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Adygeya – this is a world for tourists. The Northern part is plain and the southern foothills and mountains of the greater Caucasus. Almost half of the territory of the Republic (40%) is covered with forests, which grow beeches, oaks, maples and hornbeam noble. The climate here is moderately warm, in summer to +28, and in winter -2 degrees. Separately should be said about the thermal springs of Adygea. Their visit – this is not only interesting and educational adventure, but also a way to improve springs of Adygea

Ozdoravlivayuschim resources of the Republic of Adygea

Whatever time of year you choose, the weather will please you for sure. There is never sweltering heat or a burning frost, almost always remains clear weather, and winter is pleased with the abundance of snow. These climatic characteristics together with the pure mountain air saturated with the phytoncides of coniferous trees, make the terrain in a natural inhalatorium, where everyone can recuperate and stock up on health. The thermal springs of Adygea is located in the village of Tula. Here they are a large number, formally referred to as 14, but there is “wild”, which just beat out of the ground and not equipped. Their visit may not be too comfortable, but absolutely springs of Adygea base

Origins, or Where did the thermal springs of Adygea

It goes back to the days of the USSR. It was then that the geologists carried out the exploration in the foothills of the Caucasus. When drilling was uncovered aquifers with hot water (about 100 degrees). Because that's not what was the ultimate objective of intelligence, well preserved, and then completely forgot about them. As time went on, and left without a care well began to leak. Locals find a hot spring, equipped it with a simple "bathing". But soon the composition of water became interested in people with entrepreneurial spirit. The analysis has shown that it is not only not harmful, but also beneficial to human health. Wells began to snap up and around them to build recreation centers and sanatoriums. The thermal springs of Adygea began to gain popularity among the citizens of Russia and neighboring countries.


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What season is better to choose

Here is good any time of year, but if you want to give yourself a story, then choose the winter months. There is a fluffy snow, the temperature is slightly below zero, and in the pool +40. From the water steam rises, creating a sauna effect. You can get out and dive into the snow and play in the snow, and then again in the water. In addition, the possibility of skiing and snowboarding. It turns out that here is combined all that is best in the summer and winter vacation. By the way, summer is long here. In mid-October here is still very warm, you can swim and sunbathe under the bright springs Adygea white nights

Useful properties of the local thermal springs

Their waters have restorative and preventive properties, therefore very beneficial for healthy people as well as for rehabilitation after illness. Surprisingly easy Caucasian hot springs relieves stress and strain, so after a hard week postpone the trip to the restaurant and come here. This weekend will quickly bring you back to life.

All this we owe to the hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium composition and increased content of silicic acid. It's a wonderful combination: it turns out the taste of spring, the purity of the melt and the bactericidal properties of silver water. It dissolves the toxins and salt deposits, helps to eliminate sand from the liver and kidneys, the gall bladder. Finally, it is perfectly strengthens the immune system.

It Turns out that the indications for external use can be diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, female reproductive, respiratory systems. Ingestion gives good results in gastritis and gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract, pancreatitis.floral Adygea thermal springs

Recreation: where to go to rest

Many travel companies offer tours to hot springs. Adygea, the base of which grow like mushrooms after rain attracts tourists the possibility of a budget holiday, which allows also to improve health. They offer different conditions, the first option is the ability to rent a house and spend a weekend or holiday. It is quite expensive, about 6,000 per day. If you come for one day, then there is no need to rent a house for this purpose, the guest pavilions. They can warm up, dry off, sit at the table and calmly eat. Is such a pleasure much cheaper.

Hot springs Mosty district

The First database, which is widely known – “Aqua-Vita”. There are two pools, for adults and children, massage showers. The grounds are well equipped with gazebos, barbecues, heated pavilions, private, for a small company. The prices here vary considerably depending on days of the week. On weekdays you pay 500 per person per entrance at the weekend - 800, and the holidays - 1200 rubles. In addition, you pay for being in a warm pavilion of 2,000 rubles for a table. Practically the same conditions apply to the neighboring base “Anastasia”. Only more loyal pricing policy. Cost 800 rubles did not change during the holidays and weekends and no extra fee is required for visiting the warm pavilion.

In their background is substantially different base is “the farm”. Neat area, the possibility to rent a room or reserve a table in the common room, from which it is possible for the channel to swim in the pool. On the basis of a tavern. The cost is very pleasing: 430 rubles for adults and 230 children. Minus – a large number of tourists, in the common room areas are sorely springs Adygea POS Tula

Go to the thermal springs (Adygea, a settlement Tul)

Open the database was in 2009, and immediately fell in love with the locals. It is very comfortable. Unlike many databases, which are based on heated pool and pavilion, it offers 4 cottages with 16 rooms, where you will stay for 2 tourists. Might make another one or two at pleasure. All rooms are equipped with furniture and appliances. So, if you can comfortably decide to visit the thermal springs (Adygea), “White nights” is exactly what you need. You can come for a few days, while keep in mind that weekdays are cheaper 2000 rubles per person. Weekends and holidays – 2800 and 3000, respectively. This is the cost for a complete rest with hot three meals a day. There is a possibility of occasional visits (from 12:00 to 22:00) - 250 rubles on weekdays and 300 on the weekend.

Often the guides, calling address, said, ‘Flower Village (Adygeya)”. The thermal source can really be attributed to the territory of both settlements as they are located nearby. This villages of Tula and Floral. If the first is famous for its comfortable rest, the other tourists also do not deprive their attention. Here is the Institute of floriculture and subtropical crops, and the most interesting is a visit to these tea plantations. Nearby is a tea Museum and tasting room. The impression that it is because of this and the name of the village – Flower (Adygea). Thermal springs on its territory, too, have a ticket they can get in any of the local travel agencies.

village flower of Adygea thermal source

“Wild” thermal springs

Them on the territory of Adygea lot. In particular, there are Red between the villages of Dagestan and Nizhny Novgorod. Hot water runs from the top of the damaged wells and into the shallow ditch, where it cools to about 40 degrees. The depth of the natural puddle about half a meter, the bottom is covered with silt, and all well – a thick coating of minerals. Swim here – a dubious pleasure, to bathe, in addition to the rare tourists come cows. Take a shower and change of clothes anywhere. Just above is another way of lukewarm mineral water, which is beautifully lined with stones.


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