The hotel "Russia", Nalchik: description, rooms, features and reviews


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The Hotel «Russia» (Nalchik) - one of the largest in all of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic. It is located in the heart of the famous resort. The proximity of cultural and business facilities is an additional benefit that gives its guests the hotel «Russia». The city of Nalchik is always happy to welcome guests.

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He is a large Russian city, the capital of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, located at the foot of the Caucasus mountains (400=600 m above sea level).

This is a major balneological and mountain resort. Recreation zone covers approximately 1/4 of its territory. In Nalchik there are up to 40 sanatoriums, boarding houses, rest houses and camp sites. In addition to the mud and mineral springs, to the guests invited to the amusement Park, artificial lake (4), Park, ropeway, Racecourse and zoo. The presence of scenic mountains around the city offers for tourists to climbing and equestrian walks. Especially popular are the routes in V. Balkaria, to the Blue lakes, thermal springs, Valley of narzans, in the Chegem gorge. Nearby mount Elbrus (the highest peak of Europe) national Park «Elbrus region”.

hotel Russia Nalchik


Today, the Nalchik is a center of tourism, skiing and mountaineering national and international level. In the city centre houses many Inns and hotels rooms which can be booked at the right price. In Nalchik there are 26 hotels of different price categories: you can book rooms as low-cost institutions, and premium objects. Room rates depend on location and provide level of comfort, as well as proximity to popular attractions.


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the phone number of the hotel Russia in Nalchik

One of the most popular accommodation options for tourists is the hotel «Russia» (Nalchik).


The Hotel «Russia» (Nalchik) does not neglect any of his guests. Tourists, who prefer the hotel remain pleasantly surprised by the local service and provides comfort. The hotel «Russia» (Nalchik), meets visitors at any time of the day with great hospitality, providing them with all necessary services. Who drive on the territory of the hotel complex you can always use guarded Parking. In the morning, residents have the opportunity to have Breakfast in the hotel cafe "Amigo" and from there admire the views from its Windows a gorgeous view of the main square, which is one of the city's popular attractions. For those who are planning to explore the famous places of Kabardino-Balkaria, tour Desk, located in the hotel building.

The Hotel «Russia» (Nalchik): description

The Hotel is situated in the city center, 5 min. walk from the square of the 400th anniversary and Gorky Park. Features it offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi (free). The rooms have air conditioning and a TV, and bathrooms. Some rooms feature a balcony, fridge.

hotel Russia city Nalchik

In the hotel's café serves local cuisine. Front Desk (full-time) are recorded on tours in Kabardino-Balkaria. 5 min. walk from the hotel are various shops and cafes. Guests can enjoy free Parking.

The Hotel «Russia», Nalchik, address: Lenina, 32 - is 1 km from the station railway and 4.5 km from the city airport. According to independent expertise, the hotel provided the most optimal in ratio of price and quality. Compared to other options the hotel «Russia», Nalchik (phone: +7 866 277-53-78), offers more for the same money.

Optionally, can be reached by Fax. Room of «Russia» in Nalchik, where you can send a Fax: +7 (8662) 775378.


  • To the city center distance from hotel is 0.1 km
  • From the hotel to the airport - 3.5 km.
  • Railway station from the hotel «Russia» separated by the distance of 1 km.

Basic services

The Hotel complex provides vacationers a very diverse range of services. The phone number of the hotel «Russia» in Nalchik, in which you can contact if the need arises to make an order: +7 929 885 68 85.

The List of basic services provided by any hotel, consists of:

  • Cleaning of the rooms;
  • Laundry room.
  • Storage;
  • Telephony
  • The Internet

room of Russia in Nalchik


The Hotel complex offers residents:

  • ATMs and POS terminals (credit cards accepted).
  • Guarded Parking lot.
  • Spa.
  • Massage and dental offices.
  • Shopping complex.
  • The Barber.
  • Meeting room (holds 40 guests).
  • Chiropractic Office.
  • Gynecological clinic.
  • Tour and travel Bureau.
  • Offices (air and railway).
  • Taxi.
  • Long-distance communication.
  • Copy and print documents.
  • His bakery.

Food & drink

  • Breakfast in their rooms.
  • Bar.
  • A restaurant.

Types of rooms

  • Economy.
  • Standard (1-seater and 2-seater).
  • Standard Plus.
  • Junior.
  • Suite.
  • Apartment.

 Russia hotel g Nalchik

The rooms

Amenities include in room guests receive:

  • TV;
  • Bathroom;
  • Table (working);
  • Heating;
  • Wardrobe (clothing);
  • Toilet
  • Towels
  • Lingerie.

The Hotel «Russia» (Nalchik): prices, rooms description

The Cost of rooms varies between 1 375 RUB.

  • Economy 1-local (category 3). the Breakfast is not included. 1 room with sink, shower and toilet for common use. Price: 1 375 RUB.
  • Economy 2-person (3 category). Breakfast is not included. 1 room with sink, shower and toilet for common use. Price: 1 875руб.
  • Standard 1-local. Recommended for business travelers, people who travel alone. Provided the best combination of price and quality. Area: 15 sq. m. Equipment: a 1 - or 1,5-sleeping bed, TV, refrigerator, wardrobe (built-in), air-conditioning, bathroom (with bathtub, toilet, sink), Slippers and Bathrobe are available upon request. Price: 2 500 RUB.
  • Standard 2 seater. Is a smart choice for those travelling in a pair, and also for corporate travel. Cozy room (out of view to the Central square), which offers a perfect combination of comfort, proximity to point of interest of business or culture and price. Area: 17 sqm Equipment: single beds (2), refrigerator, bathroom (with bathtub, toilet, sink), air conditioning, wardrobe (built-in), Slippers and Bathrobe are available upon request. Price: 3 000 RUB.
  • Standard Plus. a Comfortable, clean room which is a great choice for couples. Area: 18 sq. m Equipment: double bed, TV, fridge, bathroom (with bathtub, toilet, sink), a wardrobe (built-in), air conditioning, Slippers and Bathrobe are available upon request. Price: 3000-4000 rubles.

Russia hotel g nal phone

  • Suite. Is a spacious room designed for people who appreciate comfort and aesthetics and staying in long or short-term trip. The silence of the VIP-zone, which is a room guarantees rest after a busy day. Area: 30 sq. m. Equipment: refrigerator, bed (double ), TV, bathroom (with bathtub, toilet, sink), air conditioning, wardrobe (built-in), Slippers (disposable) and a Bathrobe. Price: 4 000 rubles.
  • Suite. Rooms are excellent spacious rooms with designer décor, the relevant requirements of the business class. Are in a separate VIP-zone, provided the use of keys to electronic access. Features a French balcony, from which opens a beautiful view. Option 1. Area: 75 sq. m. Equipment: bedroom - single beds (2), furniture, dishes, carpet, TV, air conditioning in the room, bar, sofas (2), armchair, table, stool, window (large picture). Option 2. Area: 42 sq. m. Equipment: two rooms, TV, air conditioner, living room – a table, sofa, armchair, fridge; in the bedroom – the bed (double); bathroom (with toilet, washbasin, bath), wardrobe (built-in), Slippers (disposable), Bathrobe. Price: 4000-5000 rubles.
  • Apartment. High comfort rooms provided comfort to the working office and home environment. Dimensions...

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