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The Hotel Metropol (Moscow) is a decoration of the capital and one of the main buildings Theatre square, which is historically valuable for the city. Today this hotel is one of the most famous in the capital. He celebrated the anniversary of 110 years and is proud of its history!

History of the hotel

Surprisingly, on the very spot, where now is situated the hotel "Metropol" (Moscow), previously occupied by a hotel. It worked baths, and the place was very popular among the residents of the city. At the end of the XIX century the hotel was sold out. In his place the plan was to build a new hotel complex that would meet the level of culture of Moscow.

Only at that time the owner of the hotel "Metropol" in Moscow – S. I. Mamontov. He chose the project of architect V. Walcot, after which construction began. Alas, Mamontov was not destined to implement this brilliant idea, he was convicted on charges of embezzlement and soon lost his fortune. The new owners have rebuilt the old complex, making a series of adjustments to the project Walikota. The opening took place in 1905.

hotel Metropol Moscow

The Hotel at the time was a luxury. Guests were offered such rarities as telephone and walk-in coolers, and all the rooms were spacious and decorated each in her unique style. Soon the hotel was opened and the cinema, which only further surprised the guests of the city.

During the establishment of Soviet power in the hotel did not work for its intended purpose. Here is a Second house of Soviets. It was not until 1930, after which the complex once again became a hotel of high level.


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Architectural value of the complex

Moscow – is not just the capital and historical center of Russia. Each building represents a value. This also applies to such buildings as "Metropol" (hotel Moscow). The history of the complex began in an era when the fashion was modern. His spirit is felt especially in the exterior of the building.

The Murals inside were done by such famous artists as Vasnetsov and Korovin. The interior decoration in different styles as it was originally planned Mamontov. The whole complex appears to the visitor as a historically valuable architectural ensemble. A special place is occupied majolica panels. Among them – the work of the "Princess Dream", performed by Vrubel and now transferred to the Tretyakov gallery. Earlier this piece of art on the facade could admire any passer-by.hotel Metropol Moscow address

Also a big plus of the hotel is its location. Directly on the theatre square, a few steps from the Kremlin stands the hotel "Metropol" (Moscow). The address: Teatralny proezd, building 2.

The Number of rooms

As mentioned above, the rooms were originally decorated in different styles and is distinguished by its elegance and luxury. Today Metropol-hotel (Moscow), which offers six accommodation options. All rooms described below. There's even room level "standard" is able to impress guests. As it has been historically conceived, there are saved the differences between rooms of the same level. That is, none of them like another.

  • Standard Room area of 25 m2.
  • Superior Room with an area of 30 m2.
  • Room "Junior Suite" with an area of 45 m2.
  • Room "Executive Suite" from 56 m2.
  • "Grand Suite" - 85 m2.
  • Room "presidential Suite" with an area of 92.2 m2.

The apartment features antique furniture, chandeliers and other details. They are all made in a classic style.


Glory to build not only stylistic decoration and the modern equipment of the time. Hotel "Metropol" (Moscow) – this is the variety of rooms. What they look like today and what is it used for?Metropol Moscow hotel

The hotel has nineteen different rooms, large and small. They are used for all kinds of events. It banquets, presentations, meetings and so on. The staff claim that their approach in working with both small groups of 15 people and a large number of guests to a few hundred will not leave anyone indifferent.

Famous guests

The Hotel has seen many guests of high level. In my time here lived Alexander Kuprin, and the great composer Sergei Prokofiev. The rooms stayed Mao Zedong, Marlene Dietrich, Pierre Cardin, Michael Jackson, Julio and Enrique Iglesias, Placido Domingo and others.

In 1991 the hotel was re-opened in its original form. He was also evaluated by a special Commission which awarded him a well-deserved rating of five stars.

The hotel

The Complex of works on system "buffet". They are served with special delicacy. The variety of dishes will surprise any customer and the harp in the morning will set the right mood, and the day will be just fine. Differently and can not be, after all, it's Moscow!

The Hotel "Metropol" offers its guests to taste delicious dishes in the restaurant "Sava" from chef A. Shmakov. To eat you can not only when staying.Metropol hotel Moscow history

The hotel also has a bar. Here, guests can plunge into the romantic atmosphere and spend the evening withscope. For those who do not want to leave the room, reasonable food delivery service. The supply is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Additional services

The hotel has everything to ensure that guests of the capital felt welcome. Among the services:

  • Fitness centre.
  • Free Internet
  • Pool.
  • Sauna.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Parking.

For guests with disabilities are all conditions for a comfortable stay.hotel Metropol Moscow photo

Great attention is paid to the administration of seasonal discounts and various promotions. Some are held with the participation of the Bolshoi theatre, to get to play which will help "Metropol" (hotel Moscow). Reviews about Russian ballet is always positive. This is the place that must visit for every visitor to the capital.


The fact that the hotel "Metropol" (Moscow), the address of which is already historical value, cannot, in principle, have only positive feedback. Yes, after reading on various sites that writing clients, it can be concluded that in most cases this praise. It is for this reason we want to draw particular attention to the fact that you liked the hotel and what did not.

Positive feedback:

  • Of Course, all the visitors note the excellent location of the hotel. In principle, this is his trademark. The balcony offers a great view of the Bolshoi theatre. Who does not dream about that?
  • Also deserves a positive mark both external and internal decoration of the hotel. Those who came to Moscow for shopping, it is always advised to settle in the area. There is an abundance of shops in different price categories.
  • Customers also appreciated serving Breakfast and dinner. The sounds of the harp during the morning coffee will be remembered by many. It is, perhaps, the brightest impression of the hotel. Breakfast is served gourmet meals and definitely the ROE.
  • Appreciate the "Metropol" and Muscovites. Here often rent rooms for various events. The quality of service is always kept at a high level.

the owner of the hotel Metropol in Moscow

There are negative reviews. What kind of areas they relate to are described below.

Negative feedback:

  • Some guests noted the complexity of the entrance to the complex. This is not surprising and applies not only to the rush hours. Very often, driving your car, you may encounter this problem.
  • Guests who visited the hotel in the winter months, wrote that the room was somewhat cold. There was also a desire that the bathroom floors were warm.
  • Hotel "Metropol" (Moscow), photo of which is presented in our article, according to some users, is already in need of repair. Recall that the restoration was last held in the 80-ies. Of course, the renovation of this complex – special event, including a costly. Perhaps soon this issue will be resolved.
  • Some guests noted that the ratio of price and quality the hotel does not correspond to what declared. With the high cost of rooms and no sense of comfort. Someone thought that the price included a percentage of the spectacular location. Probably so.

Back to anything on the guests.

Summing up

The Desire to visit Moscow and study its history many leads to this wonderful place. Hotel "Metropol" (Moscow) has experienced a change of the tsarist regime, the revolution, the Soviet period, and today it still adorns the capital of Russia.

No Matter for what purpose the guest has visited the hotel. It will be convenient for everyone. Walking distance to red square, Small and Large theatres, to shops and attractions. The hotel itself – it is a city history Museum, which is worth a visit.Metropol hotel Moscow reviews

If there is no opportunity to settle it here, you can come here for Breakfast or dinner and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere which enveloped all. "Metropol" – this is a hotel that is not like the others. You can blame him or praise, but in spite of that, the historical value of the complex – it's his calling card.

Those Wishing to stay here need to remember that the hotel is part of the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation. Holding repair – not just expensive. That is why restoration is conducted once a decade.

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