Water Park "Olimpik"(Kaliningrad): description of attractions with photos. Does the aquatic center today?


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The Discovery of a large entertainment complex – it is always the real event for the whole city and its environs. It was so when I was commissioned a Park «Olympique». Kaliningrad and all the surrounding areas were delighted to have celebrated this event. What rides can boast of the entertainment center and if it works today?

Hotel and water Park «Olympique» (Kaliningrad): photo and description of the complex

water Park Olympic KaliningradA Few years ago in Kaliningrad, Moscow Avenue was opened modern hotel complex. Under the proud title of “Olympic” were United not only rooms of different comfort levels, but also all sorts of entertainment, restaurant and everything you need guests for a comfortable stay. There is also a private water Park “Olympic”. Kaliningrad before the opening of this hotel was not so large area of water activities, and often residents had to travel to the European aquacentre. The hotel complex itself is a 3 star, but in spite of this fact, it boasts cosy accommodation and good level of service.

Rides of water Park and related entertainment

water Park Olympic Kaliningrad closedA Complex of water attractions located on the area of 2500 square meters. It consists of three pools, multiple slides of different difficulty levels and a variety of attractions: geysers, fountains and installations of hydromassage. The water Park is not boring to spend the whole day. There is swimming pool with four lanes and a water fun area. There will be rides for every taste, among them high-speed descents and the usual roller coaster that will appeal to those who do not seek to obtain the maximum dose of adrenaline. Park «Olympique» (Kaliningrad) boasts artificial “river” with the effect of currents, Jacuzzi, hydromassage installations for all areas of the body, built into a large pool. Relax after a swim and a visit to the water rides, visit a Turkish bath or Finnish sauna. Guests may also use the medical diagnosis, manual therapy and beauty salon.


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Does a complex of water entertainment today?

water Park Olympic Kaliningrad photoBack in 2014 in a press there were messages that the Park «Olympique» (Kaliningrad) was closed. If you believe the media, its work on the complex stopped suddenly, without notice. Season ticket holders for regular sports classes came in one day to the next exercise and found a large inscription “closed”. Of course, this situation angered all residents of the city, as today in Kaliningrad there are no other similar equipment at the aquatic centers. It is worth noting that after the water Park is still open. And then closed again. The administration of the hotel complex has not commented on the situation. Don't forget about the fact that the hotel and water Park «Olympique» (Kaliningrad) have long been offered for sale. May be in new hands after the rebrand the complex will delight residents and visitors of the city's more interesting attractions and entertainment.

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