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Side is on a small Peninsula between the village of Manavgat and Antalya. It is bordered by the Taurus mountains. Holiday in Turkey, every tourist can see from a close distance of their amazing beauty, making Hiking on various mountain trails. At the foot of the mountains is a flat strip of land, blending smoothly into the stunning beach coast.side sights

The city's historical past is incredibly interesting. It was founded in the VII century BC, since the capture of the city by Greek immigrants. Two centuries later, during the Persian hegemony, there had his own coins. Alexander the great conquered the city in 334 BC, and its inhabitants put to the General weapons without resistance. Then the city fell into the power of the Ptolemies, after which – the Seleucids. Further side was part of Pergamum, he went away with him to Rome.

After 6 centuries since the founding of the city became the center of entertainment, culture and Commerce. After 100 years of the Cilician pirates captured him, made him notorious largest center of the slave trade. The Roman General Pompey in 67 BC the pirates dealt, restoring the reputation of the city, for which the grateful inhabitants erected a statue in his honor. From that moment began the Roman period of the city, after which he started to blossom.

The Many side sights

It is Clear that a city that has such a rich past, has a huge Arsenal of all sorts of attractions. Here, every era has left its mark. Historical monuments attract tourists from all over the world. When this combined with the beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels and clean sea stay here — it's just the most memorable.side attractions


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Considering the attractions side, we should mention the remains of fortress walls, ancient streets, aqueducts, ancient theatre, public toilets and baths of the Roman era — it will make you forget that now is the XXI century. You will take the imagination to the arena theatre, which held fights of gladiators, where slaves threw a predatory animal to be eaten with the purpose of entertainment. It is likely that in the beautiful garden, hear the murmur of the fountain, feel the aroma of fragrant flowers. Studying side sights, you will also be able to feel like a servant of the Church, and their Anatolian land is rich.

You will be amazed by the temples of Athena and Apollo, which was built in Corinthian style made of marble. Images printed on coins, it is revealed that these two attractions side belonged to Athena and Apollo - the two most important gods. It is believed that major temple belonged to the goddess, and the smaller — Apollo, as on the coins of the God standing in front of the small temple Athena on the palm keeps the layout of the large structure. Near them also was the temple of Maine – the moon-God.

attractions side TurkeyAbout built in honour of Vespasian's triumphal arch is a fountain. In its niches are sculptures of the Emperor and other statesmen – other places of interest. Turkey, side, especially, as you know, is rich in them. Finish of this fountain includes the facade, which is three-tiered, decorative columns, gutters in each recess between the columns, the ceiling, the plates on which was depicted the head of a jellyfish and fishes in the lower part with a wide acanthus and face parts with embossed shapes of dolphins. Here the water supply was provided from nearby areas with lead pipes. This fountain side, the sights are simply amazing, was considered the most expensive and luxurious fountain of Anatolia.

A Large number of necropolises located outside the city. This place is situated tombs and grave - monuments in the form of temples, as well as modest sarcophagi. Niches in mausoleums are marble sarcophagi.

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