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Where to spend a vacation? The choice depends on the financial possibilities. To efficiently and inexpensively to relax, you can visit Slovenia. The country is famous for its attractions and natural beauty. Resorts of Slovenia the sea is perfect for those who have decided to spend the holiday with family.

Basic information about the country

The State is independent since 1991. It is located on the border of Central and southern Europe. The modern capital of Ljubljana – interesting and vibrant city with its own characteristics and traditions. Are still the best resorts in Slovenia to the sea. The country is bordered by in the South-Western part of the Adriatic sea. The waterfront attracts tourists with a huge number of attractions and recreation facilities.

resorts Macao the seaBesides the capital, major cities, small States are Kranj, Bovec, Maribor Cerkno. Here domestic tourists will be able to find many interesting. Modern culture bordered with ancient buildings that can not cast a spell.

Resorts in Slovenia to the sea are very popular among Russian tourists. The road from Moscow by plane only takes 3 hours. In addition, the hotel reviews you can hear only positive. Below will be described the most popular resorts of Slovenia at sea.


A Small ancient town with a developed infrastructure attracts European tourists. Reviews show that they'll be able to relax families with young children and the elderly. The narrow streets, the local market, the original buildings – all of this individual resort of Slovenia. Isola – the heart of yachting and Windsurfing. Not by chance resort town chosen by the Amateurs of extreme rest.


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Slovenia holiday at sea resortsIzola has its own sea port. Due to this, tourists can easily get to Venice. And that's an additional plus of the resort. In addition, buying a ticket for the ferry, you can reach the resort towns nearby countries. Thus, holidays in Slovenia can be really diverse.

Resorts in Slovenia to the sea are characterized by a mild climate, ideal for small children. Young parents can safely plan a vacation here, after selecting one of the most popular hotels.


The Historic resort centre and inform tourists about what he has in the past been part of the Venetian Republic. Palace Bezengi Degli Ughi, of the XVIII century – one of the most ancient buildings, which is an example of the Baroque style. Interesting for tourists is also building in the style of the Venetian Gothic Palace of the XV century Manzoli. A true architectural symbol of the island can be considered the Church of St. Maurus. Its tower rises above the roofs of modern buildings and is visible from almost any point in town.

best resorts Macao the seaWhat attract the resorts of Slovenia to the sea? Of course, its beaches! The coast at Isola – this is a long Parking private yachts. It takes great pleasure to the tourist boat trip on a summer evening. In addition, the promenade of Isola is full of small cafes, restaurants and bars. Everyone chooses for himself – to spend a cultural evening or have fun in the noisy company of friends in one of karaoke clubs.


Is Perfect for youth recreation Slovenia. Holidays at sea, tourism, interesting places-all this cannot fail to attract modern students. Low prices in the local hotels – one of the benefits. Reviews show that the young generation chooses the town Portoroz. The nightlife here is in full swing. Guests can stay in one of the comfortable hotels located close to a sandy beach.

resorts Macao the sea reviewsWhat else can boast resorts of Slovenia to the sea? Portorož, for example, attracts with its thermal pools and Spa-centers. People from all over Europe come here to improve their health. The flow of tourists does not stop even in winter. But in the summer, of course, vacationers much more.

The Most attractive promenade in August. The water is heated to 25 degrees Celsius. Interesting is the fact that after seven in the evening in the resort town swimming is prohibited. All attempts to violate the ban prevents embankment protection. Such measures, according to the local administration, will help save the lives of tourists and locals in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Attractions of Portoroz

Many tourists who prefer to stay in Macao, seek to combine a stay on the beach with Wellness programs. The real attraction of Portoroz can be regarded as the sauna center “the Therma Palace”. There are four thermal pools with a total area of 700 square meters. The most popular are the Jacuzzi with hydromassage. Tourists from all over the world come to Macao to not only enjoy the local beauty, enjoy the Adriatic coast, but to put in order health. Especially useful for such treatments for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Attractions of Portoroz can be considered and numerous entertainment complexes and casinos. Young satisfied here bright night parties, spends money in the pleasure.


If we talk about the resorts in Slovenia to the sea, one can not forget about this small town, which in the past was also part of the Venetian Republic. Local residents today consider themselves to be a little Italian. Particularly older people it is easier to communicate in Italian than in English. Piran is worth a visit for those seeking not only to spend time on the beach, but also explore the historic architecture. The city is almost no modern buildings.

resorts of Slovenia by the sea photosThe City starts from the sea and ends on the mountain. The population is small enough. Piran survives only at the expense of tourists. Different settlement small cozy courtyards closed. Private land full of ancient statues and overgrown flower plantings.

The Central square is considered the heart of the city. There is a Municipal Council and the St. Peter's Basilica. Those who gathered in Macao for shopping, planning holidays in Piran is not worth it. Many tourists call the city a Museum under the open sky. Large shopping centres would spoil the original historic architecture.

Sights of Piran

The Tartini Square – one of the most popular attractions of the city. Reviews of tourists on it, you can hear only positive. Located area close to the waterfront, it is always clean, you will not be able to meet the tramps. Located around cafes and restaurants contribute to a great stay. You can find lots of families with young children. In a night-time lighting of buildings that adds more to the mysteriousness of the historic square.

resorts of Slovenia on the sea in portorožIt is no Coincidence that many tourists choose the resorts of Slovenia at sea. Reviews shows that it is possible not only to relax from everyday work on one of the comfortable beaches, but also positive emotions, just walking through the historic streets. While in Piran, every hour you can enjoy the bells of St. George's Cathedral – one of the city's attractions. The Cathedral is on a hill. Near offers a view of the city and the coast.


A Small island connected to the continental part of Slovenia mound of sand. In the past, the town is also subordinated to the Republic of Venice. Italian flavor prevails here to this day. Despite the fact that the settlement has a very small area of the coast (only 30 km), the flow of tourists in the summer time does not stop.

resorts of Slovenia at sea descriptionThe capital of Slovenia Koper joins the modern highway. So to get to the resort town will be able without much difficulty. From the airport there are also regular buses and taxis. To stay in Koper will be able to people with different financial capabilities. Those who wish to save money, the locals rent out rooms in private houses. There is also the possibility to rent a room in one of the luxury hotels on the waterfront.

Sights of Koper

Many monuments and objects of architecture tell us that in the past belonged to the Venetian Republic resorts Macao the sea. Photo of the city really impressive for its beauty. Pride is considered Koper Praetorian Palace, which was built in 1464. Architectural structure located on the main street of the resort town. Will be of interest to tourists the Palace of the Loggia. Today it is an art gallery.

Not coincidentally, many families with young children visiting the resorts of Slovenia at sea. Description of the zoo in Koper will be of interest to parents. This place is well worth a visit on a summer evening. Here you can observe numerous animals, but also to have fun on one of the rides.


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