Hotel Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* (Greece, Halkidiki): description of hotel and holiday, reviews


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In our article we want to talk about one of the Greek hotels in Chalkidiki. Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* is a perfect complex for a good and carefree holiday by the sea.


Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* is located in the area of Possidi, on the sea coast, 105 km from the airport "Macedonia”, 22 km from Kallithea. The hotel is a complex of buildings: main two-storey building and eight two-story bungalows. It was built in 1992, the last update was done in 2002. The complex offers various rooms for a comfortable and carefree vacation.

The Number of rooms

Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* has in its Arsenal of 124 rooms. They are divided into the following categories:possidi holidays resort hotel 5

  1. Bungalow Standard Room Sea View or Garden View. The apartments have an area of 30 square meters. The package includes a sofa bed and large double bed. The room can accommodate three adults.
  2. Superior Room Sea View. This is an apartment for three people. Their area is 30 square meters. These rooms are located in the main body. They are equipped with bamboo furniture, a sofa bed, a double bed.
  3. Family Room Garden or Sea View. These rooms can accommodate three people. Their size is 35 square meters. The apartments are located in bungalows and main building.
  4. Standard Suite. The rooms have an area of 50 square meters, they can accommodate three adults and one child. The apartment includes a bedroom, living room, one or two bathrooms.

All rooms feature satellite TV, Central air conditioning, refrigerator, Hairdryer, telephone, terrace or balcony.


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The hotel

In Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* restaurant, beach bar, tavern a La carte, pool bar. Breakfast and dinner buffet in the main restaurant and at lunch food is served a La carte. The food in the hotel very good and varied. There is always a tasty cheese, many fruits, meats, fish and desserts. The queue for food is never formed. The buffet is constantly replenished during the meal.


Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5*(Chalkidiki, Kassandra, Possidi) has on its territory an outdoor pool, conference hall, Spa-center, children's pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, several tennis courts, a gym.possidi holidays resort hotel 5 Chalkidiki Kassandra Possidi

Campers can play table tennis and Darts. In the evenings, guests are entertained with live music, occasionally Greek nights are organized.


Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5*(Chalkidiki, Kassandra, Possidi) has a private beach which is located a hundred meters from the hotel. The coast with its sandy floors, and entry into the sea of pebbles. On the beach there are paid umbrellas and sunbeds. One set costs about seven euros a day.

Halkidiki in September

In late August, the velvet season begins. It is even possible that this is the most favorable time to visit these beautiful places while the weather is still warm, but not too extreme heat and the sea is very warm.

Halkidiki in September have not only to relax but also for sightseeing. This is possible thanks to a pleasant and mild temperature. During this period he is within
+25 - +29 and night goes down to eighteen degrees. In the evenings, definitely need warm sweaters or light jackets. They should definitely bring from home. In September, strong winds is not here, as in Rhodes or Crete, sometimes there are only light breezes, making it much easier to breathe than in the summer. The sea temperature in September is also slightly lowered. At the beginning of the month it is 25 degrees, and then approaching 23 degrees.

What's interesting on the Peninsula in September?

In summer, the major attractions on the Peninsula are swimming, games, relaxing on the beach, water activities on the beautiful sandy beaches. In September all this we can add the tour. Halkidiki – this is a fairly large area of the Peninsula, and the attractions are different here very much, so going in the fall at the resort, plan for a cultural programme. But on arrival at Possidi Holidays Resort Suites Hotel 5* consult with local guides, some of the most interesting places are nearby.Halkidiki in September

From a huge number of attractions you can safely allocate the highest point of the Peninsula – the famous mount Athos, the cave Petralona with amazing in form stalagmites and stalactites, Meteors, which is considered the eighth wonder of the world.

Supporters of active recreation may be interested in Golf, sailing or surfing. In September, the Peninsula also hosts several festivals. One of them – “chaniotis" (international dance and folklore festival), the eighth of September, the locals celebrate the feast of the blessed virgin.

Reasonable prices in September and attracts holidaymakers in Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5*. Tours in the beginning of the month a bit cheaper than in August. And to the middle of September, the cost is reduced from 15 percent to 20 percent.


The Village of Possidi is located in the picturesque region of Greece. It is believed that its name he received from Poseidon. Once there was a temple to this God. Its remains can stilllook at Cape Possidi. Currently, the village is a beautiful place with long sandy beaches, leaving behind the horizon, which was awarded the Blue flag.

Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* (Halkidiki, Kassandra) is located at some distance from the village. It makes the place quiet and peaceful to stay. To view coming attractions of Halkidiki, you can take advantage of sightseeing tours with local guides or take the hotel in a rental car, which greatly simplifies the movement.

