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Potatoes is the main product used in our diet. Of course, we have to stock up on several bags of this vegetable for the winter. However, you have the opportunity to grow this product in an apartment or a house. And you do not need much space or any special conditions. In this article you will learn how to plant potatoes in bags.

What is the procedure?

how posadil potatoes in bags

It is simple and does not require much time or any special treatment of sprouts. If you have little space in the suburban area or no garden, you throughout the year can make growing potatoes in bags. Place them in the apartment, on the balcony or even in the closet (assuming good lighting).

Of Course, this procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, planting should be prepared in advance. This method is considered to be quite unusual, however it will allow you to obtain your harvest at almost any time, regardless of the season of the year.


growing potatoes in bags

Before you plant potatoes in bags, you should understand what advantages have presented the process. Thus, among the advantages include the following:

- All the “garden” is limited space, so don't take up much space. It all depends on how much yield you want to obtain, and also what number square you're able to select.

- Your plants are practically not damaged by the Colorado potato beetle or any disease.

- With proper care and selection of varieties of potatoes you can get a good harvest.

- requires No weeding or additional processing plants.

- to Produce a fit you can all year round.


planting potatoes in bags

Before you learn how to plant potatoes in bags, you must also understand that what surprises and negative sides of the process you can expect. One can distinguish the following defects are procedures:


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1. Growing potatoes in bags is limited to permitted area. That is, you will not be able to super crop and provide a lot of product.

2. In order to harvest, you will need to buy soil, and it is additional expenses.

3. The number of potatoes may not match what was described in the source of information. That is, the crop may not meet your expectations.

4. Need extra amount of soil during the growth of the bushes.

5. Note that the used soil you will need to do something with. To do it hard enough, if you live in an apartment.

Basically, if you decide to perform a procedure such as planting potatoes in bags, you can try this. Themselves with this vegetable for a while you will be able to provide. However, Tinker will have a whole year. Although will not need to buy poison for the Colorado potato beetle, weeding and hilling bushes, but occasionally need to carry out irrigation, to add fertilizer.

Preparation of soil and bags

potatoes in bags reviews

Before you plant potatoes in bags, be sure to purchase containers and soil. If you don't have special bags that have flaps, holes through which out excess water, then you can sew them yourself or purchase on the market. Most often used for planting containers from sugar. Drain you can do it yourself.

Note that the container should be filled with humus or well-fertilized soil. It is best to close the bags had any support. It can be wall or specially prepared rods. The place where the plant should be protected from the wind. However, it must be well publicized.

Note that planting potatoes in bags should be done only when all the roots are sprouted. To do this, simply lay the potatoes in a warm and well-lit place for two weeks. But if the shoots are very thin and brittle, the potatoes take to planting is not necessary.


"Potato bags" - reviews of this method of cultivation are not always positive, it is a special way to produce a crop. To begin to sort this vegetable should be used. It is best to buy these types of potatoes: “Slavyanka”, “Bellarosa”, “Santa”. These varieties can grow in almost any conditions.

Planting potatoes in bags is very simple. First, loosen the edges of bags, making it easy for you to fill them in soil mix. Next you should fill the container with soil. It doesn't need too much. Enough only 40 cm Then the fruits should be spread on the soil surface. The eyes of the potatoes should look up. Well, if the seed of fruit has appeared the germs.

Now the potatoes need to fill the layer of soil. It should not exceed a height of 20 cm Then well pour the mixture.

Care and harvesting

 potatoes planted in the bag

Note that if the potatoes planted in the bag, it does not mean that it does not need to look. As soon as the roots begin to sprout, then the young green leaves will need to be further backfilled with soil. This should be done for every "grown up" 7 inches of the Bush. While the upper leaves should be visible. Stop podsypaniem the soil is necessary when the edges of the bag will be not less than 10 cm. This procedure ensures good development of tubers and replaces the standard hilling of beds. Although not all gardeners are advised to fill up the ground. It is argued that in this case, the more intense grows the stalk, not the tubers.

Another feature of the care is that the bushes need to be watered regularly, as a natural source of moisture they will have. Already somewhere in the middle of summer you will be able to gather the first harvest. If the bags common, after the tops wither, you just need to shake the ground with the fruit. Note that this way you can grow potatoes all year round. The main thing is to provide good lighting and thermal regime of the bushes, and occasionally water them.

That's all the features of the procedure. Now only you can choose whether to engage in such work. Good luck!


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