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Egrip – the state register, which contains registration information about the IP. Learn the information contained in it, excluding personal information of a natural person, was an entrepreneur, can any interested person.

The Concept about the egrip

egrip - it

This abbreviation means "Unified state register of IP”.

It the order specified in the Federal law “On the state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs”. It is set both for newly registered entrepreneurs, and for those that have worked in that capacity and decided to close the case.

Features of the work of individual entrepreneurs in Russia

In our country the legitimate business activities can be only after the state registration of the physical person as IP. This distinguishes Russia from other countries in which such activities special certificates of entry in the unified register is not required.

Thus, egrip – is the only legal way in our country to become a entrepreneur.

Information collected by the registry

This registry contains a large amount of data on entrepreneurs. Their authenticity is verified by the staff of the FTS.

Information from egrip can get the PI for free or any interested person for a fee.

extract from egrip

Basic information in the registry:

  • That identifies the individual entrepreneur: surname and initials (full first name and patronymic);
  • Gender;
  • Data of birth: date and place;
  • The address of permanent residence in the country;
  • Information of ID card resident or non-resident of the Russian Federation;
  • Date: the date the physical entity was registered as SP;
  • Licensing information;
  • The timing and methods of closure SP;
  • INN and details of IFNS, where was carried out the production of IP on the account;
  • NACE;
  • Date of registration of the insurer to appropriate the funds.

Why you might need to extract from egrip?

As already mentioned, it has the right to demand Sam Yip, as well as any interested persons. The latter, for example, can carry out verification activities of a specific entrepreneur.


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Information from the register is necessary in carrying out financial calculations and transactions and other types of contracts. Preparation of the extract helps to protect from risks when working with contractors.

The PI statement can be used in the following cases:

  • When you open R/Sch the Bank and conduct transactions through them;
  • When taking part in tenders, public tenders, obtaining of credits and loans;
  • When signing contracts and other cases requiring verification of lawful activity;
  • Registration of licenses and permits;
  • When implementing property transactions;
  • If necessary, attendance in court as any party to the dispute.

Extract from unified state register of tax inspection on request of the individual entrepreneur or the person concerned. In addition it can be provided with duplicates of documents requested or a certificate of absence of needed data.

Bank account statement

extract from egrip from the IRS

To perform this action you need to contact the IRS at the place of residence. Information relating to secret, will be granted to those entrepreneurs, who extract from egrip is available.

To obtain documents you must submit an application in free form, results is 5 working days (for urgent order, then 1-2 days). In addition, with the application can be accessed via the Internet, which you need to obtain the key of electronic signature.

With a personal visit to the tax document can be issued in both paper and electronic form. The first of them can get to the IRS or the post office. On it, by the way, you can order information from egrip, sending a request from any post office.

In this case, you must specify the following information:

  • Full or abbreviated (initials) identifying information of IP by name;
  • INN or OGRN.

The Person requesting the information must provide a receipt confirming payment of the registration fee.

In Addition, the Internet has many companies for a certain amount of help to get a statement for a shorter period.

Also to apply for the issuance of basic information on IP, see "review of counterparty” on the website of the FTS. But, you need to keep in mind that without electronic signature this statement will have legal force.

Thus, we have considered the main ways of egrip to receive a statement.

The duration of the document

Normative-legal basis for regulation no. However, experience suggests that stakeholders accept the document, which was issued not more than 30 days ago.

In some cases, this period may be reduced to 3 days.

Thus, egrip – the register of entrepreneurs, which is an extract for any interested parties.

What you need to get

IP in egrip

It is mandatory to be paid stamp duty. And if you receive a document you will need to submit the document proving the identity.

If you declare and get a statement for IE is a third-party entity, then it is needed notarized power of attorney.


Let's Consider an extract from egrip. Placed in the article sample is not identifying a specific person, but common.

The Document is a table. In her first key data, which indicate:

  • OGRN;
  • Was;
  • Status (valid or not)
  • Full name

The following are the registration details:

  • OGRN;
  • Status;
  • In case of IP dormant, is the time of termination of activities (date);
  • View of the entrepreneur (left since when were private entrepreneurs and individual entrepreneurs without legal entity formation);
  • The name of the authority, which is the case;
  • GRIP (OGRN matching in all other cases);
  • The date on which was made the entry in the egrip.

Next, you specify information that identifies an individual:

  • Specify OGRN towards the entrepreneur.
  • Full name of the citizen in the Russian and Latin languages;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Gender;
  • GRIP;
  • The date when the record in egrip were made.

Provides information about citizenship:

  • OGRN;
  • Type of citizenship (citizen of which country is IP);
  • GRIP;
  • The date when the record in egrip were made.

The Following specifies the document ID.

How to get extract from egrip

Followed by information about NACE. First provides information about the main types of activities, then additional. These are listed in the standard forms:

  • According to the code;
  • The type of information (primary or secondary activity);
  • GRIP;
  • The date when the record in egrip was made.

Behind them, you specify information about when the registration to the IRS:

  • OGRN;
  • Was;
  • Date of registration in IFNS;
  • The reason for registration;
  • Date of deregistration (if it was not, the field is left blank);
  • The reason for the withdrawal (like the previous point);
  • The name of the tax authority;
  • GRIP;
  • The date when the record in egrip were made.

The Following information on registration in Pension Fund of Russia:

  • OGRN;
  • Name of the physical person;
  • Registration number to the FIU;
  • Date of registration;
  • Date of de-registration (to be completed if it has been implemented);
  • The name of territorial body PFR;
  • GRIP;
  • Date: the date in egrip has been recorded.

Similar data are provided by FSS and FOMS. Can be added information about licenses.

If the IP was registered before 01.01.2004, necessarily entered data on record in egrip:

  • GRIP;
  • OGRN (corresponds GRIP);
  • Name of the physical persons, registered as individual entrepreneurs;
  • The date when the record in egrip were made;
  • Status;
  • In connection with which the record was made;
  • The name authority record.
Data from egrip

These events, which were made of record, there may be several, each of them provides information, built similarly.

In conclusion

Thus, egrip – base...

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