One of the places that are the Meteora monasteries, which are a complex of 24 buildings, reaching a height of 600 meters above sea level, situated atop steep cliffs. It is difficult to convey in words the stunning beauty of this place. No wonder it is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It's hard now to imagine it, but the hermits won in search of solitude these cliffs long before the tenth century. Each of the 24 monasteries – it is a work of art, with its amazing history, unique architecture, frescoes and paintings, and icons.possidi holidays resort hotel 5 Halkidiki Kassandra

No less interesting for tourists is mount Athos, located in the Eastern part of the Peninsula, washed by the Aegean sea. Orthodox Christians venerate this place, as the earthly abode of the virgin. The mount can only be used by men with a special visa, and women in General are not allowed. However monasteries can be viewed from the sea on a pleasure boat.

Many tourists is of interest to mount Olympus. This is not surprising. It is a national Park of Greece. Great views of these places are fascinating. Every holidaymaker considers it his duty to visit this mountain. Here the guides will organise walking.

In the valley of Tempi receives the bulk of the pilgrims are eager to see the cave Church of St. Paraskeva, located at the foot of Olympus. Near the temple there is an underground lake with the source. The whole Vale of Tempe is surrounded by greenery of centennial plane trees, there are many springs with healing properties.

The Tourists be interested to visit the thermal Spa of Loutraki with springs, where the temperature year-round is 37 degrees. It is surrounded by green forests, rocky cliffs and deep gorges. Spa-resort of Loutraki is very famous, on site open all day to fly pools and baths with thermal water.

In addition, tourists can visit the cave Petralona, Thessaloniki, Byzantine Museum, the city and the lake orhid, Ancient Dion, the castle of Platamon.

Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* reviews:

According to tourists, the hotel is situated in a very picturesque place. It stands on the edge of a forest surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees, palm trees, olive trees, pomegranate trees. The hotel territory is very large, but well appointed and clean. This is very important because the hotel is some distance from the town, but because most of the time guests spend here.Greece possidi holidays resort hotel 5

The complex is harmoniously blended with the surrounding nature. He is handsome outside but inside is striking interiors. A good first impression, having come from the street into the lobby.

Rooms in the main building and bungalows are no different. They are spacious, comfortable and have beautiful views. It is evident that the hotel is not new but maintained in good condition. The rooms are cleaned daily. Maids change towels also every day. You can ask to clean the apartment in convenient time for you.

The Rooms are well equipped and have beautiful interiors. Each room has air conditioning, allowing you to create comfortable conditions for tourists.

As for the food, all the tourists remain very happy with them. The food offered in the restaurant, tasty and varied. Every day on the tables there are the seafood, which is very pleasing. The fruit is also represented in a wide range. There are a sufficient number of meat dishes. With the great selection offered at the buffet, everyone can choose something delicious. Very nice that the restaurant no queues, and all the dishes are regularly updated, you can not rush. Those travelers who plan an active excursion program (it's Greece), Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* can offer half Board (Breakfast and dinner), as tourists are not going to have time for lunch. In General, the hotel and the staff is very responsive, attentive and try to help in every way.possidi holidays resort suites hotel 5

Very good staff on duty at the reception, they accommodated quickly, it does not solicit gifts for more suitable conditions. If you don't like the room you get it absolutely free to replace. As for the service, the complex is pleasant in all respects.

The complex

The Hotel is situated on the coast, but nevertheless between them and the beach there is a road, it must go. The movement on it is not strong, perhaps even rare, just a dead end. You have to walk for no more than three minutes. On the coast the sunbeds and umbrellas are paid. The sea water is very clean and has an incredibly beautiful color. Halkidiki in September – the best choice for a holiday in Greece. The fact that the local coast is not as susceptible to winds as other places. Yes, the water in the numerous creeks are warmer than in the open sea.possidi holidays resort hotel 5 reviews

The Hotel is good for those tourists who like a quiet time on the beach. But if you belong to those people who, besides the sea, I want to admire the sights and to go shopping, you may here and not like it. The nearest village is very small and consists of only one street with a few restaurants, there is not found much entertainment. For this reason, savvy travelers are recommended to hire a car at the hotel and calmly deal with the examination of the amazing places in Chalkidiki. Greece is an interesting country with amazing places, here is something to see.

Those who do not want to take for some reason, the machine can refer to the guide, you will certainly prompt the most worthwhile tours, although it is very difficult to choose something, I want to see as much as possible.

The Hotel makes a good impression. Particularly pleased with a small number of people on the beach. No noisy clusters of tourists. Here you can relax carefree and enjoy the sea, sun and nature.

Instead of an epilogue

Possidi Holidays Resort Hotel 5* - wonderful place to vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. If you are looking for privacy and want to indulge in a beach doing nothing, you do it here. But the party people here just do not like.

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