client and the service provider.


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the temperature of hot water in the flat norm

Why it is important to observe temperature?

Temperature Control is an important necessity. Non-compliance with rules leads to consequences:

  • Bacteria: low temperature bacteria evolve very quickly, which is harmful to man;
  • Burn: very hot water may cause damage to the skin, which is important to abide by the rules.

For these reasons should be the normal temperature of hot water in the apartment. The standard allows to ensure the rights of citizens.

what is the standard temperature of hot water in the apartment

Causes of temperature reduction

Though there is a normative temperature of hot water in the apartment, there are still reasons for the possible decrease in temperature:

  • Emergency in the water or communications;
  • The implementation of the prevention and repair of communications network.

When you execute such events, the hot water turned off, it does not affect the quality of people's lives. But there are norms, which indicates the time of maximum outage:

  • 8 hours per month;
  • No more than 4 consecutive hours;
  • No more than 1 day in the accident.

If the deadline were extended, the required conversion of payment for services. Should a decrease in the amount of 0.15%.

Validation rules

Utilities have to comply with the normative temperature of hot water in the apartment. The General position of the document includes validation rules compliance. Residents need to be able to check the temperature of the water. If there are deviations, then you need to file a claim. Test procedure water includes the following steps:

  • Need to open the tap and let the water drain for about 2-3 minutes and during this time will be addressed the cooled liquid;
  • Then we need to pour water in a special Cup;
  • In a container you must load sensitive thermometer scale of 100 degrees;
  • Should wait heating the thermometer, then recorded testimony.

Though the standard temperature is at a range, there may be some deviations. Day rates are different by 3 degrees, and at night to 5. For every 3 degrees is required, the reduction rate of 0.1%.

what should be the normative temperature of hot water in the apartment

Where to go?

If there are deviations from the norm, then you must appeal to the housing and utilities sector. When the reason of the accident, the dispatcher will be notified of the duration of the repair work. If the reasons for reducing the temperature is not, should prepare and submit an application.

The public complaints is fast.To be sure the consideration of the application, you must write its number and record the time of the call, the name of the accepted claim. With perseverance man is bound to take measures to restore water temperature. If it is not greater than 40 degrees, the rate must be like in cold water.

What to do if water of poor quality?

The Temperature is set by SanPiN. The document lists and other rules for ensuring quality of human life. The water should go transparent, without taste and odor. For services are charged, so if something doesn't fit the norms, you need to complain. Where to address if there is poor quality water?

Consumers need to do the following:

  • Should call the emergency services, describing the flow of contaminated water, then it is necessary to ask the Manager, registration number of the application;
  • Within a few days the inspector should come from the company or ZHEU, which is the act of discrepancy of water of adequate quality;
  • If the engineer is absent, you must call the employee domoupravliaiushchii company or neighbors and create a document in which everything is painted.

the normative temperature of hot water in the apartment in the winter

The document has legal effect, therefore, on the basis of compilation of the statement. The complaint should write is almost the same as the temperature. To write the necessary application to the chief of housing inspection, specifying normative legal acts and consideration of the document. Only the reason necessary to identify "bad water".

After that you should receive a reply from the inspector, and you can wait for the decision of problems. Collective application significantly accelerates the procedure, therefore water quality will soon be restored.

Making a complaint

For violation of consumer rights is a claim. You must write it in the conventional way, neat and legible handwriting. It is important to specify who the intended application. Usually the document is drawn up to the head of the management company, which is a supplier of water.

normative temperature of hot water in the apartment during the summer

It is necessary to specify all the facts like phone calls, handling the staff applications, visit the management company. Written complaints are dealt much faster, so the results from them will be noticeable soon. You must save the compiled acts and documents. All this is useful, if there is inaction on the part of the provider.

When you need a recount?

The Normative temperature of hot water in the apartment during the summer does not differ from the generally accepted rules. Due to the tolerances need to be changed the cost over the period during which it had violated the rights of the consumer. There are principles of payment of utilities, which are fixed by Government Decree. There you can find information on the submission of poor quality services, and conditions of payment.

the normative temperature of hot water in the apartment of a General provision

Hot water needs to flow smoothly, and with proper temperature, quality. The recalculation shall be made when a deviation from the norm is 3 degrees. And this applies to raising and lowering temperature. The service cost should be reduced by 0.1%. If the figure is less than 40 degrees, the service is charged as cold water.

To Reduce the amount of days or hours, if water was supplied, it is necessary in the following way:

  • The number of days divided by the number of days in the month;
  • The resulting amount should be multiplied by the rate.

The Answer is the amount that is considered to be a discount for supplying contaminated water. These simple tips will help to deal with all the issues. Such problems should be solved safely, because they are paid personal money. The applications of the consumers usually are satisfied, and the provider improves the quality of services.


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