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This time we'll look at samples of extracts from the house register. What are the documents called? Why they can be useful? What is information display? The answers to these questions (and not only) will be found below. In fact, obtaining extracts from the house book is nothing special or supernatural. Especially for those who properly prepare for the procedure.
samples of extracts from the house book


What is this document? It is necessary to understand first.

This reference paper, which carries information about living in the apartment. Full data on family composition. A duplicate of the data on registration of citizens in a particular housing.

Also in the statement the prescribed form is written information not only about the owner, but his relatives registered on the territory of the apartment or house.


Reference (extract) from the house are of several types. Not so much as it seems.

Among the varieties studied the papers are the following types of document:

  • Common;
  • Advanced.

What does each type of certificate of registration? This will be discussed below.

where to get the excerpt from the book

General statement

Let's Start with the most simple. We are talking about ordinary samples of extracts from the house register. It looks like and what has this paper?

The Usual reference from the house register - a paper that included information about the persons living in the apartment at the moment. That is, today. No more specific information in the paper.


Extended excerpt from the book a bit different from the previously proposed option. But what?

It is Easy to guess that in this sample document, more information about the tenants. And indeed it is. In the extended reference types are specified the data about all the people that have registered on the housing.

This type of paper is usually issued with information for a certain period of time. It indicates the applicant when filing the request.

Where to take?

Where can I get the excerpt from the book? A simple answer to this question does not work. Because of the help of established forms are issued in various organs. Where can I go for help?
an extended excerpt from the book

Today, citizens can order extracts from the house register in the following locations:

  • Managers of the company;
  • Housing organization;
  • Hoo;
  • Multi-function centres;
  • Passport offices;
  • Passport and visa centers;
  • FMS;
  • Immigration departments.

But that's not all. Citizens may apply for the issuance of a study paper on the Internet. This option offers the portal "public Services". Extract will be ordered without a visit to the organization. All that will remain to the applicant, to obtain the finished result at the time of registration authority.


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Who is eligible?

Not every citizen can obtain a certificate of registration. This option was available only to a specific circle of persons.

It turns Out that no extended excerpt from the book, not her usual type third party order cannot. Similar service is available only if registration of securities is carried out through a representative. And nothing else.

In General, the list of possible recipients of the statements can be represented as follows:

  • Homeowners;
  • All registered in the apartment of the person;
  • Legal representatives of the previously listed categories of citizens.

As you can see, it's very simple. And if properly prepared, the ordering document will have no problems.

excerpt from the book MFC


But before you can understand your request, you need to understand what information is contained in the samples of extracts from the house register. Consider the data in General terms.

In the ordinary certificate of registration can be seen:

  • Full name all spelled out in the parties;
  • Date of birth of residents;
  • Place of the previous registration;
  • Citizen;
  • Passport data of the living;
  • The occupation of tenants;
  • Military service.

We Can say that the statement is a copy of the house book, presented in a convenient for the citizen form. In advanced types of the document also contain information about discharge residents.

The List of required

To request an extract from the house register (in the IFC or any other organization from the above list - not so important) requires submission of a specific list of securities. To order a certificate will fail.

Fortunately, the documentation not so much. The applicant will need:

  • ID;
  • Birth certificate (for children);
  • Documents of title to the apartment;
  • House book (usually kept in the archives of the criminal code);
  • The warrant for the apartment (if housing municipal).

Also the issuing authority may require a power of attorney (if the citizen requesting the certificate through a representative). This is a normal phenomenon. To pay for the production of reference established forms is not required. This is a free service.

help an excerpt from the book


As a valid extract from the house register (the samples you can see in the article)? To understand this question is also important.

In most cases, the document is valid for one month. The countdown starts after the extract will be given to the applicant. In exceptional cases, the certificate of registration is valid for only 14 days. But in practice this is quite rare.

Order of execution

We figured out where to get the excerpt from the book. Now let's see how to get it. It's very simple. Just follow the instructions:

  1. To Prepare the documents. The list of necessary to provide the service we have already studied.
  2. To Write an application for issuance of a certificate.
  3. To request.
  4. To Take a statement. To obtain a passport is required.

Normally, a document is made a few minutes. If you order an extract from the house register in the DCP, will have to wait 1-2 days. Advanced type document will be issued 3-4 days after treatment for him.

"public Services" and references

Some decide to order the document through the "public Services". An excerpt from the book using this method will be done faster. If the user has an active profile, you can resort to Internet technologies for the realization of ideas.

Instructions for ordering paper is as follows:

  1. Pass the authorization on the website of state Services.
  2. Type in the search bar "from the house".
  3. Choose the service "Obtaining statements from...".
  4. Click the "to...".
  5. Fill in the on-screen request form.
  6. Click "Send".
  7. Take in a pre-selected on the prepared statement after receiving the warning in your "Personal Cabinet" on the portal.

Done! Now it is clear how to obtain the certificate of registration without much difficulty. This is not the most difficult task.


Below you can explore a sample of an extract from the house register. This information can be useful in the implementation of the main mass of legally significant housing transactions.

public services extract from the house register

Now clear how to obtain the studied paper. And where to take them too. Each owner will be able to cope with the task.


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