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When given a free day or weekend with good Sunny weather, one of the activities is to relax in the fresh air. Best place – this, of course, the suburbs. There is no infinite crowds of people, hurrying about their business, as well as the relentless stream of cars. Optimal and available holiday – visit with tents. This requires a car, minimum equipment and safe Parking lot, preferably with a scenic view around. Where in Moscow to go camping that it is safe, comfortable and inexpensive?

"Close Gave"

where in Moscow to go camping

For residents of Moscow this kind of leisure activity – great opportunity to escape from the mad pace of life and immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of nature. In order to choose where to go, you should list the places that are most suited to this form of entertainment. So, where in the suburbs to go camping? A special place among these is occupied campsites. For example, the "Close Distance." Its territory extends over 50 hectares in the scenic area. There are all conditions for comfortable rest: a tent city, well-kept grounds and clean the lake, and organization of entertainment programs for tourists. The guests are provided the proposed dock. The rest you can vary the water boating or fishing. In this case, the advantage of this campsite is also relative proximity to the city limits.

Mozhaiskogo reservoir

To places where you can relax with a tent in the suburbs, applies the Mozhaisk reservoir. Here, basically, are recreation. But in the perimeter of some of them allowed to put my tent. The cost of this accommodation is very symbolic and accessible to everyone. The property offers stunning views of the groves and green plains. Completes the landscape water surface, like a mirror. Another advantage for such a safe and impressive guests do not have to go too far from the city.


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where in Moscow to go camping Yaroslavl highway

The Area near Ruza reservoir

Where you can relax with a tent in the suburbs? Another scenic area is located near Ruza reservoir. Located on the banks of the river, this area is very popular among tourists and fishermen. So for those seeking a more secluded holiday, you will have to look for a place more quiet and deserted. If a day off to get out early, it is possible to have time to find a convenient place with a scenic view. For fishing here this expanse. Indeed, in the spring and summer in a river where pike and perch. What could be better than fishing from the shore or from a boat, after which you can prepare with the fresh catch of fragrant soup on the fire and then enjoy a meal in the fresh air?! This is a real Paradise for those who like to spend a free weekend in nature.

The Village Vasilevsky

In Addition to fishing and just enjoying the local beauty, there is also a more active form of recreation in the open countryside. And this, of course, mountaineering. And where in Moscow it is better to go camping, while maintaining a favorite business? For example, in village Vasilevsky. Here you can find stones of different sizes and terrain on which you can practice and improve your mountaineering skills. A special attraction of the rest gives a picturesque river, along which is located the rocky ravines. And the ability to set near your tent and spend the night under the open sky makes this area one of the best, where to go camping in the suburbs costs at least once in your life. Conveniently, in order to get have to ride no more than hundreds of kilometers from the city.


where to go camping in the suburbs

In fact, there are plenty of places to go camping in the suburbs. The type of Islands located in the waters of the Ivankovo reservoir, called:. The name of this area has received from the village that went under water in the process of building of the channel Volga-Moscow. Here in the summer is the campground, the rest of the time, of course, the season – recreation. Visiting: you can learn a lot about leisure activities in nature. For example, about ecological tourism. Experienced instructors will help you acquire management skills with a motorboat, sailboat or motorboat. In addition, there is an opportunity to learn water skiing, wakeboarding, and kayaking. Skills of Windsurfing if you want you can learn on the spot.

where in Moscow it is better to go camping

For this reason, this database was called Servodrive. Amateur fishermen also will not remain idle. After all, the local waters are filled with bass, bream and roach. On the shore near the camp you can cook soup on the fire. This is perhaps one of the best places in Moscow to go camping would be so nice that you'll want to come back here again. If their own equipment is not available, you can take the tent rental. Or rent a cabin, which provided all the amenities for a comfortable stay.

where to go camping in the suburbs photo

Area you can take a fascinating walking tour of the once neglected areas. Here formerly the estate, each of which has its own history. You can also take a boat trip on the Moscow sea. In addition, the camp is a trampoline, a volleyball court, table tennis, play badminton, archery and so on. For lovers of steam offers baths. It should be noted that you can pass driving the boat and become the owner of the international rights. Also on the island: maintenance of boats. Due to the wide range of services, well-groomed territory, beautiful appearance and availability this place is one of the best in the suburbs to go camping would be really cool.

where you can relax with a tent in the suburbs


The West direction is located the base of rest under the name of "Calypso", located in Goretovo. Here you can stay in rented house or in your own tent. At the base is a bath, a cafe, a water trampoline, and other amenities.

Gostkowski quarry

Going North on Ostashkovskoe highway, you can get into Gostkowski quarry. There are a lot of convenient places to go camping in the suburbs. Photo of the picturesque scenery presented in the article. In this area there is the lake Senezh. If you go on the Leningrad highway to solnechnogorska, in the centre of which turn right and move according to the pointer to Timonovo, then you can arrive to the picturesque nature, where set up a tent camp or a rest savages. A true Paradise for tourists!


140 km from the capital is a wonderful place. So where in the suburbs to go camping? The Yaroslavl highway will result in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Here on the shores of lake Pleshcheyevo is a picturesque area that is perfect for camping. Clean water, fresh air and beautiful nature – a holiday to remember for a long time.

On both sides of the Oka river, between Moscow and Serpukhov is a whole series of suitable places for installation of tents. Driving on the M4, you should get to the village of Priluki, and then turn onto the dirt road. Almost all of them lead to the river. But in order not to Dodge, it is better to use the electronic map. In any case, the road will lead to the banks of the Oka. Just need to find the shortest path. In the upper part of the Oka in Kashira district, you can not only relax with a tent, but a few crustaceans.

where to go camping in the suburbs type of the island


It is Now clear where to go camping in the suburbs. As you can see, there are many places where one can camp under the open sky, enjoying the superb views. This holiday is fairly easy to organize, and the memories will long to please your heart.

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