Than a hotel is different from the Motel? This Motel is that?


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An Inn, a caravanserai, a hostel, Inn, hotel, Motel – all these institutions solve a common task: to give a temporary shelter to travelers. However, they vary greatly in the infrastructure, level of comfort and service.


Hospitality originated in the middle Ages. Weary travelers made a break at the Inns and roadside taverns with rooms for the night. In these simple establishments, staying the night, they were content with a simple dinner and Breakfast, fed the horses.

the hotel differs from the Motel

A Small hotel was built at the forks of the roads along trade routes and on the streets of major cities. With increasing needs of people to travel with comfort developed hotel network. Hotels began to appear in large and small cities and resort areas in different countries.

In each state, they were called differently: in Russia – hotels and Inns in Europe and America-hotels, East – the caravanserais. Nowadays in most countries for the names of these establishments use the term “hotel”. Over time, their classification introduced a system of “stars” to determine the level of comfort of the establishment.

Motel – that's

The Motel-this kind of hotels, the need for which emerged in the early twentieth century. The institution aimed to serve tourists traveling by personal car. Their erect, generally along highways.

Motel it

The Motel-this is a simplified name from the word MotorHotel. This hotel is a small hotel. It allows tourists to get the necessary breathing space to gain strength for a short period of time and go on a further journey.


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The Difference between Motel from peers

Size and location – the first thing the hotel is distinguished from the Motel. Motels are much smaller hotel and hotel complexes. Their height does not exceed two floors. And the first floor in some of them is a garage. Motels erected along busy roads. While hotels are built in cities and resorts.

Infrastructure – second, what hotel you'll be away. Hotel complexes are equipped not only rooms, but also areas of crucial household issues (e.g. Laundry, hairdressing), reception, conference facilities and entertainment, lobby bar, medical centers, Spa complexes.

On their territory there are restaurants, shops, sports grounds, saunas, fitness rooms, swimming pools with slides, bars and other amenities. It all depends on the star level of the institution. Hotels with a small number of stars offer minimum services. In this they are similar to motel.

Another difference between hotel and Motel is that the latter necessarily has a large Parking for cars. The Windows overlook the Parking lot, this allows guests to look after the car. The entrance to the school is from the Parking lot, which is convenient for guests.

hotel Motel

The Number of rooms

Furnished apartment – this is what the hotel is distinguished from the Motel. In resorts, offers accommodation in rooms of different categories. Tourists occupy in modest apartments from standard to luxury presidential one.

In the motels rooms are more than modest. The number of rooms divided into rooms for smokers and those who are not addicted to the habit. They are furnished at a minimum: bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe and a fridge – all that is in them. Spartan accommodation is designed for short term travelers. They usually stop for the night.


Service Level – last than a hotel differs from the Motel. Excellent service, able to provide four and five star hotel complexes. Travellers use the services of beauty salons, spas, gyms, business centers, restaurants.

Offers animation show programs, excursions, fishing trips and other entertainment. They opened access to the beaches, tennis courts, Golf courses, halls for bowling and Billiards. Many hotels cater to guests on the system “all inclusive”. Among them are various resorts, motels, and resorts.

difference between hotel and Motel

Proficiency motels are much lower than hotels. They are practically instant check-in (5 minutes). In institutions of this order inhabit travelers at any time of the day.

The minimized. Staff engaged in cleaning rooms, where guests populated. The rooms have Wi-Fi. Separate MotorHotel guests to linger for a few days, Laundry or go to the gym.

In the cost of living in a tiny roadside hotel included breakfasts. In addition, the power problem help to solve the fridges installed in the rooms. In motels, unlike the hotel complexes, not the established system of security, no guards. Roadside mini-hotels set a the lowest price on accommodation.

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