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In the summer time becomes very important any information about flights and air carriers that carry them. Every traveler seeks to find tickets at the lowest prices. However, fascinated by the search for an affordable cost, do not forget about the baggage allowance. Despite the fact that at first glance they seem identical, on closer examination, it becomes clear how individual they in each company. And in many cases these rules have differences, even depending on the route and the airport from which the departure. Today we will tell you about the baggage allowance of the airline «Russia», which is a leader among carriers in the Central part of our country.

the baggage allowance of the airline Rossiya

A Few words about the carrier

The Airline «Russia» (the baggage allowance in kg we describe in the next sections) is recognized as a leading company which operates more than 150 routes. The base carrier is Pulkovo airport, there are regular maintenance of all his aircraft and out performed the majority of departures in different directions.

Interestingly, the company was created through the merger of several subsidiaries «Aeroflot», so I quickly managed to make itself known on the air transportation market, offering customers the best conditions and high level of comfort.

According to the latest data, «Russia» owns nearly thirty air-ships. Are the most popular «Airbus» and «Boeing». It is noteworthy that all aircraft have small average age, which is also a positive effect on the rating of the company.


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Passengers prefer the airline «Russia» because it is considered the most secure. It is known that the airline is fully compliant with international safety standards. It gives her the opportunity to conclude partnership agreements with major foreign carriers.

Each year the company transports about four million passengers. Flights are conducted according to the most popular destinations, including seasonal tourist routes. Has long been one of the priority directions of development of the airline «Russia» - the Charter (the baggage allowance on such flights is a little different from the regular).

Three years «Russia» is the official air carrier of the football club «Zenith». Its color is painted even one airliner. And what about the baggage allowance of the airline «Russia»? This is what we now tell you in great detail.

baggage allowance Russia airline kg

What is the Luggage?

Despite the fact that in the modern world, travel is more the norm than the exception to the rule, many hard to define such a simple word as “baggage”.

In fact, this term refers not only bags, which shall be in the Luggage compartment of the aircraft, but also those things that you take with you on Board. That is, each bag taken you out of the house, from the big suitcase and ending of a lady's clutch bag is considered Luggage. Therefore, subject to the General rules and regulations.

Check in

Each passenger before getting on the plane, everyone should know about how many bags he can bring in for free, and for that you have to pay in excess of the limit. If you're flying, for example, airline «Russia», the baggage allowance can be found on the website of the airline. But not always we have time and desire, so we solve this issue and will give you all the information that you will need them for the training camp journey.

Keep in mind that when you check in you must present at the front of the control absolutely all your Luggage – and one that you will pass, and that they plan to take with you. This nuance is spelled out in the rules, because before boarding the flight all bags should be weighed and inspected.

Do Not forget that the baggage allowance of the airline «Russia» is directly dependent on the class trip. It is known that passengers of the business class have the opportunity to free carry more weight, plus they can take their belongings to not one but two and sometimes even three seats in the baggage compartment of an airliner.

Rossiya airlines the baggage allowance

Company Liability for Luggage

Not only will passengers have to obey the rules, but the airline have some responsibility for things that he takes on Board my ship. At check the airline Luggage tags it with a special tag and takes on the responsibility for its preservation. In case of loss of bags a passenger can contact the office of the company, to begin your search or request compensation for lost things.

Experienced travelers advise to stick to your individual Luggage tag, where the initials of the owner and his phone number and the parameters of the flight. In case of lost bags it will be much easier to find and return the passengers.

baggage allowance Rossiya airlines economy class


The baggage allowance of the airline «Russia» have a lot of nuances and pitfalls. They vary depending on various features, but the easiest way to understand this question, if you focus on the numbering of flights.

The fact that the airline made flights are subject to two types of numbering:

  • SU 6000-6999.
  • FV 5501-5900.

This feature is usually indicated by receipts, so each passenger can easy to find out by themselves the norms of free baggage allowance. The airline «Russia» on its official website has posted the full information, deciphering the numbering of the flight. We will talk about this in the next sections.

SU 6000-6999

If your ticket is a numbering, then the baggage allowance will be calculated on the basis of space and weight. Usually this system is called piece. For each class of service has its own standard:

  • Business class. Passengers are entitled to carry free of charge two pieces of Luggage weighing no more than thirty-two kilograms (each bag). Hand Luggage you can take one seat, the bag's weight should not exceed fifteen pounds.
  • Comfort and economy (premium). Travelers in these categories can be checked in two places, the weight of each bag is limited to twenty three kilograms. Items in your hand Luggage should be weighing up to ten kilograms and occupy the same space in the cabin.
  • Economic class. The baggage allowance by Rossiya airlines in economy class, set the most stringent: one piece weighing up to twenty-three pounds and one piece of hand Luggage (ten kilograms).

All that allowance must be paid separately. However, keep in mind that the airline may refuse carriage of baggage in excess of the norms for legitimate reasons.

Rossiya airlines the baggage allowance Charter

Flight FV 5501-5900

This system calculates ratios by weight only without taking into account places that take bags. It is noteworthy that with this labeling, the flight, passengers should always check regulations and rules, because they strongly depend on the airport, which will be implemented the departure. The same size remains the norm for children under two years of age – up to ten kilograms. It is also natural that the passengers of business class are able to carry more weight than those who travel economy. The dimensions of the bags approved for any class of service may not exceed two hundred and three centimeters in three dimensions. In salon of an airliner passengers business have the right to take a bag, weight not exceeding ten kilograms and of the economy – not exceeding five pounds.

Rossiya airlines standards of free baggage allowance

If your baggage allowance on domestic routes, you will need to pay extra amount from the calculation of seven hundred times fifty rubles per kilogram, and international – ten or twelve euros for the same weight.

The Above calculation scheme operates on Charter flights.

Summing up

Before buying a ticket, you must carefully examine all the rules of the shipping company. After all, for some families that can't do a small set of things, the cost of the baggage can amount to substantial losses for the budget. So be very careful when planning a trip, and then the flights will be easy, and the baggage rules will not become for you an unpleasant surprise.


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